Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Planning, Planning and more Planning

Today was kinda a planning day in our household..my daughter is planning her sixth birthday party so we are trying to decide where, when and how many..since she is only five..she is like every girl keeps changing her mind over and over..so I think this will be one of those we just have to listen and make final details as it gets closer and closer...the other planning was our beach trip and going to Orlando since my son wants to go to Disney Village and hang out at the Lego center....so we are trying to get that done..since mom thought we had eight weeks till school and suddenly realized it was only five..what happened to those other weeks..anyway we are going to be totally busy now since we have so much to do before heading back to the working world..I think we are all kinda wondering how it going to go with all the changes...anyway today we got most of the lawn mowed and we went out to dinner to celebrate mom getting most of the lawn mowed without any rain....well until tomorrow I think I am going to go chill while the kids are watching a movie....

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  1. I think you are keeping them pretty busy this summer. Have fun and I'll try to call you, we should get them all together one day. We could do a beach day or something.