Thursday, July 9, 2009

The weekend is almost here

Today we were woking up by the sound of thunder and rain which is did off and on most of the morning but I told the kids were would go to Target since Josh wanted some lightning mcQueen car that had a code for a game he was playing after lunch it finally stopped and we heading out on our journey for this car..well we got to Target and inside before it got really dark outside and we walked around I am looking for a new shower curtain got to change the b/r a little needs a makeover well we found this car and it wasn't expensive at all 2.99 so I felt good about that...anyway Keri got a design pet which she seems to enjoy it had to go to girl scout tonight with her no way would be leave it at home ha ha..anyway she had a great time at Gs tonight they made to crafts and went over the daisy handbook i went with josh walking around the track tonight and waited for her....anyway we got home and everyone is tired so tomorrow will be another day and I can't wait for the weekend it going to be GREAT...have a great evening

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