Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Over Already

Well, only a few more days, hours and minutes till it time to go back to the class..This summer has been fun and interesting...It started out taking the kids to Disney World for the first time what memories of a lifetime from that trip..and hearing we can't wait to go back...Disney does that to you..Anyway we have been doing lots of different things but mostly the kids have been having a great time with their friends playing outside which is a great thing..even in this awful summer heat we had this year...I think both will enjoy school once we get back into the swing of things...
My daughter turned eight...only eight..I thought she turned 16 in one sense of the word..she cleaned out her closet moving all the toys and wanting them put away..all the stuff animals and then to my shock going threw her clothes and saying no way to items...I guess she will still be my little carebear no matter how old she gets..but am glad she is doing things her way sometimes.
Josh had a great summer too making new friends and enjoying his bike which he has goes threw
two tires this summer must be alot of riding or poor made tires not sure which..

well i am going to enjoy this next fews days with my wonderful children cause life seems
to be go crazy when we get back into the working/school world..