Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 31, 2009

I decide to start a blog after my sweet niece she is so good at writing and sharing her life with others and so I decided I would like to share my days and it more of a journal of my life with my two children for them to read and know how special there are to me...This is my first writing and will continue everyday or almost...since I started summer break last week and it been busy already..My children have three more short days of school and then it eleven weeks till they return to the wonderful world of learning new things and growing.

It was such a great weekend for us there..We finally had sunshine without rain for a few days which was wonderful since we kinda thought we might need a boat if it didn't stop soon..
Plus my kids can't stand to be inside so we spent most of the weekend outside and around water..I went on a date with this wonderful guy who been apart of my life for almost nine months and so my wonderful baby sister watched them for me they had a really great time with her she has been so wonderful to me I couldn't survive without her...Then we went to a great end of the year party that one of my parents hosted for our class of three year olds it was alot of fun see all the kids having a great time in the pool and going down the water slide...and then today I decided to get my kids a cool item...and slip and took them a few times to figure out you slid down it in the water and not run threw it but it was alot of fun watching them have a great time outside...since our little pool isn't so big this year guess I will work on that for them too..anyway we had a great sunday and looks to be a great week I am going to bed so I can get ready for three more days of school...