Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it the weather?

Today was wonderful regarding the weather it was cool and very for the children they were wild and crazy...They both have a great Monday at school and we got threw homework tonight without any trouble..what a pleasant change for once...We played outside the children raked up all the pine needles into a nice cube and are having a great time with the cooler weather too...School was a little crazy the kids seemed really wild today...might have been those cupcakes first thing in the morning too..anyway I hope the week is pleasant we have a good weekend planned here getting into some of the fall festival happening locally and Keri daisy scout is heading to the patch of pumpkins tomorrow i better not forget my camera it should be alot of fun...except the weather is going to start warming up again but maybe not for a long time. anyway it wasn't too bad of a night for this great family...

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