Friday, November 20, 2009

Getting Busy

This past week has been busy and fun for the children..Both got awards at school for being on the E/S honor roll I was very proud of both of them..Keri had a great time at GS this week they added another girl to their was alot of fun...they are going on a field trip next week and Keri will get another petal to add to her uniform...Josh had a pack meeting which wasn't that exciting..the popcorn in coming in Sat so we will get that on monday after children at school did there thanksgiving sing theme and lunch it was alot of fun they all seem to enjoy it on friday and i am now out of school for a week and hope to get alot of things done while this mini vacation is happening...well it been a great week for all of us and alot of special times still to come with the holidays will be sad at times but we will make it the happiest and be glad for all that we have...and I have a great dad..he seems to be doing good and I sure love him so much...

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