Monday, December 28, 2009


Today was a relaxing but fun day..we are really enjoying our time off from school..we have 7 more days as the kids are counting down...We went to Target and shopping for some goodies..and Keri wanted to spend her gift card from grandpa...we went to Toys r us and she found what she wanted so mom gets her card yea right..anyway we went to my sister for a fish fry tonight it was really good and got to see my brother and them again..they are going to sea world tomorrow so we will do our thing here again...We really are enjoying things..the kids are playing with all their stuff and I am getting some things done around the house...I want to get working on their maybe tomorrow we will go to walmart and mom will get to use her gift card on herself....anyway life is looking great here...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day after Christmas was really a great Xmas this year...The kids woke up around six and were so excited at all the great new things they got from Santa this year...Josh favorite..well it says everything was his favorite was his Tornado Lab..he has played with it non stop..he got a new game Monopoly City which is loves..and wants everyone to play one evening it shall be fun...he got alot of other great things too....Keri favorite is her Barbie vet center..I think she loves the cute puppy that came with it the best....she loves her MP3 player we just have to get it working..but it was wonderful..We went to my sister Annie house for Xmas and both of my brothers and cousins and nephews were there it was GREAT..Christy/DAvid came as a surprise for Grandpa..Isabel is so cute ..Mom would just love her to death..She so cute and such a blessing to have this year at our Christmas...We are doing the pinacha tomorrow due to Mary/Anna is coming up to see everything so it will be another day full of fun and laughter..Josh really loves having the kids come to play with...It was a great Xmas...and MOM we missed you alot but knew you were there in our you are everyday...

Until can't get any better than this..when you have a family that has as much love as ours does..

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Well, it Christmas Eve right now almost two hours and it will finally be Christmas here and what the temp is 69...oh well life in Florida I guess..Anyway my wonderful children are all sleeping so quietly in their beds..they know tomorrow is such a special day...anyway our week was full of fun and excitement being with them is always such fun...we spent alot of time outside..Josh is really enjoying baseball and basketball...and Keri had a really nice time at her girl scout xmas party on tuesday..they got a cute xmas ornament and bag to carry all their stuff to and from their meetings as well as a few other was alot of sister took them shopping on wednesday which they seemed to enjoy alot..Keri keeps telling me I am getting a zebra...WOW I some how forgot to list that one this year...anyway I had alot of fun shopping for them this year too since neither asked for much so it was kinda hard...I hope next year is a little easier...We are going to have a great one this year..and we have alot of company coming to visit so I am so excited that this year is ending on a happier one than last...I have thought so much about my mom this xmas and how much is made Christmas but it seemed alot easier...this one...I know she is watching us and I kept thinking about her..having such a great time up there with all those wonderful people ...laughing and enjoying all those Xmas carols...I am sure she loved listening to Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas"...anyway she is with us always and forever..and I can't say enough about my wonderful father..he is such a great man I am so forever lucky to have them help me in more ways than I could ever thank him for..Josh called him the other night and invited him to KFC..i didn't really know about it and dad was so excited when he got here and he really had a great time eating with josh...he was so great to see him enjoying life...

He really is the best!...well my whole family is the best..we love each other alot and in so many different ways..I have two of the best children in the whole world..and I love them so much..
I really have a wonderful family..and tonight I watched It's a wonderful Life and it really is..
because I have so much to be thankful for and I am going to make 2010 of the best
years I will ever have in my life...

Until later..I hope everyone has a GREAT Merry Xmas!!!...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vacation and Holidays

Well, we are all on our winter break from school which means relaxation, and holidays..
Keri/Josh had a great ended to the break with their school parties and coming to my school to help out..Josh is so great about helping...We had a relaxing day at home ..we went shopping and played outside in the cooler weather...It hard to beleive Xmas is coming so fast..I sure hope the week slows down a little I sure want to enjoy being with my children and doing things together..we love playing basketball, baseball and just swinging outside..Today..Keri and josh were singing Xmas songs in the story and a lady was so excited it was kinda funny....but they didn't mind..they love this time of year just as most children do I think..Today will be alot of fun of sister is coming to down to visit dad and we are all getting together...just think we are counting down to the big jolly ole man in the red suit...

Five days and counting down...down...down...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wonderful Week

This week has been wonderful to say the least..My sweet daughter and her daisy scouts got to sing at the local mall it was so cute and they had alot of fun singing Xmas songs...Josh was there to lead a wonderful voice he loves to sing too...then they got their pictures taken with Santa it so cute too..Friday is my last day of school for winter break I am so looking forward to just relaxing and finishing Xmas shopping and other things..They kids got out today (thur) keri brought home a large stocking FULL and I mean full of nothing but candy and a few as she told me other items..she had a great time. Josh party was yesterday he didn't say much about it so I am unsure how it went he said he did pretty good on his speech today at school it was on the nativity scene...I am sure he did great..he seems to be ready for a break from school..I think we all are..we are going to spend the weekend shopping and getting things ready for keri daisy scout party on Tuesday...and my sister is coming into town to visit dad so it will be alot of fun for all of us...and I have some wonderful friends who are great at sharing...I am so lucky to have them

until later..

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fun Evening

Well, the week as ended and it only two weeks till Xmas..I think I will have all my shopping done on time this year...It was rainy and cold so it felt like Xmas time here...Tonight we went to have dinner with Santa and get their pictures taked it was alot of fun and we saw some friends there too..They made crafts for our tree it was alot of fun...Last night Josh went to scouts and they sang Xmas songs and made Xmas cards for a local nursing home it was alot of fun and they had cake to celebrate..We had a good week at school...everyone did..Josh had a great week he did excellant on his science test..even his teacher was very proud of him..Keri did good too..Next week it the end of school for a few weeks and they will be having parties and a short week...We made potato pancakes at school it was alot of fun the kids really enjoyed it...We are going to have kinda a relaxing weekend...going to the xmas train show and finish Josh first speech report for school....I just hope it doesn't rain all weekend....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy and Busy

Well, it been a few weeks I would say since I posted to my blog...Keri has really enjoyed Girl scouts...we went on the field trip and they have made some really cute candles this past week..They are singing next week at the local mall for should be fun and interesting with these five cute little girls...Josh;s cub scouts have been on vacation to say the least...they are having a pack meeting thurs to practice Xmas songs..I am not sure if he wants to go or not..anyway..last Saturday we went with Dad and my sister to get our Xmas tree it so cute..The kids decorated it all by them selves and it is cute..Keri got all the Xmas stuff out and put it all over the house it really feels like Xmas except for the day cool and then it hot the next.. but the kids are getting excited about it...they have made there list and getting things together for their friends at school..since they end and start winter break next Thurs...Dad has been working around the trailer here...we got a new door and heating system in our place...Dad is the best and we are most thankful for him each day....We had my mom one year ...and She was in our heart the whole day..but we made it thru...It will be hard again this Xmas but I know she is here and she would be happy too...well I can't wait till break just to try to figure some things out here and what the new year will bring for us....but one thing is for sure...I have a great family,,,wonderful children who love me as much as I love them...and we can do anything together as long as we have each until later...I am going to enjoy this week and will try to post more often...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

another week is over

This past week was busy..I was out for the Thanksgiving break and got alot of things done around the house and cleaning got done...the kids were in school till wednesday they had alot of fun for two days doing alot of learning about thanksgiving...Keri Gs went on a field trip to the petco on tuesday to earn another petal to her daisy...Josh and I walked around the store looking at all the animals in there..Josh favorite was watching the little rat run around the little wheel..josh kept laughing so hard it was just as funny watching him...we went to my sister house on Thanksgiving for lunch and the kids had a really great time playing outside and eating...She did a great job on dinner with the help of Michael parents and dad and Patrick was there so it was nice...Mom was on our mine..she is very much missed all the time and especially now cause she seems to always make Christmas just a little more special...we are going to get our tree in another week and start working around the house..Josh/Keri got the Xmas box out and starting putting some stuff around the house...We are enjoying our last weekend before we go back to work for a few weeks then it Xmas break which will be needed again I am sure...well we have spend most of the week outside playing basketball, swinging and just enjoying each other..
oh yea...Josh has had a great time with Ben on the computer playing club penguin they are so funny...talking on the phone and trying to do the computer at the same time..lucky the phone is surviving all the hits it taking....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Busy

