Sunday, July 12, 2009

Great Saturday

Wow! what a great time me/kids had on Saturday...We had no rain until we got home..We drove down to my friend patricia house which is really kewl and had a nice cookout and the kids all got to go was just a perfect day and everyone had a great time...Rob(her hubby) made the best burgers and Patricia she always kewl..she had a perfect lunch for everyone..the kids played really great together and it was just fun to be around such a great friend...and we had a pretty good drive home...we pulled in the driveway and the bottom fell out of the sky it poured for a short while so I am glad I got home since my little ole saturn doesn't like the rain very much and the kids seem to hate mommy driving in it...the evening was good they watched TV and poor mom ole back starting hurtin again but I am surviving think it got something to do with getting older...well again it was a great time and I was so glad everything went good...

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