Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle of the week already

It the middle of the week and its been alot of fun and the end looks great..No school on Friday for the kidos and they are looking forward to halloween we are going to a festival on friday night at the church so that will be alot of fun too..Keri went to GS last night and got two new badges and a pin and next week she gets another petal to add to her daisy WOO HOO..she did really great last night we stayed and watched her since they were having a little halloween get together with pizza and treats it was alot of fun ..I am so glad she is enjoying it and has made to really great friends too..School has been good..Josh has really had a SUPER week with his behavior he has totally changed since we have talked about what we do correctly in school..Keri is doing great I can't wait for her first report card to come out next week she has been wonderful in school so far..
well i hope it great for you there...Happy Halloween if I dont post before the weekend ...

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