Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Saturday for All

Saturday, Josh went bowling with his cub scout pack he had a great time..they had a really good turn out..He bowled pretty good. too..Keri got to bowl and her friend Ashley was there so they bowled together and had a good time hanging out too..Josh got the rest of his uniform too so he was happy...Harold came over Saturday after we got back home from bowling and we took Dad out to dinner it was pretty good...Josh has some great boys in his pack this year..he is working on selling his popcorn it going a little slower than expected but it very expensive in my book ...and with Keri trying to sell candy it just a little too hard I dont get why all the fundraiser happen at the same time...they have two going on at school which we decided wasn't as important this time..well it going to be a busy week here due to a birthday coming I will write more about that later...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Week of Alot of First

This week was full of excitement and fun...Keri got her Daisy uniform on Tuesday..she was so excited and looks so cute..I got almost everything she needed to begin and she had alot of fun at her second meeting..they are making shoeboxes/cards for the soldier in Iraq what a great cause she loves going to the meeting she got her First Daisy pin and made a magnet to keep her info on so we would know what was happening each week...she is going pretty well on her first fundraiser too..Josh went to his pack meeting tonight and he learned all about the wonderful popcorn sale he is doing and a car wash and bowling on saturday...What a busy time for him in October...He is very positive on this fundraiser for the prizes what a drive to success...anyway he had a great week at school well both of them did...My dad came home wed and we got to see him on Thurs..the kids were so excited about him being back in Florida they miss him so much...he is week was pretty good too I dont have anything to say bad for once...I am looking forward to the weekend..getting Josh bday party in order for him to turn eight and not sure whatelse will come this weekend..I must do one thing..and that is get to the store..No food in the cabinet..well their is food but mostly junk or snack for school so i think tomorrow is my chore after school to move it down to the store and spend money to eat ha ha..well it was a great week of first..oh do I forget Josh first...while keri was at her meeting me/josh went to the library and josh decided he wanted a card so he went and ask the lady and she told him what he had to now both of my children have their own library very exciting to them..
it was a kodak moment I would say...well until I get to write again..and will try not to be in a week
to keep up with my life and my wonderful sweet loving children busy life..

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Love Weekends

It was a wonderful weekend..I wish they were all like this one..My friend came down and we all had a great time bowling..everyone did really GREAT too...both kids bowled over a 100 too..we just really enjoyed it together..we then went to dinner at Golden Carrol..which is where Josh has been wanting to go for a while so we thought why not..we got there and it wasn't crowded at all..Keri did pretty good at eating..they love to go there to eat..we always went there with grandma/grandpa so it was fun with my friend today...It was kinda humid outside today but we still made the best of it...My friend went to work on Sunday..but it was a great Saturday..I guess having awonderful friend who cares about you sure makes life so much more important..I guess I need to realize that it ok to love someone again...and not be so afraid...well today (sun) I took the kids to toys r us since we have a bday coming up soon and he doesn't really know what he wants so we went to tour the store and check it out which he came up with some pretty kewl things so we will soon see...I got the lawn mowed inspite it being so hot this morning but dad is coming home and I wanted it too look nice..since it another busy week here for the children..

It was almost just a hang out kinda day and watch football, nascar or if you were one of the kids you were watching spongebob marathon..ha ha..

well I am sure it going to be a nice week since my weekend left me with lots of smiles and really glad I have such a great friend who cares so deeply about me and my maybe I am still dating ...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Friday

Well, it was a very busy week here and I didn't blog at all this week for a few different reason.It was a week of many different things..Both children attended their first scout meeting of the year..Keri had a great time at Girl scouts...her great friend is in her troop...they made cards for the soldiers in Iraq and she is working on getting her purple flower she is very excited..She is doing good on her candy selling too..Josh has alot of boys in his troop and it wasn't too bad..they have a meeting next thur to learn about the popcorn drive which is so exciting to all the boys..
Work was pretty good this week the children are trying to learn so much..I have been in the four year old class in the morning which is working pretty well..I got to enjoy some time with Mrs. P on wed cause we had a half day at school and it was great...My friend Harold called me and we are going to try again..he really cares alot about me and I think and feel we should try again too..He is special in his own way and seems to enjoy being around me alot...well I am glad tomorrow is Friday cause I can't wait to have a relaxing weekend..I have had a headache for three days and can't seem to figure it out since I only have it at work...well I will try to keep writing and not let a week go pass again...since I have such an exciting life.. ha ha

