Friday, November 6, 2009

Time is Flying by

Wow, I have been so busy with the children I can't beleive it...seems like the days and nights are gone so fast...We had a very nice weekend last week....Harold came and we went bowling and it was great....The week was a little teacher was out for three days so I went into the teaching mode it was pretty cool..I really enjoy my job and working with a great bunch of children..anyway..Tuesday Keri got another petal to complete her daisy and had alot of fun learning new things..she will get another one in the upcoming week..Josh had a great time at scouts too they are learning to use tools so he is making his very own birdhouse which he seems to be enjoying too...Dad came over wed night and had pizza with us he is doing really good and been busy working around his house....They both got excellant report cards I am so proud of both of them..both are getting awards for being on the honor roll...I can't beleive it they are such great students at school and work really hard..Josh is really doing a great job....we have a great weekend planned and I am really enjoying the cooler weather ..we have spend every afternoon outside playing and swinging tonight we played basketball..I hope soon they will learn to ride their bikes..what a great week again...for being a great mom with two super duper kids..

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