Thursday, February 12, 2015

Almost the Weekend(Valentine's Weekend)

This has been a silly, crazy, but kinda fun week in our household. It didn't start off very well with two children with a stomach virus so I thought I would try to make this week a little fun I started off with a special treat and a note to start Valentine week off with a little happiness. Every other I left something out for my children candy or something in a little treat bag with a note, or sticker attachement. It was kinda neat and different since Saturday will be Valentine which is
in alot of different way celebrated. At your school little ones make cute boxes and exchange card, mind are just a little too old for that now but it was always alot of fun to do and share. 
We do things a little different now giving a little someone or doing a little something just to
celebrate the day. Life is always changing as the children get older and they still want a little something doesn't everyone. So I hope this weekend you and your family do something special,
little ones I hope your schools or where you attend exchange cards and have some fun with it.
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