This past week has been busy and fun for the children..Both got awards at school for being on the E/S honor roll I was very proud of both of them..Keri had a great time at GS this week they added another girl to their was alot of fun...they are going on a field trip next week and Keri will get another petal to add to her uniform...Josh had a pack meeting which wasn't that exciting..the popcorn in coming in Sat so we will get that on monday after children at school did there thanksgiving sing theme and lunch it was alot of fun they all seem to enjoy it on friday and i am now out of school for a week and hope to get alot of things done while this mini vacation is happening...well it been a great week for all of us and alot of special times still to come with the holidays will be sad at times but we will make it the happiest and be glad for all that we have...and I have a great dad..he seems to be doing good and I sure love him so much...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Job

Well, Keri is doing great in GS she got another petal to add to her daisy and she got another badge for sellling her candy/nuts..She is really loving Gs..they added a new girl last night that everyone knew from school including Josh so that was great..they are keeping really busy..Josh and I hung out at the church while she was there...then Josh continued to work on his birdhouse that he is building it looking pretty good..just need some nails to put it together but we have a two week break so we get to rest and I should say get home Tuesday night earlier..The week is going pretty is going great..the children are really moving around and seem to be really enjoying class..I am doing project a few times a week so I get to work with them too which is always alot of fun with three year olds...Josh is going on his field trip on tuesday and Keri is going at the end of the month to see a play which is loves doing every year..well Xmas is coming so we will be fun here..until is good..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Great Weekend

Well, it sunday night and it was a great weekend here...We got grocery shopping done and gas in the car for the week...we had a great time bowling and going out to eat on saturday...everyone had fun bowling it seems to be a regular event for us...Sunday we had a nice cookout and went to visit my sister so they kids could play together for a little while it was great..Josh/Keri had a good time there they love going out to her house...Josh then came home and did his extra work for school without any questions he is doing great...we had a very relaxing weekend and it looks to be a pretty good weekend..I think we are watching a storm but I think if anything it will be rain which we flowers need it very bad and I would love to keep the cooler weather..kinda nice to open the windows for a change...well until next time...I sure am enjoying life right now..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time is Flying by

Wow, I have been so busy with the children I can't beleive it...seems like the days and nights are gone so fast...We had a very nice weekend last week....Harold came and we went bowling and it was great....The week was a little teacher was out for three days so I went into the teaching mode it was pretty cool..I really enjoy my job and working with a great bunch of children..anyway..Tuesday Keri got another petal to complete her daisy and had alot of fun learning new things..she will get another one in the upcoming week..Josh had a great time at scouts too they are learning to use tools so he is making his very own birdhouse which he seems to be enjoying too...Dad came over wed night and had pizza with us he is doing really good and been busy working around his house....They both got excellant report cards I am so proud of both of them..both are getting awards for being on the honor roll...I can't beleive it they are such great students at school and work really hard..Josh is really doing a great job....we have a great weekend planned and I am really enjoying the cooler weather ..we have spend every afternoon outside playing and swinging tonight we played basketball..I hope soon they will learn to ride their bikes..what a great week again...for being a great mom with two super duper kids..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle of the week already

It the middle of the week and its been alot of fun and the end looks great..No school on Friday for the kidos and they are looking forward to halloween we are going to a festival on friday night at the church so that will be alot of fun too..Keri went to GS last night and got two new badges and a pin and next week she gets another petal to add to her daisy WOO HOO..she did really great last night we stayed and watched her since they were having a little halloween get together with pizza and treats it was alot of fun ..I am so glad she is enjoying it and has made to really great friends too..School has been good..Josh has really had a SUPER week with his behavior he has totally changed since we have talked about what we do correctly in school..Keri is doing great I can't wait for her first report card to come out next week she has been wonderful in school so far..
well i hope it great for you there...Happy Halloween if I dont post before the weekend ...

Busy weekend

This past weekend was so busy for us..It started early doing Josh cub scout car wash which was really fun and wet..but my arm got very tired of washing wheels and spraying...then we ended our day going downtown to the square for the scarecrow festival which the kids loved alot..Keri had a great time and Josh enjoyed doing all the games and he won a prize and both entered into the hula hoop contest..Keri learned to do the electric slide with Elizabeth and we watched some great dancing and saw some wonderful scarecrows for great causes...It was a great weekend for these three wonderful people..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkins and Masks

It was the busy night of the week in our household...School,homework and both children to their scout meetings...but we seem to get it all done and enjoy it too...homework went rather well tonight seems to be getting into a groove to get it done finally...Keri daisy scout meet at the local pumpkin patch tonight and got pumpkin for themselves and friends..Keri was able to get four for her she shared them with her two aunts and her grandpa which was great...She will get her next petal for it...she and her two friends had a really great time there we got some very good pics...Josh meeting they talked and made halloween mask which was fun for the boys they were rowdy and loud tonight...and no meeting next week due to pack meeting and awards and the CAR wash on saturday...I had a great meeting with Keri teacher she is doing very well and I am so proud of her....Our day was really alot of fun and didn't seem to have many problems...our week is moving along only two more days and I have a field trip back to the patch with my class so it will be alot of fun watching three year old run threw them too....I love my family...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it the weather?

Today was wonderful regarding the weather it was cool and very for the children they were wild and crazy...They both have a great Monday at school and we got threw homework tonight without any trouble..what a pleasant change for once...We played outside the children raked up all the pine needles into a nice cube and are having a great time with the cooler weather too...School was a little crazy the kids seemed really wild today...might have been those cupcakes first thing in the morning too..anyway I hope the week is pleasant we have a good weekend planned here getting into some of the fall festival happening locally and Keri daisy scout is heading to the patch of pumpkins tomorrow i better not forget my camera it should be alot of fun...except the weather is going to start warming up again but maybe not for a long time. anyway it wasn't too bad of a night for this great family...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Week Over

Well, it will be alot better when I get a new computer then I can write at least twice a week...anyway the week seemed to be very long this week for some other reason I dont understand...Work was a little crazy with people being out for reasons but we manage to survive since we all work together in our little home away from home...The children had a great week at school..Keri had a great time at her fundraiser at Bruster Ice cream i think they did pretty good it was alot of fun..they made cute signs and Keri had her uniform on..Mom here of course forget her picture..never again..anyway they are going to the pumpkin patch next week...Josh had a good time they just had a plan meeting...Saturday we went down to the patch ourselves and got three pumpkins one we are going to cut and the others the kids want to do themselves with stickers and was rather busy but felt like fall since the temp dropped just a little..Fall finally for the weekend it great...we went to dinner with dad one night it was alot of fun too...I am glad he back in florida..he seems to be doing great too..well just another week in our wonderful world...we seem to be just doing fine too...but I can't wait till the holiday come..we are still trying to plan halloween here..I think I am having a small party for the girls scout troop will be alot of fun..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chili Cookoff Saturday

Today the weather was forsure Florida weather..It was HOT...I think like some of the chili that was being served today at the cookoff...The children really had a great time..infact we had three goldfish to our family for a while..Josh had a great time helping out one of the parents at their booth and Keri really enjoyed all the games she played and we got alot of nice new stuff too.It seems to be alot of fun...I enjoyed working in the bake sale but it was hot we sold alot of drinks and sweets I hope that everyone had a good time..The favorite seemed to be the cold drinks and cotton candy today...I came home and took it easy and the kids were ready to come home too..Thanks to my wonderful father for coming out and helping me with my children today while I worked he is really GREAT...tonight it just relaxation and watching the gators play the Lsu Tigers in hopes for a win tonight...What another great year of the cookoff is in history...

