Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Ending

Well today was the last Friday before it was time to return to work on monday...The kids and me went with my fellow employers to a pretty kewl place called Gator Joe's it a little restaurant on a lake it was nice..Keri just wanted to play with the ducks in the water I am really unsure how much she did eat for lunch she just wanted to get in the water and play which almost happened after eating but as soon as she and Josh got down there it started thundering just their luck..anyway you could see from a distance across the lake it was starting to storm..anyway I did have a good time visiting with my coworkers and chatting about the upcoming year and what to expect...The weekend will be busy here with last minute things and going into the classroom on sunday to get a start on what needs to be done for the week..I am taking Josh to cub scout sign up on saturday which he is excited about this upcoming year will be so busy...but at least it was a great summer and kinda different this year...

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