Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Great Weekend

Well, it sunday night and it was a great weekend here...We got grocery shopping done and gas in the car for the week...we had a great time bowling and going out to eat on saturday...everyone had fun bowling it seems to be a regular event for us...Sunday we had a nice cookout and went to visit my sister so they kids could play together for a little while it was great..Josh/Keri had a good time there they love going out to her house...Josh then came home and did his extra work for school without any questions he is doing great...we had a very relaxing weekend and it looks to be a pretty good weekend..I think we are watching a storm but I think if anything it will be rain which we flowers need it very bad and I would love to keep the cooler weather..kinda nice to open the windows for a change...well until next time...I sure am enjoying life right now..

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