Friday, October 9, 2009

A great end to the week

Today was wonderful, fun and just plain great...School was alot of fun today..We ended our bears unit with the children going on a bear hunt which they just loved and enjoyed so much and then we had a bear picnic outside and it was really great..They all had such a wonderful time...We are going to our school annual chili cookoff fundraiser in the morning and I am working the bake sale this year which should be fun and I will get to see all the excitement that happens inside since I am always working the kids area and you dont see much of the stuff going on inside...The kids both ended the week with great weeks at school and we went last night to the book fair at school and it went pretty well with seeing the children classroom. So it going to be pretty good weekend just very hot to say the least for being fall...will it ever get cooler here..anyway I hope tomorrow is a pretty good success for our school and that everyone comes and has a great time there too..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Computer How to Survive

Well, I am using a borrowed computer for now..After a week and half without..So many things have happened mostly good..well my computer has died..the man at the computer place tried for three days to get it to do anything and nothing they were at least nice enough to refund my money too...My children learned to survive without it..hard to beleive they found many other tasks to do and until one had come home they didn't ask about it at all so that was nice to know ..even now Josh just gets on for a sec and decide he is done...Josh went on a field trip Tuesday with the cub scouts we went to fire classic it was alot of fun.. ( mom forget her camera) and Keri got her first petal to start her daisy she was very we are moved ahead she did pretty good on her fundraiser..Josh we are starting to move on his popcorn sales...Keri is going to Brusters tues to try to sale ice cream ...she will love that ....School has been good this week it been Chili week so Saturday we will all go eat and smell chili and play games and eat..and work too...for a good cause...Dad has been busy and get my ceiling fan done and a few other things its really great having him back home...we haven't seen him the last two days cause we have been running around with the children and school stuff..Tonite it was their book fair and open house which was alot of fun..Keri told me all about her classroom and I mean eveything including all the intersting things on her teacher desk she really loves her teacher and her teacher said great things about her..Josh had a great past few days too...maybe turning 8 was ok...he got to spend a few hours with his father which was ok..but I think he wasn't pleased at the way it went..he got alot of nice legos sets to play with and they both love the lego table they got...we went to have pizza last night and grandpa had pizza with us one night been busy and for now I will write when I can...until I can get money to get a new or used computer..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Saturday for All

Saturday, Josh went bowling with his cub scout pack he had a great time..they had a really good turn out..He bowled pretty good. too..Keri got to bowl and her friend Ashley was there so they bowled together and had a good time hanging out too..Josh got the rest of his uniform too so he was happy...Harold came over Saturday after we got back home from bowling and we took Dad out to dinner it was pretty good...Josh has some great boys in his pack this year..he is working on selling his popcorn it going a little slower than expected but it very expensive in my book ...and with Keri trying to sell candy it just a little too hard I dont get why all the fundraiser happen at the same time...they have two going on at school which we decided wasn't as important this time..well it going to be a busy week here due to a birthday coming I will write more about that later...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Week of Alot of First

This week was full of excitement and fun...Keri got her Daisy uniform on Tuesday..she was so excited and looks so cute..I got almost everything she needed to begin and she had alot of fun at her second meeting..they are making shoeboxes/cards for the soldier in Iraq what a great cause she loves going to the meeting she got her First Daisy pin and made a magnet to keep her info on so we would know what was happening each week...she is going pretty well on her first fundraiser too..Josh went to his pack meeting tonight and he learned all about the wonderful popcorn sale he is doing and a car wash and bowling on saturday...What a busy time for him in October...He is very positive on this fundraiser for the prizes what a drive to success...anyway he had a great week at school well both of them did...My dad came home wed and we got to see him on Thurs..the kids were so excited about him being back in Florida they miss him so much...he is week was pretty good too I dont have anything to say bad for once...I am looking forward to the weekend..getting Josh bday party in order for him to turn eight and not sure whatelse will come this weekend..I must do one thing..and that is get to the store..No food in the cabinet..well their is food but mostly junk or snack for school so i think tomorrow is my chore after school to move it down to the store and spend money to eat ha ha..well it was a great week of first..oh do I forget Josh first...while keri was at her meeting me/josh went to the library and josh decided he wanted a card so he went and ask the lady and she told him what he had to now both of my children have their own library very exciting to them..
it was a kodak moment I would say...well until I get to write again..and will try not to be in a week
to keep up with my life and my wonderful sweet loving children busy life..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Weekends

It was a wonderful weekend..I wish they were all like this one..My friend came down and we all had a great time bowling..everyone did really GREAT too...both kids bowled over a 100 too..we just really enjoyed it together..we then went to dinner at Golden Carrol..which is where Josh has been wanting to go for a while so we thought why not..we got there and it wasn't crowded at all..Keri did pretty good at eating..they love to go there to eat..we always went there with grandma/grandpa so it was fun with my friend today...It was kinda humid outside today but we still made the best of it...My friend went to work on Sunday..but it was a great Saturday..I guess having awonderful friend who cares about you sure makes life so much more important..I guess I need to realize that it ok to love someone again...and not be so afraid...well today (sun) I took the kids to toys r us since we have a bday coming up soon and he doesn't really know what he wants so we went to tour the store and check it out which he came up with some pretty kewl things so we will soon see...I got the lawn mowed inspite it being so hot this morning but dad is coming home and I wanted it too look nice..since it another busy week here for the children..

It was almost just a hang out kinda day and watch football, nascar or if you were one of the kids you were watching spongebob marathon..ha ha..

well I am sure it going to be a nice week since my weekend left me with lots of smiles and really glad I have such a great friend who cares so deeply about me and my maybe I am still dating ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Friday

Well, it was a very busy week here and I didn't blog at all this week for a few different reason.It was a week of many different things..Both children attended their first scout meeting of the year..Keri had a great time at Girl scouts...her great friend is in her troop...they made cards for the soldiers in Iraq and she is working on getting her purple flower she is very excited..She is doing good on her candy selling too..Josh has alot of boys in his troop and it wasn't too bad..they have a meeting next thur to learn about the popcorn drive which is so exciting to all the boys..
Work was pretty good this week the children are trying to learn so much..I have been in the four year old class in the morning which is working pretty well..I got to enjoy some time with Mrs. P on wed cause we had a half day at school and it was great...My friend Harold called me and we are going to try again..he really cares alot about me and I think and feel we should try again too..He is special in his own way and seems to enjoy being around me alot...well I am glad tomorrow is Friday cause I can't wait to have a relaxing weekend..I have had a headache for three days and can't seem to figure it out since I only have it at work...well I will try to keep writing and not let a week go pass again...since I have such an exciting life.. ha ha

