Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from Break

Well it been a busy I took some time off from writing...anyway last night dad helped me and we got Keri cookies...WOW...225 cookies are alot of boxes way would they had fit in my little car ..but we got them all sorted and labels to give fact I started today ..and should be all done by next wed...thanks to friends...Keri has been really enjoying scouts..and they are doing so much....both got great report cards in fact I attended Josh awards on would really kewl when your kids get rewards for working hard....we went bowling over the weekend and it was alot of fun...everyone enjoyed it and everyone got over that was great..we went to Pizza hut afterwards and had a great time too...Dad has been working over here alot getting Josh room redone to a better room and before that we had to put a new water heater in here due to it leaked all over my closet but lucky nothing got damaged...we are busy working on our derby cars the kids painted there after dad cut them and we will run them this weekend for practice and next thur is the real running derby boy i sure hope we will it would be so great for Josh..since he is like any kid hates to lose.....we are working on keri bridging in may and disney trip in may now...Josh is going to stay with my sister he seems cool about not attending with as he says a bunch of girls ha ha...just wait...anyway that about it for catching up this blog...will be a kinda busy weekend here helping working in josh room. at least I think the cooler weather has left..I will be glad as the kids..oh yea we have been going to the park so much it been great to get out and exercise and they have made some really friends..

well that it for now....