Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to Writing Again

Well, it been almost a month since I stopped to write my thoughts and busy life down..
So much has happened really since the last posting here...Last night Josh won two trophies from the Pinewood Derby he was so happy it was more exciting than anything I have seen in a long time and mostly because he shared the month with his grandpa who was just as happy too..
What a moment in time...He got his wolf badge but the being the Fastest car was the best so far for him..Keri got an award for being second place in the sibling division was really exciting too.
we had a great time last night and having grandpa there made it more special...Keri has finished with her cookies and I think the total for her was 305 which was great for her first year so much happened since the last posting about her troop ..we have a new leader ( I wont waste the space telling all the details) we have a few more weeks of this year and then we will be done till next year and getting a new troop if she decides to stay with it..since the DW trip is not going to happen and not sure what else she will lose out on...
We are getting ready for spring break in another week and Easter has come to town too.
We are having a great time hanging out at the park and both have made alot of great friends including mom. plus walking has been good too..

My family is the best and my children are the great! Will post more since it seems I have more time since the man who was in it is not out...three weeks and counting since I have heard life goes on....