Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lunch and Water

Today Josh asked me again..Mom can we please please go to the mall for lunch...So I decided why not today...we usually have a pretty good time anyway...So we went to always eat at Chik fil and Josh loves Subway...anyway we had a great time eating and watching the people that were watching us...we came back home and it was Water time...they really know how to enjoy the water...Today it was slip n slide and swing on the swingset with the water spraying on you or sliding down the slide too..anyway they had a great time doing it..and the water didn't really go to just made the grass grown a little more..boy I hate mowing and it seems I have to do it every work and more work..but dad I am keeping up with it..anyway..we had a great time together..I love watching them smile and have fun..I know summer will be over soon and it seems like just gets too busy to do anything.. tomorrow we will do something fun and keep trying to get Keri bday party planned...Do you remember being six?

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