Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkins and Masks

It was the busy night of the week in our household...School,homework and both children to their scout meetings...but we seem to get it all done and enjoy it too...homework went rather well tonight seems to be getting into a groove to get it done finally...Keri daisy scout meet at the local pumpkin patch tonight and got pumpkin for themselves and friends..Keri was able to get four for her she shared them with her two aunts and her grandpa which was great...She will get her next petal for it...she and her two friends had a really great time there we got some very good pics...Josh meeting they talked and made halloween mask which was fun for the boys they were rowdy and loud tonight...and no meeting next week due to pack meeting and awards and the CAR wash on saturday...I had a great meeting with Keri teacher she is doing very well and I am so proud of her....Our day was really alot of fun and didn't seem to have many problems...our week is moving along only two more days and I have a field trip back to the patch with my class so it will be alot of fun watching three year old run threw them too....I love my family...

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