Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was just that wonderful..I had a great time at school..I just love working with 3/4 yr old just never know what they are going to ask or say or just plain do...I have such a great group of children which makes my going to work just that more exciting...My two wonderful children had a great time at school today too..both came home telling me all about there day..kinda hard sometimes to listen to both when they are so excited and what to tell you first..but i guess that why i have two ears ha ha..anyway they are excited about going to school now I think things are settled in..can 't say next week will be so exciting when the homework begins but just as always it gets done and turned in on time...We are hoping to have a fun weekend so the kids are counting down to Saturday too....just please dont' rain...well it looks like the wonderful family is having a wonderful successful start of this new year...


  1. glad that the year is starting so well! tell josh and keri that cousin amy says hi!

  2. Yea! I never see you (LOL) at least not to catch up on how everything is going...