Monday, February 16, 2015

NO School

My kids are we excited, they got to sleep in another day. President's Day! I don't remember to many Monday that we were out of school for it, so today was great to have a long three day weekend. The weather here couldn't have been more prefect,  blue skies and warm temperature to be outside and just enjoy the time together. Did you have a nice day?
I know many were getting snow. My old hometown was getting snow today, I was kinda
jealous. I remember many times standing at the door just waiting to see the first snow fall.
But kinda glad to be in the sunshine state where its does warm and no snow shoveling.
Busy week ahead, with J he has his bowling club meeting Friday, kinda neat in this homeschool group they do alot of fun things for PE. Well until another day. Enjoy.

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