Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 here we come

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A New Year

Another year! Almost gone.
2015 was one that had many surprises in it.

1-my father getting sick(totally shocked)
2- started selling avon
3-found out I wouldn't be returning to my job

So many things changed,  I sure hope there more hapoy
then sad waiting for me in 2016.

Hope you're ready for it! If not well here we go!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas is NINE days away

Christmas is only nine days away but you have to get your online Avon orders done now so you will have all those great stocking stuffer and gifts under the tree for all your friends and family.
Avon is offering you today only this awesome shipping and free gift deal so shop in the comfort  of your home or office and have them direct delivered to your office or home for FREE Shop now and don't delay. Tomorrow will be too late.

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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Gingerbread Man from Avon

with Holiday Spice Candle with your order of $40 or more.
Use code: SPICE This is Avon Day Two Special Deal shop with me at and get yours today.‪#‎shopping‬#holiday#freegift
This should make a great teacher gift or someone special, especially that 
gingerbread collector. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Back from Vacation

What a wonderful Thanksgiving we had, it was full of love and laughter. We went on road trip to see my dad in Missouri. He had a house full of family around him. It was a memory that will last forever.
We have family from everywhere that could attend and food was awesome. I hope that you had a great week with your loveone and now it onto the next holiday that comes Christmas. Seems like it gets to busy sometimes we forget to just STOP and smell the flowers. Remember to take time out and enjoy it. it goes way to fast anymore.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sample Set Free with Purchase

Today Avon is offering you another great Free with your $50.00 purchase this awesome sample set that has alot of our popular items for you to try. This is truely one set that anyone would be glad to receive and try. especially if your new to Avon products or you just wanted to see how great they are.. Come shop today only for this Free gift at
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Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Business Perfectly Posh

Have you heard of Perfectly Posh? Well they have some of the best skin care products for everyone. I am inviting you to come checkout my new website at and see what we are all about. Our products names are pretty catchy and cool to say the least. We have all of our products are under 25.00 and shipping is only 5.00 always no matter how big your order is that pretty cool right there. Come shop and see what we are all about at my Open for Business sale.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Men and Avon

Avon has something  for all those boys and men on your holiday list this year,but you can purchase these for birthday and something special events thru out the year. Great time to shop and stock up with some of  these great deals too.  Shop today at Susan Avon Estore  and any order over $25.00 will be sent from ME the new Avon 2016 calendar. So don't delay they are limited.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Avon Anew for Everyone

Have you tried Avon Anew?
These one for every skin type or age.
Even for those Men.
Come check out which one is for you
and come shop at this great sale.
Get your face, hands and body ready
for the holiday season and everyday.


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Monday, November 9, 2015

Art Therapy for Adults

Art Therapy

Are you looking for something really fun and give your the power to relax and fee stress free this therapy is the best and cheapest way to go. #arttherapy can give you the time to relax and let you be so creative and decorative all why unwinding after a long day. Some get your Art Therapy today
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Two Great Deals from Avon Today

Avon is starting your week off right with these great deals. Free shipping with your $15.00  order or these beautiful CZ studs earring for that special someone on your list. Don't miss these offer and share with your friends. Avon always has something happening and you don't want to miss out.

Coupon for You from Barber Foods

Come try the new Barber Foods, your missing out and we are offering you to try our great product this coupon. All you have to do is click and print. Simple and great saving for you and your family. Please share this great offer with your family Time is running out to get this so act now. I will be compensated a few cents for this offer. Thank you

Listas para el súper

Come Share this Thanksgiving with your friends and enjoy this cute video .Click to play and Enjoy!

