Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Daughter Birthday

Today we had my daughter sixth birthday at Chuck E Cheese it went very well and all the children had a great time eating pizza, having sodas and playing all the new games..It was really a great time watching them laugh and all the adults got to chit-chat about whatever..My friend Patricia and my sister Annie were there..Keri got some great gifts and she had a cute Spongebob cake did I get lucky on that one...Anyway we got back home and everyone was tired but Keri had to play will all her bday stuff...and she got a gift card from Clairie in the mall so I knew what was going to happen on Saturday..anyway we just chilled ou the rest of the evening and all had a great time...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowling for Fun

Today we decide it was bowling we headed up to the local bowling alley with our two free bowling games each..The kids really had a great time today..Josh did pretty good..he is getting his arm right and starting to slam the ball down the alley as he calls it....Keri I can't figure this girl out..she just kinda drops the ball and it goes down the alley and mostly she gets 9 pins down without trying she almost got a 100 yesterday it was 99 her highest yet..she had two pins left and couldn't get them down...but she was excited anyway...Mom did pretty good she got both games over a hundred so I am getting alot better...We went to mcD yes again...keri wanted to please get another ty beanie so her other one wasn't lonely..she went onto the site and is having a good time... well any day is over and we all seemed to laugh and have a great time being such a wonderful family...boy I sure love my kids.....

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch and Water

Today Josh asked me again..Mom can we please please go to the mall for lunch...So I decided why not today...we usually have a pretty good time anyway...So we went to always eat at Chik fil and Josh loves Subway...anyway we had a great time eating and watching the people that were watching us...we came back home and it was Water time...they really know how to enjoy the water...Today it was slip n slide and swing on the swingset with the water spraying on you or sliding down the slide too..anyway they had a great time doing it..and the water didn't really go to just made the grass grown a little more..boy I hate mowing and it seems I have to do it every work and more work..but dad I am keeping up with it..anyway..we had a great time together..I love watching them smile and have fun..I know summer will be over soon and it seems like just gets too busy to do anything.. tomorrow we will do something fun and keep trying to get Keri bday party planned...Do you remember being six?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today we went and did our grocery shopping without any troubles..I finally think my children have learned to get along in the stores without yelling, or hitting each other..Finally!!! ..well we then went down to work (yes work) to see Ms Patricia and the boys since she was working in her classroom...I am not sure how much work she got done with two boys running around but it was her thing..We came back home and the kids went swimming in their little ole pool..they seem to make the best of the things we have here...turning them into fun a water park and stuff I am very glad with was a really great day here today..oh yea..I even got a phone call from my was great to hear his voice...I really wish I could understand men..i think they are just like women...always changing and not knowing what they want sometimes..anyway I think there could be a light at the end of the tunnel but I am not going over the speed limit on this one...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's almost monday again

Well,, it was so overcast today we decided to just hang out at the house today...I took my daughter up to McD because she wanted to get one of the new Ty beanie babies so I thought why not...only a week till she turns six...Just seems liked yesterday I was having her...time has gone by and she is growing up too fast for her mom..anyway we played some games, colored and watched a garfield movie so it was a very fun day here...since we have a busy week planning her bday party and going to chuck e cheese for it...with some of her friends..she also says goodbye to some great friends she met at Gs this we are in full a busy week of fun and excitment..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Almost Over

Tonight Keri went to her next to the last Girl Scout meeting for the summer..she has made some great friends there and had alot of fun doing crafts and learning about different things..Next week they are having a celebration and award ceremony she is excited...Me/Josh walked and played in the park while we waiting for was kinda hot but alot of fun spending time with Josh we really haven't done alot of that lately...We are planning to get away soon since summer is almost going and school will began soon..Josh is going to his Tiger Scout bowling party on saturday and he is looking forward to sending the boys while I get to spend time with Keri so things are going good...Well until later

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning, Planning and more Planning

Today was kinda a planning day in our daughter is planning her sixth birthday party so we are trying to decide where, when and how many..since she is only five..she is like every girl keeps changing her mind over and I think this will be one of those we just have to listen and make final details as it gets closer and closer...the other planning was our beach trip and going to Orlando since my son wants to go to Disney Village and hang out at the Lego we are trying to get that done..since mom thought we had eight weeks till school and suddenly realized it was only five..what happened to those other weeks..anyway we are going to be totally busy now since we have so much to do before heading back to the working world..I think we are all kinda wondering how it going to go with all the changes...anyway today we got most of the lawn mowed and we went out to dinner to celebrate mom getting most of the lawn mowed without any rain....well until tomorrow I think I am going to go chill while the kids are watching a movie....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Sunday

Today was just that very stayed home all but a quick trip to Walgreens to get a few things and always Milk..boy two kids can drink a gallon a milk so fast but as they say it goes a body good..anyway it was just simple we watched some movies and took it easy....trying to plan a few cheap road trips before school starts so soon...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Saturday

