Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My 45th birthday

Well, It was my 45th bday yesterday and it was a really great day to say the most...I guess the world of today technology is here...I got more text messages and emails than phone calls which was really kewl..to know I have so many great friends and family out there...My day started with going shopping at Kohls for myself and I got some really great deals and had a great time too..then I took my two great children to lunch at Chickafil which is our favorite place to eat and they had a good time...we went to Target to walk around and then later that evening my sweet little sister had me dinner and a cookie cake which she is the best...and I got a kewl shirt and new iron so that was wonderful..My favorite part of the day was my wonderful loving father who calls you on your bday and sings happy bday it just makes your whole day ..My dad is the best..
Again i can't thank all my friends for thinking of me and I am going to have a great year this year and make it the best....until tomorrow ..and workin on vacation plans for us to do some road traveling...

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