Friday, September 11, 2009

The week is done

Today was just wonderful..School went great and the children seem to have a pretty good day I think they did good on their spelling test..Keri always has a story to tell about school I have been thinking of making a blog just for Keri wonderful very interesting stories...We left school and went to the mall to get Keri first fundraiser from her leader emily..she is excited about it and then we decided to eat at the mall...everyone got something from subway which was pretty simple today...One place...what a change instead of three places...we then went on to the grocery store which is always a good time to go in the middle of the afternoon cause there aren't many people we got in and right out without a we didn't have to do it on saturday cause the children want to do something else...we had a nice dinner tonight and they are enjoying watching their favorite videos tonight and mom is just hanging out and was reading all the stuff from Keri fundraiser which seems pretty simple it kinda cheap I going for a good cause so what the heck I say...we finally got the see pictures of the newest member of our family tonight on facebook what a real cutie..Josh just loves looking at babies he seems so proud when he learns he an uncle or another cousin...what a life of an 8 yr old huh...well this week is over and it wasn't too bad I think next week will be just as good..we have our first half day..and the children are excited about finally going to mom school to play for a little while..

have a great weekend...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice Week So Far

Tuesday night Keri didn't get to attend her first girl scout meeting because I had to take Josh to his but Keri had alot of fun with some new friends there..Josh troop has 14 in it so we will see how long that last they are meeting each tues night as Keri is too but I am going to manage it some how..Both are every excited about all the great things their groups are doing this year...
Keri has her first fundraiser selling candy/nuts and Josh is selling Popcorn so bring in the money..Both are doing great in school this week no homework trouble and great behavior I think school is going alot better...We are waiting for ms becky lahey baby to be born this week we know it a boy just can't wait to see how cute another lahey is..ha ha..Work has been pretty good this week since we were off on monday and got a few things done around the house..I think everything seem to be settled in ...I talked to my wonderful friend Patricia the other night she had called..she is such a great caring friend I am so lucky to have in my life...well another week is almost over and a quiet weekend here just come cleaning..since I am going to stop dating and work on my children and doing some stuff around the house I decided I want to change my bedroom color and kitchen so that will keep me busy...and dad will be coming home soon so that will be great since I really miss him alot...just like mom..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A date?

It was kinda a tipical Saturday here..Josh decided we should do our shopping and get it over with which was kinda a good idea cause it left Sunday with more of a relaxing day here...The store was so crowded you couldn't get down the aisle you were standing inline and when it was time to checkout you thought isn't Xmas yet..we stood for 20 minutes but at least we made it home before the rain came pouring out of the sky...I went on a date with my wonderful sister watched my two children and they seem to have a great time...especially Keri since they played girl things...she has some pictures she is going to send I can't wait..cause children seem to grow up so fast so it so important to enjoy them while there young..well my date we went to dinner at LongHorn steakhouse it wasn't crowded and the food was pretty good..been a while since I have been out to eat at a nicer restaurant so it was a nice change..we went bowling too I didn't do it bad on the second game the first was ha ha anyway we ended up heading back to my sister house to watch the game..since he couldn't decide what he wanted to do ...and then when we returned home he made a quick exit out..I really dont understand men
and again I made for most of the date...well the day was great ..and at least the children had a nice evening...I am giving up dating for a while and just enjoy being a great single mom with the world two best children it will make my life easier...and we can just enjoy each other...

Friday, September 4, 2009

End of the Week

This week seemed to go kinda slow I think because it was so busy...we started our homework which once it got started the children did their homework every afternoon without any complains so that was great..Thursday night I took Josh to the cub scout roundup at school and they signed up 14 boys for his troop this school year I think that is great..It looks like it going to be alot of fun this year...They both said they did pretty good on their first spelling test this year so that is good news...It rained the last two days here so we have stayed home afterschool and just played which the kids seemed to enjoy since being back to school...Oh we had pizza night wednesday night and drove in a heavy rainstorm so their school could get credit...what moms will do for the kids school..anyway we have a long weekend since it labor day nothing planned but to relax...the kids are going to visit my sister for a few hours on saturday so mom can go on a date (yea i wrote it right)...and then sunday Josh seemed to have plans so mom will just chill in Keri...well another week of school and it went pretty well I think they are getting kinda settled in..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids are Great

Today was a wonderful day...yes it rained it even thundered and lightning here but it was ok...Both children had a great time at school today I think they are getting settled into the routine now...we didn't have any problems doing our math homework tonight both sat down with out any problems and did most of it without any help...why? cause they love math so it helps..I had to go back to school tonight for an event which turned out to be very good..most of our parents attended...KEWL...and the kids went to the media center which had other children so they weren't bored...My day was really great it seemed to go fast..all the children came into do project and seem to really love coming to school everyday...i really love my job alot...I enjoy listening to their stories and watching them play and just seeing them learn so much each day..
Josh is really enjoying this week far he has had nothing but excellant marks in conduct and seems to have learned he has no choice at school but to follow the five rules not having the computer for one day he learned alot...GO mom for learning to be stronger and it ok to not let them have their way all the time...well i think tomorrow will be just as the middle of the week and a nice long weekend too..

better get to bed...sometimes it tough running all day with three years old when your getting older....ha ha

Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday is Over

well it was a monday for sure here...Keri didn't seem to want to get up this morning which was the first since we started going back to school..but we did make on time to school...It was not a bad day for the children..Josh had a great day at school according to his behavior folder but he had alot of homework to be completed TONITE and alot more spelling words than last year so we are making them into a game to play and to be able to learn this year..he did ok on his homework took him a good meltdown to decide it was going to be done and that was he finally got it done just leaving him alone to do it..Keri has spelling words which is going to take most of the week to get them she knows the words but not how to spell them so we have to find a way to teach her...but at least after an hour everyone got all their home work done for tonight it math for both of them tomorrow night so that will be ok since both of them love to do math..My day was ok..the kids were a little rowdy but what to expect after two days away from school...we started doing projects today I think they enjoyed doing them we brought out the water table which was a big hit for a few of them...kinda a way to get wet since it was so hot outside..well i think this week will be good just started off with a very very slow start..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week is Over

Well, the first week back to school was exciting, interesting and same ole stuff...Josh seemed to have an ok welcome to second grade..I am sure he will improve much more as the weeks move ahead..I am concerned but think it will all work out...he has some great friends and seems to have a great reading score..but other things seem to distract him..Keri she was pleased with the week ending she got to get something from the prize box and she has enjoyed her first week at first grade..She seems to have a story to tell every afternoon about what she did in her classroom so I am glad I get to spend time with her more this year...My week ended really great I have nine wonderful friends as well as many on the other size who I had last year and made a few new really a great class this year I love children who had their own way of life..
We have a nice weekend planned here even if it rains so I am going to relax and enjoy my two days at home and I think the children are enjoying their weekend playing and catching up on the TV ....what a great first week I think.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was just that wonderful..I had a great time at school..I just love working with 3/4 yr old just never know what they are going to ask or say or just plain do...I have such a great group of children which makes my going to work just that more exciting...My two wonderful children had a great time at school today too..both came home telling me all about there day..kinda hard sometimes to listen to both when they are so excited and what to tell you first..but i guess that why i have two ears ha ha..anyway they are excited about going to school now I think things are settled in..can 't say next week will be so exciting when the homework begins but just as always it gets done and turned in on time...We are hoping to have a fun weekend so the kids are counting down to Saturday too....just please dont' rain...well it looks like the wonderful family is having a wonderful successful start of this new year...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Well, it now the second day of the school year...Yesterday was the first for everyone here..Josh was a very big boy..he walked to breakfast and then to his class without any trouble...where did the time ago..I stayed with Keri and walked her to class since she wasn't too sure where her room was she ..She seemed to like her teacher...she has a son who Keri has known for a few years so she was kinda excited about that..Josh seems to kinda like his..but isn't too sure...
My class is a room full of excited...busy three year olds who all LOVE to come to school ..and hard to beleive they listen to you..and great at picking up it going to be a great year for me...Well I will write more later...No homework yet so I think it just coming around the I am sure this week will get alot busier....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost There

