Thursday, September 17, 2009

Almost Friday

Well, it was a very busy week here and I didn't blog at all this week for a few different reason.It was a week of many different things..Both children attended their first scout meeting of the year..Keri had a great time at Girl scouts...her great friend is in her troop...they made cards for the soldiers in Iraq and she is working on getting her purple flower she is very excited..She is doing good on her candy selling too..Josh has alot of boys in his troop and it wasn't too bad..they have a meeting next thur to learn about the popcorn drive which is so exciting to all the boys..
Work was pretty good this week the children are trying to learn so much..I have been in the four year old class in the morning which is working pretty well..I got to enjoy some time with Mrs. P on wed cause we had a half day at school and it was great...My friend Harold called me and we are going to try again..he really cares alot about me and I think and feel we should try again too..He is special in his own way and seems to enjoy being around me alot...well I am glad tomorrow is Friday cause I can't wait to have a relaxing weekend..I have had a headache for three days and can't seem to figure it out since I only have it at work...well I will try to keep writing and not let a week go pass again...since I have such an exciting life.. ha ha

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