Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Citrus Lane A Box full of Surprises

 I  would like to invite you to check out  Citrus Lane. You can order care package  your children. They will have a surprise box for them to open and share.The box is full of wonderful products to share and have a great time with. So check this link out today.
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Florida Springs Are Awesome

Today we took a trip down the state road heading east then north a little to a place called
 Silver Glen Springs. it's a really cool spring were you can swim and look down into the springs as well as walk a trail to a sand boil and just relax under the wonderful shaded trees. You can canoe or kayak also.
 It was a perfect day, started out with low temperature but when the florida sun started shining it was pretty good. The water was so clear you could see all the snail shells on the bottom as well as some fish. The kids saw some mullets jumping too which was neat kinda like watching flying fish.

This really is a great place to come to relax and spend the way with your family. They also have grills so you can cook out while your having a day of fun. It's not too far from town and easy to find. If you live in Florida or visiting it's a place I would recommend. I have been to a few of the springs around here and they are all different and fun to visit.
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Friday, March 27, 2015

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Break Is Coming

WOW. A whole week out of school. What will they do? Are they going to be lazy or want to get moving. My wonderful children are funny. K is so ready for a break she has really taking the last few weeks and tried so hard to recover from school She is really  making great process and I am totally proud of her turn around. J is going good too. We are going to relax for the week and enjoy being together and doing some fun free things around town. I am so excited it going to start with going to see the new movie HOME. I think it will be a funny family moviel

As far as what is planned nothing as we speak. They are waiting to do many things but we will have to see how it going and the weather. It's suppose to rain here today and tomorrow but we can still
get out and about. Work is going better I think I have finally got the hang of working from home.
Which is good in some ways. Well It's going to be to be a fun weekend and week ahead.
Enjoy  yours.
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patrick Day

Today was pretty normal in our house. Yes it is St Patrick Day, but I think my children aren't into it this year. I did tell K to wear some green socks so she won't get pinched. She was like What Mom?
Yes, I do remember like yesterday going to see and if you didnt' have green on the other children would pinch you. I guess in today schooling that just might not be a good idea. I don't want anyone to get in trouble. Well we are here with a short week. K doesn't have school on Friday. It's a day for the
teachers to get some work done in their classroom. K informed me with such a BIG smile yesterday that she only has umm 40 days left of sixth grade. I am very glad she really wants and needs a break.
J is doing very well with his homeschooling which has been fun and interesting at time.
Well this is a short post. Many things to get done. I already did the lawn so I am on the road to getting it done. Have a great day.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Fun Friday Night

Friday was a great day in our household. J and I went out to lunch which was really cool.
Then K did a dance program with her two best buds from school at their Auction/Art Show  from school. It was really alot of fun,and it was great to see some friends from school.
The school raised alot of money auctioning the classroom projects and baskets that
the classroom children and parents donated items for. There was so really cool
baskets this year. From a minecraft basket which was a hit to the really cool beach trip with a wagon inlcuded . It looked like everyone was having a great time.

It was really fun watching my girl up infront of alot of friends dancing she was so relaxed and seem to really enjoy herself, then she spent the rest of the time hanging with her friends. J and I hada good time too hanging with some friends.

So now to the weekend, which is looking pretty good from here. Going to watching the Nascar race, do my Fox fantasy race team and relax with my children.

Hope that you have a great time this weekend too.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

evian® Spray Giveaway Promotion

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

KIDSTARTER: Cool STEM-based DIY Courses for Kids

You're asking yourself Hmm……. What is this new exciting program?
Well, let me tell you all about it, I am just exciting to share this teamwork and
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Starting the Week off

Well this week has been a real hard to get going week for us. Time change does it everytime. I mean TIME. my alarm clock is suppose to change with the time change but for some reason it seems to take it a few days to get it together. We are always late on the monday after it and I can't sleep because I am afraid it won't go off. K and J also seem to not like it either. Why do we have this time change, I  will say I really like it being day light alot longer because then we more done. but why does it affect us some much. I was watching our cat and she seems to act odd too. When so I eat? She came out at four and I was think wait another hour till it's five. poor cat. Well I am sure we will get on the move by the weekend. hope your week goes well.