Well, I think we are going to make it thru the first week of mom being back to school...My classroom is starting to take shape by thur evening it will look wonderful...My children are ready to return to their classrooms they have been hanging out with mom at hers all week and I must say doing pretty good since there isn't much for them to do but play in the sandbox and run around..Today they had a few friends to play with which kept them busy so I got alot of work done and it will all be done intime for our new visitors to come see where they will spend a few wonderful hours learning new and exciting things...Alot got done and tonight it was just simple..they kids wanted simple dinners so I got alot of nothing done which was really nice to just sit on the couch with my two wonderful children and share their TV shows with them since we all know it going to be busy for the next few months that it will be homework, and new activities for them after school...but it going to be alot of fun...So as they say after all tomorrow is another day...which will be just as wonderful or better than today..

Keep where it so well...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy and more busy

WOW! this week is just moving ...I started back to work on Monday in our classroom..I went down there on Sunday to help try to get the room in shape but we have had some changes this year and so our room today was sitting empty no furniture in it...but we decorated the wall today..putting up the calendar and different things for our wonderful kids to see..Josh/Keri went down to school with me today and did pretty good..they are trying to keep out of trouble the best they can..they play on the playground and in the sandbox and try to keep up with what is going on all around...anyway yesterday was the first day back and my wonderful friend harold watching them for me since it was meeting on return day..I think it went ok you can never tell cause everyone always say they were good...ha ha...anyway the kids seems to enjoy having him there and being entertained..while mom was working and eating most of the day...The kids will get a letter or we will go to their school on Friday to learn who there teacher is..they are excited but seem a little concerned since it was a nice summer to say the most...different is what I say about this summer if I was asked...Tomorrow is another day and mostly I can just be thankful
i have a work..two wonderful children and a great family who supports me in all ways..
this year will be different but sometimes changes are for the best in the long haul..

we will see.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Ending

Well today was the last Friday before it was time to return to work on monday...The kids and me went with my fellow employers to a pretty kewl place called Gator Joe's it a little restaurant on a lake it was nice..Keri just wanted to play with the ducks in the water I am really unsure how much she did eat for lunch she just wanted to get in the water and play which almost happened after eating but as soon as she and Josh got down there it started thundering just their luck..anyway you could see from a distance across the lake it was starting to storm..anyway I did have a good time visiting with my coworkers and chatting about the upcoming year and what to expect...The weekend will be busy here with last minute things and going into the classroom on sunday to get a start on what needs to be done for the week..I am taking Josh to cub scout sign up on saturday which he is excited about this upcoming year will be so busy...but at least it was a great summer and kinda different this year...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close to the End

Today I took my son to get his hair cut it was the end of summer vacation almost...I have one more day and a weekend till I return to the classroom...we ventured into the school today to see what was happening and it was very much happening in our classroom..the BIG wall was coming down down and much space to have children playing and running much space to share and learning lots of new and exciting things...Josh/keri had alot of fun too they played very well with some other children that were up there today so I got alot of things done working with another teacher day..we got her closet cleaning and organized almost..
It looks like it going to be a very interesting but most exciting year and I must say I am very excited about it..I got to see the list of children and I really can't wait to get started working..
but first our classroom must be cleaned up and put away...My teacher is working on getting a road map to follow so no one will get lost on the way...Summer was alot of fun this year I must say and very very different for me it will be one to remember always..I think I did some growing up too and learned wow 24/7 with two kids all summer can be really hard sometimes..anyway
the end of a wonderful summer and the beginnning of a great new year..the kids are really
ready to return to school they want to learn who there teachers are which we hope happens next week..until then more weekend of summer fun....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Day out of the House

Today I decided to get my two kidos out of the house so we spend most of the day at their favorite hang out Chuck E Cheese...they really had alot of fun playing with their friends and we saw a few people from my school there to hang out and chat with for a few hours..They kids really had fun eating pizza and french Fries..they won alot of tickets..Keri really did great she got over 400 tickets and decide she wanted this really big teddy bear so she would have to save them to be able to get something as big as a two foot bear to put somewhere in her room like she has any room now with all the stuff animals that live in her room now..Josh had a good time he is also saving his tickets which he been doing all summer I am not sure anymore how many he has since he had tons of little pieces of paper with totals of tickets amount on them...Mom had a good time playing some of the silly games they have plus talking with other moms...

We didn't so much else when we got home cause it seemed to worn us out...
well six more days will I return to the classroom which I am excited about I have learned from my teacher there are a few more changes but it will all work out in the end..cause I love my job and meeting new three year olds..

until tomorrow

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quiet Day

Sunday here seems like a long day here for some reason...We stayed at home except to do one small errand..The kids seems to want to do that today..and it was a sunny hot Florida day here so we took it really easy which is great to do sometimes...I am not sure what we will do for our last week of summer vacation it seems like it been long but sometimes I feel like it wasn't long enough but I am excited about getting back to work and meeting all my new students and see what a great year it going to be with alot of our changes at work..

well today was short sweet and simple..

Bowling, Cooking Out Fun

Saturday was such a great day for all of us here...We started our morning by going bowling with mommy friend Harold and we had a great time there wasn't many people at the bowling alley so we kinda got to pick where we wanted to bowling...We all did pretty good..I did great..I got three strikes in a row I was lovin it..I ended up with my highest score EVER... a 159...the kids did pretty good Josh seems to have ups and down he really has to be in the mood to bowl cause he gets silly..just as Keri was she wasn't into bowling she just wanted to show off...we then went for lunch and to the store to plan a great cookout...we had chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes it was a great dinner and we had a very relaxing evening..Josh and Keri watched an Icarly special movie I think they enjoyed there didn't say much about it...I think sunday will be a relaxing day..
It didn't rain today so it was a really great day..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Another Day

Well it looked like it was going to rain this morning which it did late last night..I guess I should be really use to it by now..only a few more weeks and then it will be wonderful weather I do hope...
Well I guess it know when I am going to mow the lawn cause every time I go out and mow it(which I did and it was humid) and I just got it done and within an hour you could hear the thunder calling out....
Anyway I took the kids for a ride in the car and we went to Walmart to get a few items which he needed seems you always need something when you have kids...I guess at their age or any age I shall say they seem to want so many different things..really this mom can't wait to we get back in school and they have snacks at school...then mom just has to worry about two meals to cook each day ...since lunch is kinda easy for one..the school takes care of that..thanks school..
the other is totally a lunch box girl....well as expected driving down the road the rain came and went as fast as we could for tonight it just pizza/bread sticks/pepsi and
a family night of watching Tv and a video before we end another wonderful week of summer here.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Ready for School

Today I decided I would go threw all the school supplies that we had purchased over the last few weeks and recheck to make sure I didn't forget anything..knowing that when they get back in the real classroom another list will come home with all the other stuff the teachers feel the need for parents to purchase..anyway we got the rest of the items on the to do list and then I took the kids over to Toy r us and we had a really good time they are getting the stores ready for Xmas( what already!) yep I remember those days all to well working in retail for so many years.anyway we had a great time looking around the store and then we went to Sonic and had a nice lunch...we came back home and just took it easy the rest of the day..Keri played in her room and Josh made a really big train track in the kitchen and had alot of fun playing with it and then his sister decide it was so cool..she put her little dolls in the cars and they went around the of having a big brother to help you out sometimes..anyway not much else happened other than the usual thunderstorms that seem to roll in every afternoon lately which I am not very fond of anyway we survived and slept well

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where did the time go?