Friday, November 6, 2015

Avon Gifts for Under $5.00

Avon has so many great products that are new this year for the season. These are just a few of the great gift ideas that you can get for under $5.00 for those love ones on your list. Avon has something for mens, women and children. These are just a small selection of some of the products you can get. Today we are also continuing the Free Shipping on your purchases of $25.00.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Free Shipping with $25.00 Today

Are you ready for the holidays? Avon is ready for YOU. Come use this special Free
Shipping on $25.00 to help you get started today. The Campaign 24 ends today which
was the first of our holiday brochures. So
you don't want to miss some great sales like the Disney Holiday Train, or the holiday lip balm 9 piece set for only $6.99.
Great toys for the children, makeup for the moms and new cologne for the men in your lives. Avon has something for everyone so share with your friends and get moving today at

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Avon has a Gift for you

Come shop today at my Avon estore and when your spend $50.00 and enter the promo code
Avon will send you this awesome beautiful quilted tote for Free.  You can keep it
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And when your on go. Don't forget the first of our three campaign
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Monday, November 2, 2015

Free Red Ombre Watch with Purchase from Avon

Did you shopping to see the the great saving this Monday at my Avon estore. The Campaign 24 is ending on Thursday.Don't
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This beautiful watch would make a great gift or to wear anytime. So come shop and get all the savings today. at

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Giftry the new App for YOU

New Gift App

Let Giftry help you find the perfect gift ideas for your family and friends. With our app, you have a personal shopper for gifts right in your pocket!

Come check out this awesome app on Google Play just click on the link above and start getting your list together for the the hoildays so you don't get anyone the wrong gift this year.

Come see my Avon blog

Today I invite you to come and see my Avon
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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Avon Holiday Brochure Begin

Are you getting in the mood
all the stores are decorating so good
Well Avon next three Brochures will
get you in the mood. Starting with
Campaign 24, just the cover alone
gets me ready. I truly love this train
and it would look great around your tree.
So come see what new and all the great gifts 
for the holiday are beginning NOW 
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and remember FREE SHIPPING on
orders of $40.00 or more
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Friday, October 16, 2015

Holiday for your kids

Come check out another great new company that
I am selling for Sass n Frass
we offer some great products for
everyone on your list.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Avon Shopping For Kids

Are you ready for the holidays? Yes, they are coming and Avon is ready with some of the
best and most popular characters this year.

Kids are going to love the Spongebob movie set it comes with 8 characters how cool is that.

And we all know how much those girls love the Princess Pets this is a great fun toys to use in the bathtub. Bath time is going to be fun now.

And for those boys the Paw Patrol is here
a great play mat and bus that will keep them
busy for hours.

And for the Frozen fan this also take along traveling desk is for anyone. It will keep them
busy for long trips or just around the block.

Avon is for the holidays are you.  So come shop the current Campaign 22 at  and start your holiday shopping today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Avon is Calling You

Wow Ladies, this looks like a great sale happening today at My Avon store.

Avon has alot of new products for the Fall
as well as some of our most popular like
Anew, Fergie and Alpha for men.

Our Planet Spa body line is only
available online so please come
check it out as well as our other
great Silk So Soft line which
come in any different scents 
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Come shop and save today
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Monday, October 5, 2015

Come join my Avon site today

Check out the incredible assortment of Avon products this season — from beauty and jewelry to fashion, gifts, kid-pleasers and more — perfect for everyone’s gift lists at every price point. Make your list and check it twice! Do you want to be the first one to receive all the GREAT Deals, Online Online Specials and FREE Shipping Codes from AVON? Just go to my estore at Susan Avon Website  and register. Be sure to include your email address and check the box indicating you want to receive the emails. Use code WELCOME today and receive 20% off on your $50 order and FREE shipping (ONE TIME USE ONLY CODE).

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avon having a BOGO scent sale

What a great time to stock up and try something new today! Avon great BOGO scents sale is going on for the next few days so you can share the news with friends or  make that wish list and pass it around. Avon has a few new scents to try like the Fergie Outspoken for women and Alpha for men.

Remember you can also get our candles on this BOGO sale. Great new scents that will make your home smell so great and welcome Fall.. Come shop and stock up.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Specials on My Avon site

Susan Avon Store

Wow Two Awesome gift with a $50.00 purchase today at my Avon estore. Which one are you 
going to choose? Come shop and check out all the great new products that Avon is caring.
Also this month there are some great favorites you can purchase and Avon is making a
donation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. So try the new Fergie Outspoken
perfume or the SSS body lotion in a special pink bottle.

Come see whatelse is new and onsale in my current campaign 22 brochure too.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

School and Life

Today I was sitting there working on my Avon business thinking about life. Trying to figure it all out. Sometimes things happen and you just stop and search for answers. There aren't any. Why?

