Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Thursday, April 30, 2015



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Monday, March 2, 2015

Read Aloud Today

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Today is Dr Suess Day. What a great day to find your favorite book that laying around and
pick it up and read a few pages today. Better yet, Read one of your all time favorite from
Dr Suess himself. Hmm you might say I don;t have one laying around. Well, do the next
best thing. Sign into your Youtube account and search for your favorite I am sure
it's posted on there somewhere. My favorite is Cat in the Hat which I have a copy. In
fact I have quite a few in my house, even though my children are getting up there
I will alway have them, because they are such great books to read. Need a laugh, smile
his books always seem to bright, and make children laugh. So remember READ READ
and READ more. Enjoy it.

Friday, February 27, 2015


Some weeks are just so busy, you wish there was like two of you. This week and next week we have appointments that are keeping us running. Eye doctors are really loving us. Yes, we all had appointment this week guess you call it keeping it in the family.
All of them were checkups to say the least. J is still having eye problems but we have some to the concluding it's something in the air, I sure hope it passes soon. More eye drops medicine in the last month and in our whole lives. Anyway K is getting here six month checkup since she has glasses,she really took it well and I am glad she looks so awesome as she tells me a few times a month and so smart she says. Mom here well I am still unsure what happened that I got such an eye infection, but at least it gone and that a good thing. I don't like doctors messing with my eyes. Well, new for the week and I hope everyone has a great weekend lots to do if the weather looks good.
Have a safe one.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday, Monday and Monday

Something about that word Monday, seems to get people
upset or not in a very good mood. K isn't a Monday person at all, she had a fun weekend with her friend and had an
awesome sleepover. But at bedtime her happy face when
upside down. YUK, tomorrow Monday back to ole school.
Monday isn't our favorite day in this household, we are more
the Friday type. What is your favorite day? Well Monday
we are here and trying our best to enjoy you.

Friday, February 20, 2015

School and Homework

I really love those  days when K gets in the car and says "NO HOMEWORK", it usually means it going to be a very relaxing evening in out household. It's something about middle school that homework seems to be a nightly and sometimes weekend job. I honestly don't get it homework all the time when children are in school for eight hours a day. I guess being in preschool working we didn't assign it, so it sometimes just wrecks the household, especially when it's nine at night, and you hear  I have homework. We all had to do it sometime but every every night. Teacher relax, give the children a break and no just on spring break.
Well, K is going to a sleepover so homework will have at wait this weekend, she going to enjoy it, and
J and I are going to do have a mom and son fun weekend too.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Puddles Everywhere

Displaying 20150217_155706-1.jpgDo you remember when you were little how much you loved to jump in the puddles. Well, yesterday
J and I had to go to the doctor office and as soon as we walked out the front door it was raining. As, I drove thru the puddles on the road it made me think when I was little going out and jumping in them just to see how big of a splash or how wet you could get,
These days it not always so fun as adults we seem to avoid them.
Why? I dont know that answer, J and K used to love to do the same thing must be a kid thing.

Monday, February 16, 2015

NO School

My kids are we excited, they got to sleep in another day. President's Day! I don't remember to many Monday that we were out of school for it, so today was great to have a long three day weekend. The weather here couldn't have been more prefect,  blue skies and warm temperature to be outside and just enjoy the time together. Did you have a nice day?
I know many were getting snow. My old hometown was getting snow today, I was kinda
jealous. I remember many times standing at the door just waiting to see the first snow fall.
But kinda glad to be in the sunshine state where its does warm and no snow shoveling.
Busy week ahead, with J he has his bowling club meeting Friday, kinda neat in this homeschool group they do alot of fun things for PE. Well until another day. Enjoy.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Spring in the Middle of Winter

Wow, this Florida weather is so crazy these days.  You turn your heat on and then the next your windows are open or if some of you,  you had your AC on. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky and the sun shining.
We went to the park and they kids had a blast playing on the turn whirl thing. I do remember it when I was much younger it was a big hit. I am sure before this week comes to an end it will be very cool here again.
No school tomorrow thank you to all the President who served for us to have another day off for family fun.
I hope things are good where your reading this blog from, I know many are forcast for snow and more snow
we think of you and hope your safe and being careful out there. Well, it looks like the week is off to a great start so we will end this with enjoy your weekend. We are going to be watching the All star game tonight,
since last night we watch a Nascar race, too bad Dale Jr.. again had paper on the front of his car.
Well until tomorrow. Thanks and good evening

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Friday, February 13, 2015

weekend is HERE

Image result for thank god it friday

Wow I think this pretty much as it all

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Almost the Weekend(Valentine's Weekend)

This has been a silly, crazy, but kinda fun week in our household. It didn't start off very well with two children with a stomach virus so I thought I would try to make this week a little fun I started off with a special treat and a note to start Valentine week off with a little happiness. Every other I left something out for my children candy or something in a little treat bag with a note, or sticker attachement. It was kinda neat and different since Saturday will be Valentine which is
in alot of different way celebrated. At your school little ones make cute boxes and exchange card, mind are just a little too old for that now but it was always alot of fun to do and share. 
We do things a little different now giving a little someone or doing a little something just to
celebrate the day. Life is always changing as the children get older and they still want a little something doesn't everyone. So I hope this weekend you and your family do something special,
little ones I hope your schools or where you attend exchange cards and have some fun with it.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Back to Blogging

Well,  it's been a few years to say the least since I wrote on my blog partly because of working so much and other things as  you know can get in the way, not that blogging isn't important because it is there so much we learn from blogging in our own world and reading what of friends write in theres.

Blogging is all over every subject is wrote in a blogging form these days. People getting rich from writing their thoughts, feeling and reviews. Well since I last blogged about my wonderful children which is what this blog is about our wonderful family. I have taken a leave of absense from my employment, now homeschooling my son who is in seventh grade, and we have added a cat to our family( almost like having another child) as you may know. Life is different, my daughter is
in middle school which seems to be a big hill to climb this year but as the little engine says
as he climbs the hill ( I think I can, I think I can) well our motto is we are going to get over that hill and move ahead. N is our new addition she is so cute but likes her own space and time, We decided to get her in July it was my daughter birthday gift, she really wanted a guinea pig or some other animal that needs to be in a cage so the cat worked perfect we got her from the adoption  agency so we did a  good deed too. I am going to keep posting but my blog is going to add on a little subject so it will change a little but only for the better.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!