Friday, January 7, 2011

Back to School

Well the first week back seemed very long and it was busy..and a busy but fun weekend is awaiting us...will write back this very soon..Back to school/work was exhausting..but the week went good for the kids..Keri had a great week being back at school.. she is working on a group science project I can't wait to find out more about it..Josh finished his book report on Richard Petty to be turned in on Monday and he did really good on his school and homework this week and really enjoyed being back to school..they are playing soccer in PE,,thekids were busy being back in class too..since I didn't feel 100 percent it was harder being back..Keri went to GS and we are now selling girl scout cookies for the second year..can't complain it starting off one day she has sold 175 boxes..WOW go KERI!! and Josh went to boy scout he is learning about using a pocket knife so he will be getting one very soon..they both had a great time at awana this week with the snowball fight..Keri was on a winning team...she is glad...I am glad the weekend has arrived..but it was great seeing my best friend back at work and spending time chatting about all the things we it was a good week...and can't wait again for saturday..the kids
are totally excited..more later....

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