Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday June 20

Well...I was too tired to write last night..The kids did there VBS program last night and they were both excellant in singing and doing the motions..Then we went to the carnival which they had a great time going down the water slides over and over and in the bounce houses..It was so hot last night but was very glad were didn't have rain our one of our storms like the night before that blew down the trees in the area...Anyway it was an ending to a wonderful week for the kids they made some great friends during the week...And mom got alot of house cleaning and stuff done without them being here...They even got the see their father which both were so excited about seeing and he got to see them perform which was nice..Thurs..I forgot to write..Keri went to her second girl scout meeting and loved it..they did all crafts so it was all for her..She seems to really taking to it and has made two new friends already which I hope will last all summer and maybe into the school year for her...Well it was a nice day today here too just TOO hot 81 at 8 this morning..I took Josh to the train show which he really enjoyed alot and his buddies where there and he liked the train layouts...then took them for lunch at the mall and Keri went to the girl store(Claire's) which she just wants everything for her bday from there..Josh was like
girls are so silly mom (hello mom is a girl too) anyway we are having our Pizza and movie time tonight which will be alot of fun..we were going to a bday party but it got chanced due to an illness so guess that a very good reason...well I think I got all caught up and now it time to relax..

until later...have a great evening and thanks for reading..

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