Yesterday we went bowling and had a great time and then to dinner it was wonderful..The kids had a great week doing alot of different things..I can't beleive the summer is almost over but it been fun and being with the kids is always great..We got alot of our school shopping done and over with so we can relax for the next two weeks and do some more fun exciting things..I will be so glad when the rain stops or I shall say when my dad returns so I can stop worrying about Josh ceiling..when just when is it going to fall in and his room will flood..but some things you just have to try to move on ...I can't beleive so much has happened...Keri had a great birthday she so fun to go shopping with she got alot of great things for her birthday and she is so excited about going back to school in first grade..Josh he isn't so sure he is ready for it...Well I will try to write more about my week...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Daughter Birthday

Today we had my daughter sixth birthday at Chuck E Cheese it went very well and all the children had a great time eating pizza, having sodas and playing all the new games..It was really a great time watching them laugh and all the adults got to chit-chat about whatever..My friend Patricia and my sister Annie were there..Keri got some great gifts and she had a cute Spongebob cake did I get lucky on that one...Anyway we got back home and everyone was tired but Keri had to play will all her bday stuff...and she got a gift card from Clairie in the mall so I knew what was going to happen on Saturday..anyway we just chilled ou the rest of the evening and all had a great time...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowling for Fun

Today we decide it was bowling we headed up to the local bowling alley with our two free bowling games each..The kids really had a great time today..Josh did pretty good..he is getting his arm right and starting to slam the ball down the alley as he calls it....Keri I can't figure this girl out..she just kinda drops the ball and it goes down the alley and mostly she gets 9 pins down without trying she almost got a 100 yesterday it was 99 her highest yet..she had two pins left and couldn't get them down...but she was excited anyway...Mom did pretty good she got both games over a hundred so I am getting alot better...We went to mcD yes again...keri wanted to please get another ty beanie so her other one wasn't lonely..she went onto the site and is having a good time... well any day is over and we all seemed to laugh and have a great time being such a wonderful family...boy I sure love my kids.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch and Water

Today Josh asked me again..Mom can we please please go to the mall for lunch...So I decided why not today...we usually have a pretty good time anyway...So we went to always eat at Chik fil and Josh loves Subway...anyway we had a great time eating and watching the people that were watching us...we came back home and it was Water time...they really know how to enjoy the water...Today it was slip n slide and swing on the swingset with the water spraying on you or sliding down the slide too..anyway they had a great time doing it..and the water didn't really go to just made the grass grown a little more..boy I hate mowing and it seems I have to do it every work and more work..but dad I am keeping up with it..anyway..we had a great time together..I love watching them smile and have fun..I know summer will be over soon and it seems like just gets too busy to do anything.. tomorrow we will do something fun and keep trying to get Keri bday party planned...Do you remember being six?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today we went and did our grocery shopping without any troubles..I finally think my children have learned to get along in the stores without yelling, or hitting each other..Finally!!! ..well we then went down to work (yes work) to see Ms Patricia and the boys since she was working in her classroom...I am not sure how much work she got done with two boys running around but it was her thing..We came back home and the kids went swimming in their little ole pool..they seem to make the best of the things we have here...turning them into fun a water park and stuff I am very glad with was a really great day here today..oh yea..I even got a phone call from my was great to hear his voice...I really wish I could understand men..i think they are just like women...always changing and not knowing what they want sometimes..anyway I think there could be a light at the end of the tunnel but I am not going over the speed limit on this one...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's almost monday again

Well,, it was so overcast today we decided to just hang out at the house today...I took my daughter up to McD because she wanted to get one of the new Ty beanie babies so I thought why not...only a week till she turns six...Just seems liked yesterday I was having her...time has gone by and she is growing up too fast for her mom..anyway we played some games, colored and watched a garfield movie so it was a very fun day here...since we have a busy week planning her bday party and going to chuck e cheese for it...with some of her friends..she also says goodbye to some great friends she met at Gs this we are in full a busy week of fun and excitment..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost Over

Tonight Keri went to her next to the last Girl Scout meeting for the summer..she has made some great friends there and had alot of fun doing crafts and learning about different things..Next week they are having a celebration and award ceremony she is excited...Me/Josh walked and played in the park while we waiting for was kinda hot but alot of fun spending time with Josh we really haven't done alot of that lately...We are planning to get away soon since summer is almost going and school will began soon..Josh is going to his Tiger Scout bowling party on saturday and he is looking forward to sending the boys while I get to spend time with Keri so things are going good...Well until later

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning, Planning and more Planning

Today was kinda a planning day in our daughter is planning her sixth birthday party so we are trying to decide where, when and how many..since she is only five..she is like every girl keeps changing her mind over and I think this will be one of those we just have to listen and make final details as it gets closer and closer...the other planning was our beach trip and going to Orlando since my son wants to go to Disney Village and hang out at the Lego we are trying to get that done..since mom thought we had eight weeks till school and suddenly realized it was only five..what happened to those other weeks..anyway we are going to be totally busy now since we have so much to do before heading back to the working world..I think we are all kinda wondering how it going to go with all the changes...anyway today we got most of the lawn mowed and we went out to dinner to celebrate mom getting most of the lawn mowed without any rain....well until tomorrow I think I am going to go chill while the kids are watching a movie....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Sunday

Today was just that very stayed home all but a quick trip to Walgreens to get a few things and always Milk..boy two kids can drink a gallon a milk so fast but as they say it goes a body good..anyway it was just simple we watched some movies and took it easy....trying to plan a few cheap road trips before school starts so soon...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Saturday

Wow! what a great time me/kids had on Saturday...We had no rain until we got home..We drove down to my friend patricia house which is really kewl and had a nice cookout and the kids all got to go was just a perfect day and everyone had a great time...Rob(her hubby) made the best burgers and Patricia she always kewl..she had a perfect lunch for everyone..the kids played really great together and it was just fun to be around such a great friend...and we had a pretty good drive home...we pulled in the driveway and the bottom fell out of the sky it poured for a short while so I am glad I got home since my little ole saturn doesn't like the rain very much and the kids seem to hate mommy driving in it...the evening was good they watched TV and poor mom ole back starting hurtin again but I am surviving think it got something to do with getting older...well again it was a great time and I was so glad everything went good...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The weekend is almost here

Today we were woking up by the sound of thunder and rain which is did off and on most of the morning but I told the kids were would go to Target since Josh wanted some lightning mcQueen car that had a code for a game he was playing after lunch it finally stopped and we heading out on our journey for this car..well we got to Target and inside before it got really dark outside and we walked around I am looking for a new shower curtain got to change the b/r a little needs a makeover well we found this car and it wasn't expensive at all 2.99 so I felt good about that...anyway Keri got a design pet which she seems to enjoy it had to go to girl scout tonight with her no way would be leave it at home ha ha..anyway she had a great time at Gs tonight they made to crafts and went over the daisy handbook i went with josh walking around the track tonight and waited for her....anyway we got home and everyone is tired so tomorrow will be another day and I can't wait for the weekend it going to be GREAT...have a great evening

