Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kids are Great

Today was a wonderful day...yes it rained it even thundered and lightning here but it was ok...Both children had a great time at school today I think they are getting settled into the routine now...we didn't have any problems doing our math homework tonight both sat down with out any problems and did most of it without any help...why? cause they love math so it helps..I had to go back to school tonight for an event which turned out to be very good..most of our parents attended...KEWL...and the kids went to the media center which had other children so they weren't bored...My day was really great it seemed to go fast..all the children came into do project and seem to really love coming to school everyday...i really love my job alot...I enjoy listening to their stories and watching them play and just seeing them learn so much each day..
Josh is really enjoying this week too..so far he has had nothing but excellant marks in conduct and seems to have learned he has no choice at school but to follow the five rules ...so not having the computer for one day he learned alot...GO mom for learning to be stronger and it ok to not let them have their way all the time...well i think tomorrow will be just as good...it the middle of the week and a nice long weekend too..

better get to bed...sometimes it tough running all day with three years old when your getting older....ha ha

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