Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday is Over

well it was a monday for sure here...Keri didn't seem to want to get up this morning which was the first since we started going back to school..but we did make on time to school...It was not a bad day for the children..Josh had a great day at school according to his behavior folder but he had alot of homework to be completed TONITE and alot more spelling words than last year so we are making them into a game to play and to be able to learn this year..he did ok on his homework took him a good meltdown to decide it was going to be done and that was he finally got it done just leaving him alone to do it..Keri has spelling words which is going to take most of the week to get them she knows the words but not how to spell them so we have to find a way to teach her...but at least after an hour everyone got all their home work done for tonight it math for both of them tomorrow night so that will be ok since both of them love to do math..My day was ok..the kids were a little rowdy but what to expect after two days away from school...we started doing projects today I think they enjoyed doing them we brought out the water table which was a big hit for a few of them...kinda a way to get wet since it was so hot outside..well i think this week will be good just started off with a very very slow start..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Week is Over

Well, the first week back to school was exciting, interesting and same ole stuff...Josh seemed to have an ok welcome to second grade..I am sure he will improve much more as the weeks move ahead..I am concerned but think it will all work out...he has some great friends and seems to have a great reading score..but other things seem to distract him..Keri she was pleased with the week ending she got to get something from the prize box and she has enjoyed her first week at first grade..She seems to have a story to tell every afternoon about what she did in her classroom so I am glad I get to spend time with her more this year...My week ended really great I have nine wonderful friends as well as many on the other size who I had last year and made a few new really a great class this year I love children who had their own way of life..
We have a nice weekend planned here even if it rains so I am going to relax and enjoy my two days at home and I think the children are enjoying their weekend playing and catching up on the TV ....what a great first week I think.....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday

Today was just that wonderful..I had a great time at school..I just love working with 3/4 yr old just never know what they are going to ask or say or just plain do...I have such a great group of children which makes my going to work just that more exciting...My two wonderful children had a great time at school today too..both came home telling me all about there day..kinda hard sometimes to listen to both when they are so excited and what to tell you first..but i guess that why i have two ears ha ha..anyway they are excited about going to school now I think things are settled in..can 't say next week will be so exciting when the homework begins but just as always it gets done and turned in on time...We are hoping to have a fun weekend so the kids are counting down to Saturday too....just please dont' rain...well it looks like the wonderful family is having a wonderful successful start of this new year...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to School

Well, it now the second day of the school year...Yesterday was the first for everyone here..Josh was a very big boy..he walked to breakfast and then to his class without any trouble...where did the time ago..I stayed with Keri and walked her to class since she wasn't too sure where her room was she ..She seemed to like her teacher...she has a son who Keri has known for a few years so she was kinda excited about that..Josh seems to kinda like his..but isn't too sure...
My class is a room full of excited...busy three year olds who all LOVE to come to school ..and hard to beleive they listen to you..and great at picking up it going to be a great year for me...Well I will write more later...No homework yet so I think it just coming around the I am sure this week will get alot busier....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Almost There

Well, I think we are going to make it thru the first week of mom being back to school...My classroom is starting to take shape by thur evening it will look wonderful...My children are ready to return to their classrooms they have been hanging out with mom at hers all week and I must say doing pretty good since there isn't much for them to do but play in the sandbox and run around..Today they had a few friends to play with which kept them busy so I got alot of work done and it will all be done intime for our new visitors to come see where they will spend a few wonderful hours learning new and exciting things...Alot got done and tonight it was just simple..they kids wanted simple dinners so I got alot of nothing done which was really nice to just sit on the couch with my two wonderful children and share their TV shows with them since we all know it going to be busy for the next few months that it will be homework, and new activities for them after school...but it going to be alot of fun...So as they say after all tomorrow is another day...which will be just as wonderful or better than today..

Keep where it so well...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy, Busy and more busy

WOW! this week is just moving ...I started back to work on Monday in our classroom..I went down there on Sunday to help try to get the room in shape but we have had some changes this year and so our room today was sitting empty no furniture in it...but we decorated the wall today..putting up the calendar and different things for our wonderful kids to see..Josh/Keri went down to school with me today and did pretty good..they are trying to keep out of trouble the best they can..they play on the playground and in the sandbox and try to keep up with what is going on all around...anyway yesterday was the first day back and my wonderful friend harold watching them for me since it was meeting on return day..I think it went ok you can never tell cause everyone always say they were good...ha ha...anyway the kids seems to enjoy having him there and being entertained..while mom was working and eating most of the day...The kids will get a letter or we will go to their school on Friday to learn who there teacher is..they are excited but seem a little concerned since it was a nice summer to say the most...different is what I say about this summer if I was asked...Tomorrow is another day and mostly I can just be thankful
i have a work..two wonderful children and a great family who supports me in all ways..
this year will be different but sometimes changes are for the best in the long haul..

we will see.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer Ending

Well today was the last Friday before it was time to return to work on monday...The kids and me went with my fellow employers to a pretty kewl place called Gator Joe's it a little restaurant on a lake it was nice..Keri just wanted to play with the ducks in the water I am really unsure how much she did eat for lunch she just wanted to get in the water and play which almost happened after eating but as soon as she and Josh got down there it started thundering just their luck..anyway you could see from a distance across the lake it was starting to storm..anyway I did have a good time visiting with my coworkers and chatting about the upcoming year and what to expect...The weekend will be busy here with last minute things and going into the classroom on sunday to get a start on what needs to be done for the week..I am taking Josh to cub scout sign up on saturday which he is excited about this upcoming year will be so busy...but at least it was a great summer and kinda different this year...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Close to the End