I took K to school she was a little slow moving this morning,but it was totally understandable.No one
slept much last night. We were all thinking about my dad and praying he going to be ok.

For as I sit here looking out the window, All the birds flying by and the car going down the road.
Can't life just stop and we enjoy it all..All the pain and suffering just stop for a while. I am confused and there aren't any answers to the many questions I want answered. Why? How can life get so
messed up and change so fast.

Your life is great, your happy and then STOP it all different in a blink of an eye.

I hope I find my answers. That life is going to be ok. I can find that smile.

I have the most wonderful children..we tell me everyday...MOM is going to be OK!

OK life OK be OK Today!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Welcome back I have been trying to start a few adventure being an avon rep while seeking other home jobs, so I can continue to homeschooling my son one more year. K totally loves school so far this year two weeks and going good,  we are woo hoo and hope it keeps rocking.  Things are stressed but keeping my head above water cause  we have to be really tough sometime.   Well jyst wanted to post to keep moving remember share my avon estore with your friends its my income for survival right now.Susan avon estore

have a great three day weekend

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

avon is for you

SIGN UP HERETo becoming a part of my awesome AVON team..We are hardworking and very supportive.AVON
is a great company that does so much  for women causes. We have alot of new products coming out, new campaigns, Holiday brochures and more.. You  really want to be apart of all this. It's only $15.00 and you will get the credits if your first order is 100.00 plus your get a free samples and bank money,

Contact me for more details or questions.. You can email me at and I will be glad to get in touch with you.  or if your ready to sign up go to please make sure you input  beautybysusank  in the reference code so you will be on my team contact me before signing so we can do this together..

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Avon is calling You

As we all know a little extra cash is always a good thing. I am an Independent Avon Representative. I really love my job and been doing it since June. It's a great way to make a little extra funds and see all the great products that Avon has out there to offer everyone. I am inviting to you come check out my Avon estore/website and see all the great things that Avon has. so follow the link and you can shop today too.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Sass n Frass a new company

sassnfrass is a new company that is just starting out. They have all kinds of cool and awesome products for everyone. I am invited you to check them out today. You can also sign up if your looking for a company to make a little extra money with. Remember Christmas is right around the corner. Everyone could use a little extra jingle in their pocket. So just click here > sassnfrass and your off  to view some new products and a new company.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sverve Check it Out

Are you looking for a great fun site to make money and do some fun exciting campaigns for? Then I invite you to Sverve. just click the link and your on your way to something great and fun today.

Sverve Check it Out

I would like to invite you to a wonderful site called Sverve you can have alot of fun and meet some great folks. Well that part of the fun...What the other'?
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My New Job Avon Ind. Catalog Rep

Hi Readers I wanted to share with you my new business blog. I am an Avon Ind. Catalog Online Rep and I wanted to invite you to read and follow my Avon blog. I will be posting all the latest Campaign brochures as well as flyers and online deals that will help you save when you shop.
I will also be posting coupon codes that you can use also.
I hope you that will check it and also I invite you to share with your friends and family my avon website link too. which is. www.
The other link below is for the blog.

thank you susan

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Doctor Visit With A New One

Image result for doctor visits

Well it was that time of the year for check up at the doctor.  This is one of those times your children are like "No Mom", but yes it was that time again. This time we had to go to a new doctor thanks to the insurance so we weren't too sure what to expect. Well the shots were giving after much dismay because this doctor who I won't be seeing again was rude and wouldn't explain to me what I was asking. After leaving us in the office and he walked out. I told the kids what's going on here.
We went out to the desk and three ladies were looking at us like did you need something.
What we are in your office and your asking us.
Finally one of the ladies explained to me what the shots were for and that we didn't need all of them.
Thank you. So yes the shots were giving and it was so sad my little K was so upset.
Well No thanks doc he was so rude and this staff was so not together. So a call back to the insurance to say Thanks but lets try again. I really hate we had to change doctors because it so hard to find a really good doctor that will sit down and listen to you. And your children feel good about going to see. Well another year in the books and they are both healthy. Thank you for that.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Getting Back To -With some things that are free to do

Well as you can see I must have taken a vacation from writing. Sometimes it seems the day just gets over before you get started. We have been on summer break for a week and it seems like it going pretty good. The florida heat is already hitting us. We do have plans to keep busy on the free side.
There are really alot of programs during the summer that don't cost anything or just a small fee.

