Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Week of Alot of First

This week was full of excitement and fun...Keri got her Daisy uniform on Tuesday..she was so excited and looks so cute..I got almost everything she needed to begin and she had alot of fun at her second meeting..they are making shoeboxes/cards for the soldier in Iraq what a great cause she loves going to the meeting she got her First Daisy pin and made a magnet to keep her info on so we would know what was happening each week...she is going pretty well on her first fundraiser too..Josh went to his pack meeting tonight and he learned all about the wonderful popcorn sale he is doing and a car wash and bowling on saturday...What a busy time for him in October...He is very positive on this fundraiser for the prizes what a drive to success...anyway he had a great week at school well both of them did...My dad came home wed and we got to see him on Thurs..the kids were so excited about him being back in Florida they miss him so much...he is week was pretty good too I dont have anything to say bad for once...I am looking forward to the weekend..getting Josh bday party in order for him to turn eight and not sure whatelse will come this weekend..I must do one thing..and that is get to the store..No food in the cabinet..well their is food but mostly junk or snack for school so i think tomorrow is my chore after school to move it down to the store and spend money to eat ha ha..well it was a great week of first..oh do I forget Josh first...while keri was at her meeting me/josh went to the library and josh decided he wanted a card so he went and ask the lady and she told him what he had to now both of my children have their own library very exciting to them..
it was a kodak moment I would say...well until I get to write again..and will try not to be in a week
to keep up with my life and my wonderful sweet loving children busy life..

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