Friday, January 28, 2011

Surprises much since my last post can't believe how time just goes so fast sometimes..well.
both of my wonderful children have learned to ride a bike it didn't take but two days for them to really get going on there wonderful grandpa took them shopping for their first new bikes..they were both so happy...and when he got them home it was no stop riding and that how it been since then..every afternoon after school they get home do their homework and then off to ride their bikes till dinner time...and both are really great now..Josh is really loving it and is getting very daring in trying new things..both got great report cards this a first one from cornerstone so i was pleased very much since it was new to me and for mom as been going great too..talking to harold every day and things are looking great..and to get to spend the weekend with him is great too...he is so wonderful..if I could just get josh to think it too..he seems to not want to get close to him and seem to have distant between them..but everyone is working on we will see how it goes this weekend...keri is going to her thinking day for girl scouts she is so excited they are doing Japan this year..she turned in her presale cookie order and got 250 boxes in the book which was her goal to sell the whole program so i am really proud of her again this year and she still have time to sale many more...anyway is so good right now and
looks dad is so wonderful he does so much for me and the kids I wonder how do I every thank him for so much...well until after this weekend I hope to writing all my happy thoughts to share with my children one day...

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