Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009

What a great day it was..and it rained most of it..My dad is on his back to Florida he is making great time and seems in such a wonderful mood..He will be home tonight I can't beleive he drove the whole time in one day ..GO DAD anyway tomorrow is his bday and the kids had a great time shopping for grandpa..they love him so back to our day it was very simple..we went off to the dollar store to get some supplies for Josh he has decided to write a book about animals and he is taking pictures of animals in our yard to use so it shall be fun and interesting to say the most...anyway we finally got his stuff and finished with grandpa and we came back home the kids have been playing and just enjoying the day relaxing..I got to read some chapters in my new book I got on working with children which seem to be interesting so far into it was a rather relaxing but great day...can't wait to see my dad I sure miss him when he is in Missouri...but it cool he has family both places....Stay dry and have a wonderful evening..

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