Friday, February 20, 2015

School and Homework

I really love those  days when K gets in the car and says "NO HOMEWORK", it usually means it going to be a very relaxing evening in out household. It's something about middle school that homework seems to be a nightly and sometimes weekend job. I honestly don't get it homework all the time when children are in school for eight hours a day. I guess being in preschool working we didn't assign it, so it sometimes just wrecks the household, especially when it's nine at night, and you hear  I have homework. We all had to do it sometime but every every night. Teacher relax, give the children a break and no just on spring break.
Well, K is going to a sleepover so homework will have at wait this weekend, she going to enjoy it, and
J and I are going to do have a mom and son fun weekend too.

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