1-There is bowling that you just need to sign up and you get to bowl three games a day for FREE
how can you not do that. just the cost to get you their.
2-The movies are offering dollar movies at a few of the area movie theatre in town but I am sure they are pretty crowded but who know we might check a few of them out.
3-A few days a week I noticed that the craft shops are having things for the children to do to keep them busy so that might be sometime to check out too.
4- And swimming seems to be a big thing with it being so warm outside you really need to do alot of things outside in the mornings.
5-The park is free and has alot of things to offer too.

I think we will find things to keep us busy and with them hanging with their friends it will probably go faster than we really want it too.

Enjoy your summer if  you have any ideas leave a comment.Image result for free

Monday, May 18, 2015

Three More Days

Wow. Where did the school year ago? My k has completed her first year in middle school and my son will be starting his last year in middle school. This year really went so fast. I took a year off from work which was very hard to do but sometimes you have to put your children first and your job second and just hope that it all works out. I was lucky to say the least now I think about and wonder how I was able to do it, but with alot of hard work and saving threw the years it worked out, but now I have to make so many choices about finding a job, since my place of employment for almost ten years has decided they don't need me anymore. YES, what a shock to give so much of your time and hard work to a place then they just don't need you. I have learned alot from that. I see why many women and people work for themselves, because when you have to leave because of your child, and you hope they will stand by you, they just leave you. But, I know I will find and be better off without them. My children are the most important two things in my life and I will do whatever is best of them and us. I told myself since learning that I wasn't needed or welcomed back that everything happens for a reason and it they lost, not mine. J and K will have fun this summer in whatever we do.Lots of free events and things to do as well as hang with some good friends who care and share my loss and pain. My love for children is so important to me and I know that I helped many children learn alot about learning and won't forget them. Summer is almost here I can't beleive it. Well whatever road is open for me I am sure it will be full of happiness and love. I know I will end up alot better off and still doing something that brings so much love and caring to my heart. Welcome summer with open arms and that my children are always happy and healthy, as they are right now.Image result for school out

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday In May

Can you believe May is already here. You can probably tell if you look around, the lawns are green and so many pretty flowers are blooming as well as buzzing bees all around. Children are counting down the days till summer vacation and all kinds of fun camps and events happening.

There are alot of fun things children can do over the summer in Florida as well as other places I am sure. Here in Florida we have so wonderful places to swim like the local springs and swimming pools that open very soon. There are alot of summer camps that are going to be opening too so you might want to check your local newpapers and schools for them. I have seen alot of cool ones this year in my local group. One was a lego camp that really sounds great. Just check them out and your children will be busy all summer long.

There also some educational things too. The bowling for children is free too you just need to sign up at your local bowling alley. I have for my two. Also
the library is having a summer reading program as well as Barnes and Nobles too. 

I will keep you informed on any news that comes across the board. So keep checking in. 

Image result for may the month
Have a great monday.

Thursday, April 30, 2015



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Friday, April 24, 2015

New Beginnings

Well I am getting alot of help working on improving my blog to make it work.
What you might say. Yes I am trying a few project and working with some companies to try to make money with blogging and writing. I am trying to be totally positive about it. I know from contacting it makes alot of work and I am going to give it everything I have. Since you have to make choices in your life to what you want to do and sometimes you just have to JUMP on the bangwagon and hang on.

This year has been interesting to say the least I have made it this far without alot of help but I know I must get moving because it's going to stop unless I stay ahead of it. I want to do what right for my family and children so I am thinking about them and making the right choices. We all do things we wish sometimes we didn't do or we ask why is this happening to me. But there always a reason we must learn from our mistakes and choices and just go forward, I look back and know I didn't make all the right choices but at least I am ok with them now.

Image result for choicesI am trying to hard to make the right choices for the upcoming year but still many things must happen. I am sure I will make the right choice for everyone. Remember as along as your happy with your choices and you can make it. I say Go for it. Dont' worry what other might say or do. You are the only one that knows what is right for your family.

Go enjoy life it too short and can be taken away in a second.