Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bowling, Cooking Out Fun

Saturday was such a great day for all of us here...We started our morning by going bowling with mommy friend Harold and we had a great time there wasn't many people at the bowling alley so we kinda got to pick where we wanted to bowling...We all did pretty good..I did great..I got three strikes in a row I was lovin it..I ended up with my highest score EVER... a 159...the kids did pretty good Josh seems to have ups and down he really has to be in the mood to bowl cause he gets silly..just as Keri was she wasn't into bowling she just wanted to show off...we then went for lunch and to the store to plan a great cookout...we had chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes it was a great dinner and we had a very relaxing evening..Josh and Keri watched an Icarly special movie I think they enjoyed there didn't say much about it...I think sunday will be a relaxing day..
It didn't rain today so it was a really great day..

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