Saturday, June 13, 2009

june 12

I took Keri to her first girl scout meeting on thursday it was alot of fun..they had a large turn out for the summer program about 30 girls..Keri knew two of them one was in her class from school this year..she had alot of fun..they made a cute doll and did alot of games and learned about each other..It seem she will enjoy it alot...Josh spend the evening with grandpa which I think they both enjoyed..Josh had him working on his birdhouse they he has been decorating and grandpa helped him put windows in was alot of fun...Friday we didn't so alot just went to the store and mostly played outside..It been florida weather here for a week now HOT and HOTTER..but it great for summer time...well just wanted to catch up on my blog...

have a great weekend..

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