Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle of the week already

It the middle of the week and its been alot of fun and the end looks great..No school on Friday for the kidos and they are looking forward to halloween we are going to a festival on friday night at the church so that will be alot of fun too..Keri went to GS last night and got two new badges and a pin and next week she gets another petal to add to her daisy WOO HOO..she did really great last night we stayed and watched her since they were having a little halloween get together with pizza and treats it was alot of fun ..I am so glad she is enjoying it and has made to really great friends too..School has been good..Josh has really had a SUPER week with his behavior he has totally changed since we have talked about what we do correctly in school..Keri is doing great I can't wait for her first report card to come out next week she has been wonderful in school so far..
well i hope it great for you there...Happy Halloween if I dont post before the weekend ...

Busy weekend

This past weekend was so busy for us..It started early doing Josh cub scout car wash which was really fun and wet..but my arm got very tired of washing wheels and spraying...then we ended our day going downtown to the square for the scarecrow festival which the kids loved alot..Keri had a great time and Josh enjoyed doing all the games and he won a prize and both entered into the hula hoop contest..Keri learned to do the electric slide with Elizabeth and we watched some great dancing and saw some wonderful scarecrows for great causes...It was a great weekend for these three wonderful people..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkins and Masks

It was the busy night of the week in our household...School,homework and both children to their scout meetings...but we seem to get it all done and enjoy it too...homework went rather well tonight seems to be getting into a groove to get it done finally...Keri daisy scout meet at the local pumpkin patch tonight and got pumpkin for themselves and friends..Keri was able to get four for her she shared them with her two aunts and her grandpa which was great...She will get her next petal for it...she and her two friends had a really great time there we got some very good pics...Josh meeting they talked and made halloween mask which was fun for the boys they were rowdy and loud tonight...and no meeting next week due to pack meeting and awards and the CAR wash on saturday...I had a great meeting with Keri teacher she is doing very well and I am so proud of her....Our day was really alot of fun and didn't seem to have many problems...our week is moving along only two more days and I have a field trip back to the patch with my class so it will be alot of fun watching three year old run threw them too....I love my family...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Is it the weather?

Today was wonderful regarding the weather it was cool and very for the children they were wild and crazy...They both have a great Monday at school and we got threw homework tonight without any trouble..what a pleasant change for once...We played outside the children raked up all the pine needles into a nice cube and are having a great time with the cooler weather too...School was a little crazy the kids seemed really wild today...might have been those cupcakes first thing in the morning too..anyway I hope the week is pleasant we have a good weekend planned here getting into some of the fall festival happening locally and Keri daisy scout is heading to the patch of pumpkins tomorrow i better not forget my camera it should be alot of fun...except the weather is going to start warming up again but maybe not for a long time. anyway it wasn't too bad of a night for this great family...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Week Over

Well, it will be alot better when I get a new computer then I can write at least twice a week...anyway the week seemed to be very long this week for some other reason I dont understand...Work was a little crazy with people being out for reasons but we manage to survive since we all work together in our little home away from home...The children had a great week at school..Keri had a great time at her fundraiser at Bruster Ice cream i think they did pretty good it was alot of fun..they made cute signs and Keri had her uniform on..Mom here of course forget her picture..never again..anyway they are going to the pumpkin patch next week...Josh had a good time they just had a plan meeting...Saturday we went down to the patch ourselves and got three pumpkins one we are going to cut and the others the kids want to do themselves with stickers and was rather busy but felt like fall since the temp dropped just a little..Fall finally for the weekend it great...we went to dinner with dad one night it was alot of fun too...I am glad he back in florida..he seems to be doing great too..well just another week in our wonderful world...we seem to be just doing fine too...but I can't wait till the holiday come..we are still trying to plan halloween here..I think I am having a small party for the girls scout troop will be alot of fun..

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Chili Cookoff Saturday

Today the weather was forsure Florida weather..It was HOT...I think like some of the chili that was being served today at the cookoff...The children really had a great time..infact we had three goldfish to our family for a while..Josh had a great time helping out one of the parents at their booth and Keri really enjoyed all the games she played and we got alot of nice new stuff too.It seems to be alot of fun...I enjoyed working in the bake sale but it was hot we sold alot of drinks and sweets I hope that everyone had a good time..The favorite seemed to be the cold drinks and cotton candy today...I came home and took it easy and the kids were ready to come home too..Thanks to my wonderful father for coming out and helping me with my children today while I worked he is really GREAT...tonight it just relaxation and watching the gators play the Lsu Tigers in hopes for a win tonight...What another great year of the cookoff is in history...

Friday, October 9, 2009

A great end to the week

Today was wonderful, fun and just plain great...School was alot of fun today..We ended our bears unit with the children going on a bear hunt which they just loved and enjoyed so much and then we had a bear picnic outside and it was really great..They all had such a wonderful time...We are going to our school annual chili cookoff fundraiser in the morning and I am working the bake sale this year which should be fun and I will get to see all the excitement that happens inside since I am always working the kids area and you dont see much of the stuff going on inside...The kids both ended the week with great weeks at school and we went last night to the book fair at school and it went pretty well with seeing the children classroom. So it going to be pretty good weekend just very hot to say the least for being fall...will it ever get cooler here..anyway I hope tomorrow is a pretty good success for our school and that everyone comes and has a great time there too..

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No Computer How to Survive

Well, I am using a borrowed computer for now..After a week and half without..So many things have happened mostly good..well my computer has died..the man at the computer place tried for three days to get it to do anything and nothing they were at least nice enough to refund my money too...My children learned to survive without it..hard to beleive they found many other tasks to do and until one had come home they didn't ask about it at all so that was nice to know ..even now Josh just gets on for a sec and decide he is done...Josh went on a field trip Tuesday with the cub scouts we went to fire classic it was alot of fun.. ( mom forget her camera) and Keri got her first petal to start her daisy she was very we are moved ahead she did pretty good on her fundraiser..Josh we are starting to move on his popcorn sales...Keri is going to Brusters tues to try to sale ice cream ...she will love that ....School has been good this week it been Chili week so Saturday we will all go eat and smell chili and play games and eat..and work too...for a good cause...Dad has been busy and get my ceiling fan done and a few other things its really great having him back home...we haven't seen him the last two days cause we have been running around with the children and school stuff..Tonite it was their book fair and open house which was alot of fun..Keri told me all about her classroom and I mean eveything including all the intersting things on her teacher desk she really loves her teacher and her teacher said great things about her..Josh had a great past few days too...maybe turning 8 was ok...he got to spend a few hours with his father which was ok..but I think he wasn't pleased at the way it went..he got alot of nice legos sets to play with and they both love the lego table they got...we went to have pizza last night and grandpa had pizza with us one night been busy and for now I will write when I can...until I can get money to get a new or used computer..