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Day inspite the rain

Well it looked like rain from the time we woke up today but I was going to go ahead with my plans for the kids since Josh seemed to be feeling alot better...We got up and got to the grocery store without a single negative word today...everyone got up and moving ..WOW what a day it was going to be since they were full of life..anyway it was raining very hard but we decided after waiting for 15 min in walmart we were running to the car with all the grocery..I keep forgetting my kids love water puddles..anyway we got home and I decided since my friend well eitherway I was taking my children to chuck e cheese since it looked like a rainy day inside..they had a total blast today and so did I playing the games and enjoying a good lunch...I know why I am single and have no rush into getting married..when a man can't take a little rain to see his lady he isn't rating high on the list ...anyway I did my thing and it was great ..since I love being with my children..anyway we had a great dinner tonight and we are going to watch a movie to end the evening off with a smile..until tomorrow ..and girl scouts...which will be fun only two more meetings...summer is moving a little faster now for some reason..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Monday

What a way to start off the week..poor Josh woke up with a headache which he just couldn't get rid of all day so it was mommy this and mommy that..which made for a long it rained off and on here ..but we still managed in the afternoon to get my errands done for the way in the rain...Keri got a new littlest pet for her house which made her day she is counting down to her 6th bday which must be a big number she is so excited about it...otherwise the day was staying at home and trying to get Josh feeling better....Tuesday will be alot better we hope...
I am going to try to post some pictures from our fourth...hope I can do it...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Weekend

Well,,Thursday night Keri went to GS and I got to help out it was alot of fun..we did puzzles I made alot of great little daisy friends and we learned alot.Keri is going to get a few patches this summer which is kewl she is excited about it...Friday was fun..we went swimming with Ben and Annie at the Darley's pool it was fun..Josh is learning to swim he was really proud of himself and can't wait to try again very soon..Keri has no fear of much she just jumps in and lots to be underwater...Saturday was wonderful friend Harold came over and we had a great cookout with chicken on the grill and corn on the cob..the kids swam in their little pool and had fun..we then shot off fireworks which thanks to Harold he did a very good show last was alot of fun and the kids really enjoyed watching my fourth was very good this year and I had alot of great company...I talked to my friend Patricia she was home with two kids and one sick which was not a great way to celebrate the fourth but talking on the phone she seems pretty good..she is great...well it the start of another week and I hope they slow down it will be time to start thinking about school shopping and I really dont want summer to end it going really great this year with the kids...

i hope all my wonderful friends had a great fourth...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids called it BORING

Today was rather simple...Being the first of July I got to thinking well we better get to planning some road trips or summer break would be I am working on a trip to the beach, Orlando and the zoo so far...but sitting home other than going to pay bills and walk around the dollar store sweet darling children told me we were having a boring day at home..well consider we weren't ducks I wasn't all pleased to run around in the I told them tomorrow we would seek some excitement in our day..and plus Keri is excited about attending Girl Scouts again tomorrow night I am so glad she loves it and has made some great friends too..
well to end our ha ha boring evening we did go to MCd so I guess I tried to seek some excitement for them...have a great evening...until tomorrow..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 45th birthday

Well, It was my 45th bday yesterday and it was a really great day to say the most...I guess the world of today technology is here...I got more text messages and emails than phone calls which was really know I have so many great friends and family out there...My day started with going shopping at Kohls for myself and I got some really great deals and had a great time too..then I took my two great children to lunch at Chickafil which is our favorite place to eat and they had a good time...we went to Target to walk around and then later that evening my sweet little sister had me dinner and a cookie cake which she is the best...and I got a kewl shirt and new iron so that was wonderful..My favorite part of the day was my wonderful loving father who calls you on your bday and sings happy bday it just makes your whole day ..My dad is the best..
Again i can't thank all my friends for thinking of me and I am going to have a great year this year and make it the best....until tomorrow ..and workin on vacation plans for us to do some road traveling...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week is over

Well I guess it was a rather busy week here since I finally am sitting down to write back my week with my children..We went thurday to Chuck E cheese it was kinda a spur of the moment to do since it was so hot outside and they kids had a blast cause they redid the place and put in alot of new games for kids so they really had a great time and Josh had some buddies to hang out with that was fun...Keri went to girl scouts that evening and really had a great time..Me/Josh walked the walking trail but kept going in and checking on her..she made a cute pin to wear out of lace and beads she made some new friends since her two buddies weren't at the meeting..She really seems to be enjoying it and next week she will learn about getting her patches which is kewl...Yesterday (fri) I got up and mowed the lawn before the rain and it got to hot to do ...and then we went to a bday pool party last night and the kids really had a great time with all the other kids that were there it was alot of fun..I hung out with Patricia and we saw a few parents from Cornerstone to chat with wasn't too hot but at least no rain....will write about saturday later on..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Already

Wow my weekend went already another week and school is only two months away..Yesterday the kids had a very nice day..they got to see their father for Father day it was very nice to them..they had a great time and it was very HOT...We started our day at home ..the kids watched TV and play playdoh this morning while watching some show on the tube..While I did laundry and cleaned..then we did our favorite chore...going to the grocery store it was not too bad yelling, hitting so it was a GREAT is over a 100 right now and it really feel like it outside..the kids are going to have a pizza and taco dinner tonite...It looks to be another great week of summer break here...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Well...I was too tired to write last night..The kids did there VBS program last night and they were both excellant in singing and doing the motions..Then we went to the carnival which they had a great time going down the water slides over and over and in the bounce houses..It was so hot last night but was very glad were didn't have rain our one of our storms like the night before that blew down the trees in the area...Anyway it was an ending to a wonderful week for the kids they made some great friends during the week...And mom got alot of house cleaning and stuff done without them being here...They even got the see their father which both were so excited about seeing and he got to see them perform which was nice..Thurs..I forgot to write..Keri went to her second girl scout meeting and loved it..they did all crafts so it was all for her..She seems to really taking to it and has made two new friends already which I hope will last all summer and maybe into the school year for her...Well it was a nice day today here too just TOO hot 81 at 8 this morning..I took Josh to the train show which he really enjoyed alot and his buddies where there and he liked the train layouts...then took them for lunch at the mall and Keri went to the girl store(Claire's) which she just wants everything for her bday from there..Josh was like
girls are so silly mom (hello mom is a girl too) anyway we are having our Pizza and movie time tonight which will be alot of fun..we were going to a bday party but it got chanced due to an illness so guess that a very good reason...well I think I got all caught up and now it time to relax..

until later...have a great evening and thanks for reading..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17

Well the children are having a great time at VBS this week..they are learning and doing some great things as well as making friends..Mom is enjoying her and getting rid of alot of stuff while the kids are They are looking forward to their show on Friday it will be alot of fun if it doesn't rain..which it seem to do every afternoon here..Anyway tomorrow Keri going to her second girl scout meeting and she is very excited about I am glad..Josh is ready for boy scouts to start too...well that about all for tonight...

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

Today the kids started Vacation Bible School which they were very excited about going to..they seem to have a great week and make lots of wonderful friends...After that we decided to go to McD for lunch and the kids could play since it was very hot outside but what do you expect when you live in Florida and it summer time .anyway they will spend the rest of the afternoon playing and then watching some movie on TV...seems alot of movie are on right now...Last night I finally got them to bed a little earlier since for the past two nights they were watching movie on Disney that were on till ten...anyway it looks to be a good day..I got alot of thing cleaned out while the house was quiet and not so much yelling or fighting was happening..

