Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 45th birthday

Well, It was my 45th bday yesterday and it was a really great day to say the most...I guess the world of today technology is here...I got more text messages and emails than phone calls which was really kewl..to know I have so many great friends and family out there...My day started with going shopping at Kohls for myself and I got some really great deals and had a great time too..then I took my two great children to lunch at Chickafil which is our favorite place to eat and they had a good time...we went to Target to walk around and then later that evening my sweet little sister had me dinner and a cookie cake which she is the best...and I got a kewl shirt and new iron so that was wonderful..My favorite part of the day was my wonderful loving father who calls you on your bday and sings happy bday it just makes your whole day ..My dad is the best..
Again i can't thank all my friends for thinking of me and I am going to have a great year this year and make it the best....until tomorrow ..and workin on vacation plans for us to do some road traveling...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Week is over

Well I guess it was a rather busy week here since I finally am sitting down to write back my week with my children..We went thurday to Chuck E cheese it was kinda a spur of the moment to do since it was so hot outside and they kids had a blast cause they redid the place and put in alot of new games for kids so they really had a great time and Josh had some buddies to hang out with that was fun...Keri went to girl scouts that evening and really had a great time..Me/Josh walked the walking trail but kept going in and checking on her..she made a cute pin to wear out of lace and beads she made some new friends since her two buddies weren't at the meeting..She really seems to be enjoying it and next week she will learn about getting her patches which is kewl...Yesterday (fri) I got up and mowed the lawn before the rain and it got to hot to do ...and then we went to a bday pool party last night and the kids really had a great time with all the other kids that were there it was alot of fun..I hung out with Patricia and we saw a few parents from Cornerstone to chat with too....it wasn't too hot but at least no rain....will write about saturday later on..

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Already

Wow my weekend went fast..it already another week and school is only two months away..Yesterday the kids had a very nice day..they got to see their father for Father day it was very nice to them..they had a great time and it was very HOT...We started our day at home ..the kids watched TV and play playdoh this morning while watching some show on the tube..While I did laundry and cleaned..then we did our favorite chore...going to the grocery store it was not too bad today..no yelling, hitting so it was a GREAT day..it is over a 100 right now and it really feel like it outside..the kids are going to have a pizza and taco dinner tonite...It looks to be another great week of summer break here...

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Well...I was too tired to write last night..The kids did there VBS program last night and they were both excellant in singing and doing the motions..Then we went to the carnival which they had a great time going down the water slides over and over and in the bounce houses..It was so hot last night but was very glad were didn't have rain our one of our storms like the night before that blew down the trees in the area...Anyway it was an ending to a wonderful week for the kids they made some great friends during the week...And mom got alot of house cleaning and stuff done without them being here...They even got the see their father which both were so excited about seeing and he got to see them perform which was nice..Thurs..I forgot to write..Keri went to her second girl scout meeting and loved it..they did all crafts so it was all for her..She seems to really taking to it and has made two new friends already which I hope will last all summer and maybe into the school year for her...Well it was a nice day today here too just TOO hot 81 at 8 this morning..I took Josh to the train show which he really enjoyed alot and his buddies where there and he liked the train layouts...then took them for lunch at the mall and Keri went to the girl store(Claire's) which she just wants everything for her bday from there..Josh was like
girls are so silly mom (hello mom is a girl too) anyway we are having our Pizza and movie time tonight which will be alot of fun..we were going to a bday party but it got chanced due to an illness so guess that a very good reason...well I think I got all caught up and now it time to relax..

until later...have a great evening and thanks for reading..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

June 17

Well the children are having a great time at VBS this week..they are learning and doing some great things as well as making friends..Mom is enjoying her time..cleaning and getting rid of alot of stuff while the kids are gone..it They are looking forward to their show on Friday night..so it will be alot of fun if it doesn't rain..which it seem to do every afternoon here..Anyway tomorrow Keri going to her second girl scout meeting and she is very excited about it..so I am glad..Josh is ready for boy scouts to start too...well that about all for tonight...

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15

Today the kids started Vacation Bible School which they were very excited about going to..they seem to have a great week and make lots of wonderful friends...After that we decided to go to McD for lunch and the kids could play since it was very hot outside but what do you expect when you live in Florida and it summer time .anyway they will spend the rest of the afternoon playing and then watching some movie on TV...seems alot of movie are on right now...Last night I finally got them to bed a little earlier since for the past two nights they were watching movie on Disney that were on till ten...anyway it looks to be a good day..I got alot of thing cleaned out while the house was quiet and not so much yelling or fighting was happening..

Thanks for reading..have a wonderful afternoon...

June 15

Saturday, June 13, 2009

june 12

I took Keri to her first girl scout meeting on thursday it was alot of fun..they had a large turn out for the summer program about 30 girls..Keri knew two of them one was in her class from school this year..she had alot of fun..they made a cute doll and did alot of games and learned about each other..It seem she will enjoy it alot...Josh spend the evening with grandpa which I think they both enjoyed..Josh had him working on his birdhouse they he has been decorating and grandpa helped him put windows in it...it was alot of fun...Friday we didn't so alot just went to the store and mostly played outside..It been florida weather here for a week now HOT and HOTTER..but it great for summer time...well just wanted to catch up on my blog...

