Sunday, February 13, 2011

Special Times

Well, it been a long weekend here to say the least about as long as last week was too..
It was just a week I want to totally forget except for Friday for my two children..It was Special Person Day at school and from what I learned both had the best time having their grandpa at school with them...especially Keri she was totally under the weather to be at school but I learned when her grandpa walked threw the door she was so excited I can't wait to see the pic from it..anyway since then the weekend has been two children with a fever and the other just throwing up sucks...when they are sleeps the other complains knowing I can't do much but be there and give whatever he needs..anyway I am hoping Monday morning comes and both are 100 percent better since it's Valentine Day and both have parties at school...well sometimes weekends aren't great but at least we are all together....