Friday, September 11, 2009

The week is done

Today was just wonderful..School went great and the children seem to have a pretty good day I think they did good on their spelling test..Keri always has a story to tell about school I have been thinking of making a blog just for Keri wonderful very interesting stories...We left school and went to the mall to get Keri first fundraiser from her leader emily..she is excited about it and then we decided to eat at the mall...everyone got something from subway which was pretty simple today...One place...what a change instead of three places...we then went on to the grocery store which is always a good time to go in the middle of the afternoon cause there aren't many people we got in and right out without a we didn't have to do it on saturday cause the children want to do something else...we had a nice dinner tonight and they are enjoying watching their favorite videos tonight and mom is just hanging out and was reading all the stuff from Keri fundraiser which seems pretty simple it kinda cheap I going for a good cause so what the heck I say...we finally got the see pictures of the newest member of our family tonight on facebook what a real cutie..Josh just loves looking at babies he seems so proud when he learns he an uncle or another cousin...what a life of an 8 yr old huh...well this week is over and it wasn't too bad I think next week will be just as good..we have our first half day..and the children are excited about finally going to mom school to play for a little while..

have a great weekend...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice Week So Far

Tuesday night Keri didn't get to attend her first girl scout meeting because I had to take Josh to his but Keri had alot of fun with some new friends there..Josh troop has 14 in it so we will see how long that last they are meeting each tues night as Keri is too but I am going to manage it some how..Both are every excited about all the great things their groups are doing this year...
Keri has her first fundraiser selling candy/nuts and Josh is selling Popcorn so bring in the money..Both are doing great in school this week no homework trouble and great behavior I think school is going alot better...We are waiting for ms becky lahey baby to be born this week we know it a boy just can't wait to see how cute another lahey is..ha ha..Work has been pretty good this week since we were off on monday and got a few things done around the house..I think everything seem to be settled in ...I talked to my wonderful friend Patricia the other night she had called..she is such a great caring friend I am so lucky to have in my life...well another week is almost over and a quiet weekend here just come cleaning..since I am going to stop dating and work on my children and doing some stuff around the house I decided I want to change my bedroom color and kitchen so that will keep me busy...and dad will be coming home soon so that will be great since I really miss him alot...just like mom..

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A date?

It was kinda a tipical Saturday here..Josh decided we should do our shopping and get it over with which was kinda a good idea cause it left Sunday with more of a relaxing day here...The store was so crowded you couldn't get down the aisle you were standing inline and when it was time to checkout you thought isn't Xmas yet..we stood for 20 minutes but at least we made it home before the rain came pouring out of the sky...I went on a date with my wonderful sister watched my two children and they seem to have a great time...especially Keri since they played girl things...she has some pictures she is going to send I can't wait..cause children seem to grow up so fast so it so important to enjoy them while there young..well my date we went to dinner at LongHorn steakhouse it wasn't crowded and the food was pretty good..been a while since I have been out to eat at a nicer restaurant so it was a nice change..we went bowling too I didn't do it bad on the second game the first was ha ha anyway we ended up heading back to my sister house to watch the game..since he couldn't decide what he wanted to do ...and then when we returned home he made a quick exit out..I really dont understand men
and again I made for most of the date...well the day was great ..and at least the children had a nice evening...I am giving up dating for a while and just enjoy being a great single mom with the world two best children it will make my life easier...and we can just enjoy each other...

Friday, September 4, 2009

End of the Week

This week seemed to go kinda slow I think because it was so busy...we started our homework which once it got started the children did their homework every afternoon without any complains so that was great..Thursday night I took Josh to the cub scout roundup at school and they signed up 14 boys for his troop this school year I think that is great..It looks like it going to be alot of fun this year...They both said they did pretty good on their first spelling test this year so that is good news...It rained the last two days here so we have stayed home afterschool and just played which the kids seemed to enjoy since being back to school...Oh we had pizza night wednesday night and drove in a heavy rainstorm so their school could get credit...what moms will do for the kids school..anyway we have a long weekend since it labor day nothing planned but to relax...the kids are going to visit my sister for a few hours on saturday so mom can go on a date (yea i wrote it right)...and then sunday Josh seemed to have plans so mom will just chill in Keri...well another week of school and it went pretty well I think they are getting kinda settled in..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids are Great

Today was a wonderful day...yes it rained it even thundered and lightning here but it was ok...Both children had a great time at school today I think they are getting settled into the routine now...we didn't have any problems doing our math homework tonight both sat down with out any problems and did most of it without any help...why? cause they love math so it helps..I had to go back to school tonight for an event which turned out to be very good..most of our parents attended...KEWL...and the kids went to the media center which had other children so they weren't bored...My day was really great it seemed to go fast..all the children came into do project and seem to really love coming to school everyday...i really love my job alot...I enjoy listening to their stories and watching them play and just seeing them learn so much each day..
Josh is really enjoying this week far he has had nothing but excellant marks in conduct and seems to have learned he has no choice at school but to follow the five rules not having the computer for one day he learned alot...GO mom for learning to be stronger and it ok to not let them have their way all the time...well i think tomorrow will be just as the middle of the week and a nice long weekend too..

better get to bed...sometimes it tough running all day with three years old when your getting older....ha ha