Thanks for reading..have a wonderful afternoon...

June 15

Saturday, June 13, 2009

june 12

I took Keri to her first girl scout meeting on thursday it was alot of fun..they had a large turn out for the summer program about 30 girls..Keri knew two of them one was in her class from school this year..she had alot of fun..they made a cute doll and did alot of games and learned about each other..It seem she will enjoy it alot...Josh spend the evening with grandpa which I think they both enjoyed..Josh had him working on his birdhouse they he has been decorating and grandpa helped him put windows in was alot of fun...Friday we didn't so alot just went to the store and mostly played outside..It been florida weather here for a week now HOT and HOTTER..but it great for summer time...well just wanted to catch up on my blog...

have a great weekend..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 10

What a wonderful day it was...We went to Chuck e Cheese with Patricia and her kids and had just a totally great time talking and watching the kids play together it was so great...It wasn't very busy so everyone had a great time..before that we didn't do much but watch TV...after we got home we had dinner..Josh helped me make his favorite..tacos and we watch Aladdin on the disney channel so it was a great evening last night...Oh yea and dad came over and worked on Josh roof to his bedroom since all that rain we had kinda made a slight leak in his room but Dad saved the day again...he always fixes everything....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 2009

Yesterday went so fast I guess I didn't take the time to write it down..It was rather boring yesterday we played at home and went to Dad for dinner last nite since Mary/Anna came into town to spend the day with dad...We had Sonny and the kids always seem to enjoy playing at dad house anyway...Not much really happened yesterday..Today Dad and I went down to get our tags and when we got back the kids went swimming and had water balloon fights in the pool..Josh spend the day building his train layout in the living room in hopes grandpa can get the train up and running soo..Keri and I playdoh most of the day and she played with her stuff..I read a little in my book which seems interested learning more indepth things in preschool to help with the children for next year...Tomorrow will be fun we are meeting Patricia/Jonathan and Robert for a fun day at chuck e until later..hope you enjoyed reading this...

Monday, June 8, 2009

May 7, 2009

Today is dad bday...he started if off taking Josh/keri and me to breakfast to BK it was really great having dad back home...seems everything breaks when he is away was a pretty slow down around here we started at home most of the day and just relaxed...and then we went to Annie house later in the day to have Dad a bday dinner that Michael fixed chicken with all the trimming it was very good..the kids played together and Ms beth from work came over too Dad seemed to enjoy it very much.....well that was our simple day..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009

What a great day it was..and it rained most of it..My dad is on his back to Florida he is making great time and seems in such a wonderful mood..He will be home tonight I can't beleive he drove the whole time in one day ..GO DAD anyway tomorrow is his bday and the kids had a great time shopping for grandpa..they love him so back to our day it was very simple..we went off to the dollar store to get some supplies for Josh he has decided to write a book about animals and he is taking pictures of animals in our yard to use so it shall be fun and interesting to say the most...anyway we finally got his stuff and finished with grandpa and we came back home the kids have been playing and just enjoying the day relaxing..I got to read some chapters in my new book I got on working with children which seem to be interesting so far into it was a rather relaxing but great day...can't wait to see my dad I sure miss him when he is in Missouri...but it cool he has family both places....Stay dry and have a wonderful evening..

June 5 2009

Today we decided even in the rain we were going bowling and do all the cool things we wanted to do..SO we had a great time bowling..even Keri seemed to enjoy bowling yesterday too she got three spares so she was on a roll...then we decided to eat the bowling alley which they wanted to do for a long time and I figured why not....we then did all our running around in the rain and whatnot and I even go to the grocery shop and we pulled in the driveway at 5:30 so it was a very long day but had a great time just me and my wonderful kids....Tonight we are making our own pizzas which the kids love to do and just watch a movie and then to bed.....Saturday is totally relaxation day cause I am tired..but really loving my summer with my kids..

have a great day..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

First day of summer break for everyone..Josh seemed to had forgot he woke up at 5:46 this morning and I told him to go back to bed other wise the morning seemed to be the same the kids really enjoyed watching the TV shows they dont get to watch and enjoy playing..I mowed the grass which really needed it and I even beat the rain too...We did our errands today and all the bills got paid ...and I still have a little fun money ha was a very simple relaxing day here did a little more cleaning can't wait to get to my closet but as you can tell I am taking it very slowly to get to that task...We are going to figure what we shall do for dinner and then tomorrow I am going to find the grocery store to get some food in the house....not much else to share..I hope you enjoy sharing apart of my day with you...

Have a great evening!!!

June 3, 2009

WOW! Today was the last day of school ..the kids were excited to get out today..It was happy and sad for them...They both did great on their end of the year report cards too..I am a very proud mother...Anyway it was alot of fun today...My friend Harold had a bday today so the kids decorated the kitchen and a cake for them it was kinda funny about the world thing I guess when people get a certain age they just consider it another day I dont know I love bdays anyway it was alot of fun we took him out to eat and he seemed to enjoy his gifts the kids gave him...It was a very nice enjoyable day all around....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

WOW! Tomorrow is the last day of school..I can't beleive my kids are growing up..Keri is almost done with Kindergarden and Josh flew thru first grade..Anyway they both had a great time at school today..Josh had a end of the year party which he had a great time..We went bowling after school and all three of us had a blast which we will be bowling alot with those free passes this summer...then we went over to Pizza Hut and enjoyed a nice family sit down lunch it was really nice to enjoy the kids having a good time and being have too..Anyway this afternoon we kinda too it easy and just watched one of Josh Mario movies which those are so funny to watch...It thundering outside but no rain insite so that good...Well I am looking forward to the children last day of school getting the final report and knowing both had a great year with wonderful teachers and will be moving ahead to the next grade..I sure hope summer goes s l o w..cause I dont think I am ready for homework everynite yet...Well until tomorrow...Enjoy your evening!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

What a wonderful day it is so far..The sun is shining and I started the morning taking my two wonderful children to their final week of school only two more days left now...I got to attend my son award ceremony this morning it was great he is always so proud when they call his name and his mom sits their with the biggest smile on her face too..We are going in the pool this afternoon I have been told by my daughter since it soo hot here today..we also are working on getting those teacher gifts done today too..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

I decide to start a blog after my sweet niece she is so good at writing and sharing her life with others and so I decided I would like to share my days and it more of a journal of my life with my two children for them to read and know how special there are to me...This is my first writing and will continue everyday or almost...since I started summer break last week and it been busy already..My children have three more short days of school and then it eleven weeks till they return to the wonderful world of learning new things and growing.

It was such a great weekend for us there..We finally had sunshine without rain for a few days which was wonderful since we kinda thought we might need a boat if it didn't stop soon..
Plus my kids can't stand to be inside so we spent most of the weekend outside and around water..I went on a date with this wonderful guy who been apart of my life for almost nine months and so my wonderful baby sister watched them for me they had a really great time with her she has been so wonderful to me I couldn't survive without her...Then we went to a great end of the year party that one of my parents hosted for our class of three year olds it was alot of fun see all the kids having a great time in the pool and going down the water slide...and then today I decided to get my kids a cool item...and slip and took them a few times to figure out you slid down it in the water and not run threw it but it was alot of fun watching them have a great time outside...since our little pool isn't so big this year guess I will work on that for them too..anyway we had a great sunday and looks to be a great week I am going to bed so I can get ready for three more days of school...