Today I took my son to get his hair cut it was the end of summer vacation almost...I have one more day and a weekend till I return to the classroom...we ventured into the school today to see what was happening and it was very much happening in our classroom..the BIG wall was coming down down and much space to have children playing and running much space to share and learning lots of new and exciting things...Josh/keri had alot of fun too they played very well with some other children that were up there today so I got alot of things done working with another teacher day..we got her closet cleaning and organized almost..
It looks like it going to be a very interesting but most exciting year and I must say I am very excited about it..I got to see the list of children and I really can't wait to get started working..
but first our classroom must be cleaned up and put away...My teacher is working on getting a road map to follow so no one will get lost on the way...Summer was alot of fun this year I must say and very very different for me it will be one to remember always..I think I did some growing up too and learned wow 24/7 with two kids all summer can be really hard sometimes..anyway
the end of a wonderful summer and the beginnning of a great new year..the kids are really
ready to return to school they want to learn who there teachers are which we hope happens next week..until then more weekend of summer fun....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fun Day out of the House

Today I decided to get my two kidos out of the house so we spend most of the day at their favorite hang out Chuck E Cheese...they really had alot of fun playing with their friends and we saw a few people from my school there to hang out and chat with for a few hours..They kids really had fun eating pizza and french Fries..they won alot of tickets..Keri really did great she got over 400 tickets and decide she wanted this really big teddy bear so she would have to save them to be able to get something as big as a two foot bear to put somewhere in her room like she has any room now with all the stuff animals that live in her room now..Josh had a good time he is also saving his tickets which he been doing all summer I am not sure anymore how many he has since he had tons of little pieces of paper with totals of tickets amount on them...Mom had a good time playing some of the silly games they have plus talking with other moms...

We didn't so much else when we got home cause it seemed to worn us out...
well six more days will I return to the classroom which I am excited about I have learned from my teacher there are a few more changes but it will all work out in the end..cause I love my job and meeting new three year olds..

until tomorrow

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quiet Day

Sunday here seems like a long day here for some reason...We stayed at home except to do one small errand..The kids seems to want to do that today..and it was a sunny hot Florida day here so we took it really easy which is great to do sometimes...I am not sure what we will do for our last week of summer vacation it seems like it been long but sometimes I feel like it wasn't long enough but I am excited about getting back to work and meeting all my new students and see what a great year it going to be with alot of our changes at work..

well today was short sweet and simple..

Bowling, Cooking Out Fun

Saturday was such a great day for all of us here...We started our morning by going bowling with mommy friend Harold and we had a great time there wasn't many people at the bowling alley so we kinda got to pick where we wanted to bowling...We all did pretty good..I did great..I got three strikes in a row I was lovin it..I ended up with my highest score EVER... a 159...the kids did pretty good Josh seems to have ups and down he really has to be in the mood to bowl cause he gets silly..just as Keri was she wasn't into bowling she just wanted to show off...we then went for lunch and to the store to plan a great cookout...we had chicken, corn on the cob and potatoes it was a great dinner and we had a very relaxing evening..Josh and Keri watched an Icarly special movie I think they enjoyed there didn't say much about it...I think sunday will be a relaxing day..
It didn't rain today so it was a really great day..

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Just Another Day

Well it looked like it was going to rain this morning which it did late last night..I guess I should be really use to it by now..only a few more weeks and then it will be wonderful weather I do hope...
Well I guess it know when I am going to mow the lawn cause every time I go out and mow it(which I did and it was humid) and I just got it done and within an hour you could hear the thunder calling out....
Anyway I took the kids for a ride in the car and we went to Walmart to get a few items which he needed seems you always need something when you have kids...I guess at their age or any age I shall say they seem to want so many different things..really this mom can't wait to we get back in school and they have snacks at school...then mom just has to worry about two meals to cook each day ...since lunch is kinda easy for one..the school takes care of that..thanks school..
the other is totally a lunch box girl....well as expected driving down the road the rain came and went as fast as we could for tonight it just pizza/bread sticks/pepsi and
a family night of watching Tv and a video before we end another wonderful week of summer here.....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Getting Ready for School

Today I decided I would go threw all the school supplies that we had purchased over the last few weeks and recheck to make sure I didn't forget anything..knowing that when they get back in the real classroom another list will come home with all the other stuff the teachers feel the need for parents to purchase..anyway we got the rest of the items on the to do list and then I took the kids over to Toy r us and we had a really good time they are getting the stores ready for Xmas( what already!) yep I remember those days all to well working in retail for so many years.anyway we had a great time looking around the store and then we went to Sonic and had a nice lunch...we came back home and just took it easy the rest of the day..Keri played in her room and Josh made a really big train track in the kitchen and had alot of fun playing with it and then his sister decide it was so cool..she put her little dolls in the cars and they went around the of having a big brother to help you out sometimes..anyway not much else happened other than the usual thunderstorms that seem to roll in every afternoon lately which I am not very fond of anyway we survived and slept well

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where did the time go?

Yesterday we went bowling and had a great time and then to dinner it was wonderful..The kids had a great week doing alot of different things..I can't beleive the summer is almost over but it been fun and being with the kids is always great..We got alot of our school shopping done and over with so we can relax for the next two weeks and do some more fun exciting things..I will be so glad when the rain stops or I shall say when my dad returns so I can stop worrying about Josh ceiling..when just when is it going to fall in and his room will flood..but some things you just have to try to move on ...I can't beleive so much has happened...Keri had a great birthday she so fun to go shopping with she got alot of great things for her birthday and she is so excited about going back to school in first grade..Josh he isn't so sure he is ready for it...Well I will try to write more about my week...