have a great weekend..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

June 10

What a wonderful day it was...We went to Chuck e Cheese with Patricia and her kids and had just a totally great time talking and watching the kids play together it was so great...It wasn't very busy so everyone had a great time..before that we didn't do much but watch TV...after we got home we had dinner..Josh helped me make his favorite..tacos and we watch Aladdin on the disney channel so it was a great evening last night...Oh yea and dad came over and worked on Josh roof to his bedroom since all that rain we had kinda made a slight leak in his room but Dad saved the day again...he always fixes everything....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9 2009

Yesterday went so fast I guess I didn't take the time to write it down..It was rather boring yesterday we played at home and went to Dad for dinner last nite since Mary/Anna came into town to spend the day with dad...We had Sonny and the kids always seem to enjoy playing at dad house anyway...Not much really happened yesterday..Today Dad and I went down to get our tags and when we got back the kids went swimming and had water balloon fights in the pool..Josh spend the day building his train layout in the living room in hopes grandpa can get the train up and running soo..Keri and I playdoh most of the day and she played with her stuff..I read a little in my book which seems interested learning more indepth things in preschool to help with the children for next year...Tomorrow will be fun we are meeting Patricia/Jonathan and Robert for a fun day at chuck e cheese...so until later..hope you enjoyed reading this...

Monday, June 8, 2009

May 7, 2009

Today is dad bday...he started if off taking Josh/keri and me to breakfast to BK it was really great having dad back home...seems everything breaks when he is away ..anyway..it was a pretty slow down around here we started at home most of the day and just relaxed...and then we went to Annie house later in the day to have Dad a bday dinner that Michael fixed chicken with all the trimming it was very good..the kids played together and Ms beth from work came over too Dad seemed to enjoy it very much.....well that was our simple day..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009

What a great day it was..and it rained most of it..My dad is on his back to Florida he is making great time and seems in such a wonderful mood..He will be home tonight I can't beleive he drove the whole time in one day ..GO DAD anyway tomorrow is his bday and the kids had a great time shopping for grandpa..they love him so much..so back to our day it was very simple..we went off to the dollar store to get some supplies for Josh he has decided to write a book about animals and he is taking pictures of animals in our yard to use so it shall be fun and interesting to say the most...anyway we finally got his stuff and finished with grandpa and we came back home the kids have been playing and just enjoying the day relaxing..I got to read some chapters in my new book I got on working with children which seem to be interesting so far into it..so it was a rather relaxing but great day...can't wait to see my dad I sure miss him when he is in Missouri...but it cool he has family both places....Stay dry and have a wonderful evening..

June 5 2009

Today we decided even in the rain we were going bowling and do all the cool things we wanted to do..SO we had a great time bowling..even Keri seemed to enjoy bowling yesterday too she got three spares so she was on a roll...then we decided to eat the bowling alley which they wanted to do for a long time and I figured why not....we then did all our running around in the rain and whatnot and I even go to the grocery shop and we pulled in the driveway at 5:30 so it was a very long day but had a great time just me and my wonderful kids....Tonight we are making our own pizzas which the kids love to do and just watch a movie and then to bed.....Saturday is totally relaxation day cause I am tired..but really loving my summer with my kids..

have a great day..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

First day of summer break for everyone..Josh seemed to had forgot he woke up at 5:46 this morning and I told him to go back to bed other wise the morning seemed to be the same the kids really enjoyed watching the TV shows they dont get to watch and enjoy playing..I mowed the grass which really needed it and I even beat the rain too...We did our errands today and all the bills got paid ...and I still have a little fun money ha ha..anyway...it was a very simple relaxing day here did a little more cleaning can't wait to get to my closet but as you can tell I am taking it very slowly to get to that task...We are going to figure what we shall do for dinner and then tomorrow I am going to find the grocery store to get some food in the house....not much else to share..I hope you enjoy sharing apart of my day with you...

Have a great evening!!!

June 3, 2009

WOW! Today was the last day of school ..the kids were excited to get out today..It was happy and sad for them...They both did great on their end of the year report cards too..I am a very proud mother...Anyway it was alot of fun today...My friend Harold had a bday today so the kids decorated the kitchen and a cake for them it was kinda funny about the world thing I guess when people get a certain age they just consider it another day I dont know I love bdays anyway it was alot of fun we took him out to eat and he seemed to enjoy his gifts the kids gave him...It was a very nice enjoyable day all around....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

WOW! Tomorrow is the last day of school..I can't beleive my kids are growing up..Keri is almost done with Kindergarden and Josh flew thru first grade..Anyway they both had a great time at school today..Josh had a end of the year party which he had a great time..We went bowling after school and all three of us had a blast which we will be bowling alot with those free passes this summer...then we went over to Pizza Hut and enjoyed a nice family sit down lunch it was really nice to enjoy the kids having a good time and being have too..Anyway this afternoon we kinda too it easy and just watched one of Josh Mario movies which those are so funny to watch...It thundering outside but no rain insite so that good...Well I am looking forward to the children last day of school getting the final report and knowing both had a great year with wonderful teachers and will be moving ahead to the next grade..I sure hope summer goes s l o w..cause I dont think I am ready for homework everynite yet...Well until tomorrow...Enjoy your evening!

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1, 2009

What a wonderful day it is so far..The sun is shining and I started the morning taking my two wonderful children to their final week of school only two more days left now...I got to attend my son award ceremony this morning it was great he is always so proud when they call his name and his mom sits their with the biggest smile on her face too..We are going in the pool this afternoon I have been told by my daughter since it soo hot here today..we also are working on getting those teacher gifts done today too..