Friday, March 6, 2015

School Burn Out

As parents, we try really hard to keep our children happy and healthy. School is suppose to be fun at least their should be something good about it. Middle school seems to be really tough on my two children, it seems to be their worst years. K is really having a hard time this year which is very heart breaking to me as her mother. I am trying to very hard to keep her positive, assisting her in any way I can but she seems to just get deeper in. Pre teen and teen have enough on their plate with their changes in life and being in middle school seems to just add to it. More homework and longer classes to just sit there.

School burn out seems to happy around this time of year for alot of children. It that middle of the christmas to spring break. When they need to let their brains rest, my daughter says MOM my brain is in over load it can't keep things straight. Too much homework, so many things happening in the classroom, yes the teacher trying to get all their work in before the end of the year to look good.
Every class level gets tired from going to school everyday, I wonder if the students didn't go so long or they had no homework would they enjoy school alot more. If the teacher made learning fun and more exciting then just reading from a book or looking at the smart board.

I really will be glad when this year school is over and my children brains can rest. They need a break and I think get refreshed will really help out alot.Image result for brain overload

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fun for all

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Wednesday are always a fun time in our family. Usually J goes to the church wednesday night program for teens, and K and I have our time together. We like to go to the park across the street and start by walking the track, then she plays on the playground for a while and then it off to get something to eat, then pick up J.

Last night it was different, J didn't feel like going to church, but K really wanted to do our Wednesday night trip to the park. I decide it was such a wonderful day outside and it would be great for all of us to get out exercise and do something fun. It was just that totally fun.
We all walked the track and played on the playground. Which was alot of fun since the weather was pretty here. Yes, we did the dinner trip to. It was alot of fun. I totally love when the three of us get together and do something fun. and No fighting last night

Next week, who knows J might go to church, but K and I will continue our walking and spending out time together.Plus, time change so it will be lighter alot longer for us to hanging out.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Legos for all Ages

Today in our mail both my children got their new issue of the Lego Club magazine. This is really a great magazine for children of all ages.Why? Because it lets them be creative, readers, use their minds and so much more. I usually give them their mail and I never think to look at the magazine,but this issue my son was looking at and I was so called looking over the shoulder mom.

I saw so many wonderful, great things in this issue. Children minds and hands working so hard to creative really awesome buildings and landmarks around the world. It was really neat. Took alot of patience too. Children can do anything with Legos, math, reading this issue it was full of great things.
It had stories to head like the ole comic strips, learn a new word in a different language, tips to get Lego new sites, and my children all time favorite. MOM there a coupon for kids to get in FREE.
Kids magazine always have something for the adult. My daughter been to Legoland Florida on a field trip it was really a great place, it seem a few years and I am learning it time for another one so many new adventure things are there. But back to this magazine you really should subscription to it they have issue for younger children lego club jr and Lego club for the other children. Just go to their website at Lego.com and sign up it FREE.
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Middle School and Girls

What is it about middle school and girls? Listening to my daughter and her friend talk I wonder why it is. When you get in middle school girls just seems to like to hurt their friends and talk behind their backs. I am sure they do it in all grades. I have seem it in preschool but it seems different.
One day your my friend and the next get away from me attitude. Do they realize we all have feelings.
It's crazy, when your in middle school you going thru alot of changes in everything. But
it really didn't make sense until your children are in middle school and then you look around, It's mine child this time. It's really heart breaking when your trying to share and help your child thru it.

Explain, it's part of life. Your feelings, emotions, just everything is all mixed up, and sometimes it just takes time to get thru it. I think people today tweens, teens and adults, we forget sometimeto think about what we do or say to others. Think before you speak or do is a term we usealot. Think about how it might make the other person feel, would you like it if the tables were turned.
Probably not. I really wish it was easier but like everything when you growing up alot changes andit doesn't get any easier. Smile. Think about what your doing or saying.

My daughter is pretty tough, but she does let her shell down. Friends are so important, butthey do sometimes hurt you, and they might not realize it so Think about it before you do or say it.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Read Aloud Today

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Today is Dr Suess Day. What a great day to find your favorite book that laying around and
pick it up and read a few pages today. Better yet, Read one of your all time favorite from
Dr Suess himself. Hmm you might say I don;t have one laying around. Well, do the next
best thing. Sign into your Youtube account and search for your favorite I am sure
it's posted on there somewhere. My favorite is Cat in the Hat which I have a copy. In
fact I have quite a few in my house, even though my children are getting up there
I will alway have them, because they are such great books to read. Need a laugh, smile
his books always seem to bright, and make children laugh. So remember READ READ
and READ more. Enjoy it.