Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Over Already

Well, only a few more days, hours and minutes till it time to go back to the class..This summer has been fun and interesting...It started out taking the kids to Disney World for the first time what memories of a lifetime from that trip..and hearing we can't wait to go back...Disney does that to you..Anyway we have been doing lots of different things but mostly the kids have been having a great time with their friends playing outside which is a great thing..even in this awful summer heat we had this year...I think both will enjoy school once we get back into the swing of things...
My daughter turned eight...only eight..I thought she turned 16 in one sense of the word..she cleaned out her closet moving all the toys and wanting them put away..all the stuff animals and then to my shock going threw her clothes and saying no way to items...I guess she will still be my little carebear no matter how old she gets..but am glad she is doing things her way sometimes.
Josh had a great summer too making new friends and enjoying his bike which he has goes threw
two tires this summer must be alot of riding or poor made tires not sure which..

well i am going to enjoy this next fews days with my wonderful children cause life seems
to be go crazy when we get back into the working/school world..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Times

Well, it been a long weekend here to say the least about as long as last week was too..
It was just a week I want to totally forget except for Friday for my two children..It was Special Person Day at school and from what I learned both had the best time having their grandpa at school with them...especially Keri she was totally under the weather to be at school but I learned when her grandpa walked threw the door she was so excited I can't wait to see the pic from it..anyway since then the weekend has been two children with a fever and the other just throwing up sucks...when they are sleeps the other complains knowing I can't do much but be there and give whatever he needs..anyway I am hoping Monday morning comes and both are 100 percent better since it's Valentine Day and both have parties at school...well sometimes weekends aren't great but at least we are all together....

Friday, January 28, 2011

Surprises much since my last post can't believe how time just goes so fast sometimes..well.
both of my wonderful children have learned to ride a bike it didn't take but two days for them to really get going on there wonderful grandpa took them shopping for their first new bikes..they were both so happy...and when he got them home it was no stop riding and that how it been since then..every afternoon after school they get home do their homework and then off to ride their bikes till dinner time...and both are really great now..Josh is really loving it and is getting very daring in trying new things..both got great report cards this a first one from cornerstone so i was pleased very much since it was new to me and for mom as been going great too..talking to harold every day and things are looking great..and to get to spend the weekend with him is great too...he is so wonderful..if I could just get josh to think it too..he seems to not want to get close to him and seem to have distant between them..but everyone is working on we will see how it goes this weekend...keri is going to her thinking day for girl scouts she is so excited they are doing Japan this year..she turned in her presale cookie order and got 250 boxes in the book which was her goal to sell the whole program so i am really proud of her again this year and she still have time to sale many more...anyway is so good right now and
looks dad is so wonderful he does so much for me and the kids I wonder how do I every thank him for so much...well until after this weekend I hope to writing all my happy thoughts to share with my children one day...

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today was great...the weather was a little warmer you could be outside without a coat..The kids went to a birthday party for one of josh's classmates and keri went along I think they had a good time..jumping on the bounce slide and stuff....i got to spend some much need time with Harold and we really had a great two hours was funny..we went to an ice cream place it was fun..he is so silly sometimes too..but it was great to just spend time together laughing...he is really great...and tonight we all helped make dinner so that was alot of fun great the kids enjoy time with him..him and keri played hulk it was really funny to watch..and he and josh played a game too..while I cleaned up all the dishes...i think it going to be a fun weekend all to church tomorrow and then figuring what to do on monday since NO school...i love these vacation time...well it going to be a great weekend no matter what happens now..

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lots of Fun and Work

well it almost another week in the books and it wasn't too bad..Josh did his book report and seem to be pleased. I went to both of their science fair presentation on Thur..a first for them both..and they both did a great job I was very pleased...the week itself wasn't to bad at work or home not too much homework..josh didn't seem to have much trouble picking out his next book report either what a good thing...keri seem to enjoy her week at work..both went to scouts..josh is learning to use a knife..(takin some time to get the hang of it) Keri is working on their thinking day project on their country Japan seems like it going to be alot of fun this year too...they learned where their going if they make enough sales with cookies..Keri is on a roll..go girl..
it a long weekend for school on monday and the kids are out till it will be great week no homework...well until another is is happy and i love my two..
what is great having hugs/smiles every day from my own and a few others too..

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Great Weekend

Well this weekend was the best so far..We attended Robopalooza..Josh did his jr robo project which he did a great job...his team was great and worked hard on their lego building it really was alot of fun seeing all the hard work each team put into this building and research...then both keri/josh attended a workshop to build and race a lego race car it was alot of fun..Josh had a great time at this and then watching the different team so their was a long fun day and seeing lots of friends too...we then went to church sunday and it was good being back..both kids seem to enjoy their day..and going to the store wasn't too bad either so now it great having food in the house...the rest of the day they played hockey outside and just enjoyed being it back to school for the week which i hope goes fast...well at least it isn't going to be as cold this week so it should be good...enjoy each day...with my great kids..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to School

Well the first week back seemed very long and it was busy..and a busy but fun weekend is awaiting us...will write back this very soon..Back to school/work was exhausting..but the week went good for the kids..Keri had a great week being back at school.. she is working on a group science project I can't wait to find out more about it..Josh finished his book report on Richard Petty to be turned in on Monday and he did really good on his school and homework this week and really enjoyed being back to school..they are playing soccer in PE,,thekids were busy being back in class too..since I didn't feel 100 percent it was harder being back..Keri went to GS and we are now selling girl scout cookies for the second year..can't complain it starting off one day she has sold 175 boxes..WOW go KERI!! and Josh went to boy scout he is learning about using a pocket knife so he will be getting one very soon..they both had a great time at awana this week with the snowball fight..Keri was on a winning team...she is glad...I am glad the weekend has arrived..but it was great seeing my best friend back at work and spending time chatting about all the things we it was a good week...and can't wait again for saturday..the kids
are totally excited..more later....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Well, my friend came back last night and he suprised the children by bring fireworks we had a great time bring in the new year..we had dinner and just hung out...The whole day was really started off having lunch with my dad..Josh really enjoyed it was a great day to end the year and start one too...the whole week seemed to be a busy one this hard to believe our winter break is almost over only one more day and then back to work/school..but it been alot of was a relaxing day..the weather for the past two days has been great..the kids and I have been outside most of it..riding the toys and just playing outside...the house is clean so return to work I am glad I got alot done..Xmas is behind us and a new year full of surprises lies ahead..who know what will happen..but I am sure it going to be a good one..we will see....well one more day of fun at least....