Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wonderful Day inspite the rain

Well it looked like rain from the time we woke up today but I was going to go ahead with my plans for the kids since Josh seemed to be feeling alot better...We got up and got to the grocery store without a single negative word today...everyone got up and moving ..WOW what a day it was going to be since they were full of life..anyway it was raining very hard but we decided after waiting for 15 min in walmart we were running to the car with all the grocery..I keep forgetting my kids love water puddles..anyway we got home and I decided since my friend well eitherway I was taking my children to chuck e cheese since it looked like a rainy day inside..they had a total blast today and so did I playing the games and enjoying a good lunch...I know why I am single and have no rush into getting married..when a man can't take a little rain to see his lady he isn't rating high on the list ...anyway I did my thing and it was great ..since I love being with my children..anyway we had a great dinner tonight and we are going to watch a movie to end the evening off with a smile..until tomorrow ..and girl scouts...which will be fun only two more meetings...summer is moving a little faster now for some reason..

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