Saturday, November 28, 2009

another week is over

This past week was busy..I was out for the Thanksgiving break and got alot of things done around the house and cleaning got done...the kids were in school till wednesday they had alot of fun for two days doing alot of learning about thanksgiving...Keri Gs went on a field trip to the petco on tuesday to earn another petal to her daisy...Josh and I walked around the store looking at all the animals in there..Josh favorite was watching the little rat run around the little wheel..josh kept laughing so hard it was just as funny watching him...we went to my sister house on Thanksgiving for lunch and the kids had a really great time playing outside and eating...She did a great job on dinner with the help of Michael parents and dad and Patrick was there so it was nice...Mom was on our mine..she is very much missed all the time and especially now cause she seems to always make Christmas just a little more special...we are going to get our tree in another week and start working around the house..Josh/Keri got the Xmas box out and starting putting some stuff around the house...We are enjoying our last weekend before we go back to work for a few weeks then it Xmas break which will be needed again I am sure...well we have spend most of the week outside playing basketball, swinging and just enjoying each other..
oh yea...Josh has had a great time with Ben on the computer playing club penguin they are so funny...talking on the phone and trying to do the computer at the same time..lucky the phone is surviving all the hits it taking....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Busy

This past week has been busy and fun for the children..Both got awards at school for being on the E/S honor roll I was very proud of both of them..Keri had a great time at GS this week they added another girl to their was alot of fun...they are going on a field trip next week and Keri will get another petal to add to her uniform...Josh had a pack meeting which wasn't that exciting..the popcorn in coming in Sat so we will get that on monday after children at school did there thanksgiving sing theme and lunch it was alot of fun they all seem to enjoy it on friday and i am now out of school for a week and hope to get alot of things done while this mini vacation is happening...well it been a great week for all of us and alot of special times still to come with the holidays will be sad at times but we will make it the happiest and be glad for all that we have...and I have a great dad..he seems to be doing good and I sure love him so much...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Great Job

Well, Keri is doing great in GS she got another petal to add to her daisy and she got another badge for sellling her candy/nuts..She is really loving Gs..they added a new girl last night that everyone knew from school including Josh so that was great..they are keeping really busy..Josh and I hung out at the church while she was there...then Josh continued to work on his birdhouse that he is building it looking pretty good..just need some nails to put it together but we have a two week break so we get to rest and I should say get home Tuesday night earlier..The week is going pretty is going great..the children are really moving around and seem to be really enjoying class..I am doing project a few times a week so I get to work with them too which is always alot of fun with three year olds...Josh is going on his field trip on tuesday and Keri is going at the end of the month to see a play which is loves doing every year..well Xmas is coming so we will be fun here..until is good..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Great Weekend

Well, it sunday night and it was a great weekend here...We got grocery shopping done and gas in the car for the week...we had a great time bowling and going out to eat on saturday...everyone had fun bowling it seems to be a regular event for us...Sunday we had a nice cookout and went to visit my sister so they kids could play together for a little while it was great..Josh/Keri had a good time there they love going out to her house...Josh then came home and did his extra work for school without any questions he is doing great...we had a very relaxing weekend and it looks to be a pretty good weekend..I think we are watching a storm but I think if anything it will be rain which we flowers need it very bad and I would love to keep the cooler weather..kinda nice to open the windows for a change...well until next time...I sure am enjoying life right now..

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time is Flying by

Wow, I have been so busy with the children I can't beleive it...seems like the days and nights are gone so fast...We had a very nice weekend last week....Harold came and we went bowling and it was great....The week was a little teacher was out for three days so I went into the teaching mode it was pretty cool..I really enjoy my job and working with a great bunch of children..anyway..Tuesday Keri got another petal to complete her daisy and had alot of fun learning new things..she will get another one in the upcoming week..Josh had a great time at scouts too they are learning to use tools so he is making his very own birdhouse which he seems to be enjoying too...Dad came over wed night and had pizza with us he is doing really good and been busy working around his house....They both got excellant report cards I am so proud of both of them..both are getting awards for being on the honor roll...I can't beleive it they are such great students at school and work really hard..Josh is really doing a great job....we have a great weekend planned and I am really enjoying the cooler weather ..we have spend every afternoon outside playing and swinging tonight we played basketball..I hope soon they will learn to ride their bikes..what a great week again...for being a great mom with two super duper kids..