Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

WOW! Tomorrow is the last day of school..I can't beleive my kids are growing up..Keri is almost done with Kindergarden and Josh flew thru first grade..Anyway they both had a great time at school today..Josh had a end of the year party which he had a great time..We went bowling after school and all three of us had a blast which we will be bowling alot with those free passes this summer...then we went over to Pizza Hut and enjoyed a nice family sit down lunch it was really nice to enjoy the kids having a good time and being have too..Anyway this afternoon we kinda too it easy and just watched one of Josh Mario movies which those are so funny to watch...It thundering outside but no rain insite so that good...Well I am looking forward to the children last day of school getting the final report and knowing both had a great year with wonderful teachers and will be moving ahead to the next grade..I sure hope summer goes s l o w..cause I dont think I am ready for homework everynite yet...Well until tomorrow...Enjoy your evening!

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