Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another week

Well...Keri is now finally got here..she thought many times her birthday would never arrive..but it did and it was really great..very simply but fun..she told me when it was all over the day was just Fantastic..which I am sister and her kids came over...we had cake/icecream and pizza(keri favorite)..the week has been slow but been so hot...the hottest summer I can remember since moving back to florida...I can't wait for fall to come to cool off a little...I had to mow the lawn and it was 90 something out side..i dont know how people can work outside in this heat...just to think my brother in law does least he around water if that makes a difference..anyway the summer is starting to come to an end...we have been getting new school clothes and all those wonderful list of supplies to head back to the classroom..this year will have many changes....the kids are going to a new school so we are all going to make changes and learn some new things..but at least they are excited about I am sure with two positive attitudes going into it it will thinks it will be a good thing too
plus closer to the house...We have been having fun in the pool..the kids enjoy going to ms b house swimming she is such a wonderful woman...i am glad she is my friend...Patricia and I haven't seen much of each other this summer due to her working..but we hope to end that in the next week or so and try to see each other before returning to the classroom..she is going great..
well that the lastest from this wonderful family....just trying to keep cool and the kids from
fighting so much till we hit the books again..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Day

Well the week is starting pretty well inspite our the weekend rains sat/sun..but we still had a nice time...Sunday the kids just chilled all was kinda fun to do nothing but watch movies and play games...they did have a busy last week..we went to chuckie e cheese and had a blast it was alot of fun. and then we went to mcd to play on friday and josh had a buddy there from school so he had a great time too...The summer is fun...we aren't traveling much but enjoying our time together which is great..the kids got to see there new school on monday and both seem pretty kewl about it..we got their long list of supplies we will need but at least it looks good for everyone we will see as it gets was wonderful to talk with my friend patricia last night on the phone we had a great time..she is so wonderful..i can't wait to just hang with her before we go back to work in the classroom...Dad seems to be doing good too I talked to him and got him a little surprise he was excited about sister is having a bday at the end of the week i am sure she is happy...the kids are shopping for her and it seems to be alot of fun..not sure why...but they love to shop so it a good thing..i have decided the last week of july we are traveling somewhere just to get away from the house so we will see what happens..well until later life is good and summer is great!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Where Does Time Go?

WOW...the summer time must be flying past I can't get a chance to write my thought down...Let me see where to's already July..I had my birthday which I must say was the best one I have had in a long time...My wonderful sister and friend Ms Beth had me a bday party at her house with a few people it was great and relaxing we swam for a few hours and had pizza and I got some great gifts from my kids and family..My dad called me in the morning and sang Happy Birthday which is something he does every year so it makes it so friend Patricia was unable to attend she was missed but it was ok...the kids had a great time at VBS this year and made some friends and had a great program they were so cute it was sad to see the end of the week come cause they love it so much...anyway now onto July what will we do? the beach, or what..I am not totally seems to rain every day but that summer life in florida for as long as I can remember...we had a good fourth after all the plans went down the drain when my friend decided to change his mind but thanks to some friends in the neighbor they let us watch there and it was the great one hour and a half of fireworks that was the kids had a pretty good fourth after July is lookin pretty good to start off with...well that it for now
maybe I can write more before school starts..YUK..i better I want the summer to go slow so I can enjoy my kids..