Wow! what a great time me/kids had on Saturday...We had no rain until we got home..We drove down to my friend patricia house which is really kewl and had a nice cookout and the kids all got to go was just a perfect day and everyone had a great time...Rob(her hubby) made the best burgers and Patricia she always kewl..she had a perfect lunch for everyone..the kids played really great together and it was just fun to be around such a great friend...and we had a pretty good drive home...we pulled in the driveway and the bottom fell out of the sky it poured for a short while so I am glad I got home since my little ole saturn doesn't like the rain very much and the kids seem to hate mommy driving in it...the evening was good they watched TV and poor mom ole back starting hurtin again but I am surviving think it got something to do with getting older...well again it was a great time and I was so glad everything went good...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The weekend is almost here

Today we were woking up by the sound of thunder and rain which is did off and on most of the morning but I told the kids were would go to Target since Josh wanted some lightning mcQueen car that had a code for a game he was playing after lunch it finally stopped and we heading out on our journey for this car..well we got to Target and inside before it got really dark outside and we walked around I am looking for a new shower curtain got to change the b/r a little needs a makeover well we found this car and it wasn't expensive at all 2.99 so I felt good about that...anyway Keri got a design pet which she seems to enjoy it had to go to girl scout tonight with her no way would be leave it at home ha ha..anyway she had a great time at Gs tonight they made to crafts and went over the daisy handbook i went with josh walking around the track tonight and waited for her....anyway we got home and everyone is tired so tomorrow will be another day and I can't wait for the weekend it going to be GREAT...have a great evening

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Day inspite the rain

Well it looked like rain from the time we woke up today but I was going to go ahead with my plans for the kids since Josh seemed to be feeling alot better...We got up and got to the grocery store without a single negative word today...everyone got up and moving ..WOW what a day it was going to be since they were full of life..anyway it was raining very hard but we decided after waiting for 15 min in walmart we were running to the car with all the grocery..I keep forgetting my kids love water puddles..anyway we got home and I decided since my friend well eitherway I was taking my children to chuck e cheese since it looked like a rainy day inside..they had a total blast today and so did I playing the games and enjoying a good lunch...I know why I am single and have no rush into getting married..when a man can't take a little rain to see his lady he isn't rating high on the list ...anyway I did my thing and it was great ..since I love being with my children..anyway we had a great dinner tonight and we are going to watch a movie to end the evening off with a smile..until tomorrow ..and girl scouts...which will be fun only two more meetings...summer is moving a little faster now for some reason..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Long Monday

What a way to start off the week..poor Josh woke up with a headache which he just couldn't get rid of all day so it was mommy this and mommy that..which made for a long it rained off and on here ..but we still managed in the afternoon to get my errands done for the way in the rain...Keri got a new littlest pet for her house which made her day she is counting down to her 6th bday which must be a big number she is so excited about it...otherwise the day was staying at home and trying to get Josh feeling better....Tuesday will be alot better we hope...
I am going to try to post some pictures from our fourth...hope I can do it...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Great Weekend

Well,,Thursday night Keri went to GS and I got to help out it was alot of fun..we did puzzles I made alot of great little daisy friends and we learned alot.Keri is going to get a few patches this summer which is kewl she is excited about it...Friday was fun..we went swimming with Ben and Annie at the Darley's pool it was fun..Josh is learning to swim he was really proud of himself and can't wait to try again very soon..Keri has no fear of much she just jumps in and lots to be underwater...Saturday was wonderful friend Harold came over and we had a great cookout with chicken on the grill and corn on the cob..the kids swam in their little pool and had fun..we then shot off fireworks which thanks to Harold he did a very good show last was alot of fun and the kids really enjoyed watching my fourth was very good this year and I had alot of great company...I talked to my friend Patricia she was home with two kids and one sick which was not a great way to celebrate the fourth but talking on the phone she seems pretty good..she is great...well it the start of another week and I hope they slow down it will be time to start thinking about school shopping and I really dont want summer to end it going really great this year with the kids...

i hope all my wonderful friends had a great fourth...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kids called it BORING

Today was rather simple...Being the first of July I got to thinking well we better get to planning some road trips or summer break would be I am working on a trip to the beach, Orlando and the zoo so far...but sitting home other than going to pay bills and walk around the dollar store sweet darling children told me we were having a boring day at home..well consider we weren't ducks I wasn't all pleased to run around in the I told them tomorrow we would seek some excitement in our day..and plus Keri is excited about attending Girl Scouts again tomorrow night I am so glad she loves it and has made some great friends too..
well to end our ha ha boring evening we did go to MCd so I guess I tried to seek some excitement for them...have a great evening...until tomorrow..