Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday is Over

well it was a monday for sure here...Keri didn't seem to want to get up this morning which was the first since we started going back to school..but we did make on time to school...It was not a bad day for the children..Josh had a great day at school according to his behavior folder but he had alot of homework to be completed TONITE and alot more spelling words than last year so we are making them into a game to play and to be able to learn this year..he did ok on his homework took him a good meltdown to decide it was going to be done and that was he finally got it done just leaving him alone to do it..Keri has spelling words which is going to take most of the week to get them she knows the words but not how to spell them so we have to find a way to teach her...but at least after an hour everyone got all their home work done for tonight it math for both of them tomorrow night so that will be ok since both of them love to do math..My day was ok..the kids were a little rowdy but what to expect after two days away from school...we started doing projects today I think they enjoyed doing them we brought out the water table which was a big hit for a few of them...kinda a way to get wet since it was so hot outside..well i think this week will be good just started off with a very very slow start..

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