Saturday, October 17, 2009

Another Week Over

Well, it will be alot better when I get a new computer then I can write at least twice a week...anyway the week seemed to be very long this week for some other reason I dont understand...Work was a little crazy with people being out for reasons but we manage to survive since we all work together in our little home away from home...The children had a great week at school..Keri had a great time at her fundraiser at Bruster Ice cream i think they did pretty good it was alot of fun..they made cute signs and Keri had her uniform on..Mom here of course forget her picture..never again..anyway they are going to the pumpkin patch next week...Josh had a good time they just had a plan meeting...Saturday we went down to the patch ourselves and got three pumpkins one we are going to cut and the others the kids want to do themselves with stickers and was rather busy but felt like fall since the temp dropped just a little..Fall finally for the weekend it great...we went to dinner with dad one night it was alot of fun too...I am glad he back in florida..he seems to be doing great too..well just another week in our wonderful world...we seem to be just doing fine too...but I can't wait till the holiday come..we are still trying to plan halloween here..I think I am having a small party for the girls scout troop will be alot of fun..

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