Sunday, September 11, 2016

Changes are good

My son is really enjoying his new school which makes me as a mom so happy.Especially after homeschooling him for two years. He really loves most of the programs they do and he is fitting in great. It's a good thing when you get him every day from school and he ususally has a smile, some things after great a few classes he doesn't care for but everything can't be perfect as we all

He was so excited Friday told me he was voted to run for the ninth grade student council. WOW that is so exciting and he was very into it telling me all his ideas and what he wanted to do for his campaign. Mom is really happy now...

So we spent the weekend working on posters and handout for this upcoming week, he has to work on a speech but is so happy to see him looking forward to doing something and with the right attitude.

K is doing good she doesn't say much just hangs with her buds as she calls them..She is working hard and stays busy at home doing her drawing and chatting.

The school year is brighter but with the right attitude I think school is going good this year and mom made some right choices..

So have a great week and happy smiles on monday

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Back to School

Well. as you can tell I took a little break from writing on the blog.. Summer was here and working at my new preschool job kept me busy this summer and I didn't have any time off. It was really different having to work all summer and not hanging with my kids, especially cause they are getting older and likes to do their own things with friends.. They  did that all summer they are both growing up to fast and getting on their own.  Can't believe tomorrow my little girl will start her last year in middle school she is going to leave behind so much being at her little enclosed private school. And my son will be entering into high school which has been such a challenge so far since he was unable to get into public school for unknown reason but a good thing I am sure, we are trying private school again since he didn't want to continue homeschooling this year so we will hope this is the path he is suppose to follow.

Anyway it will be a long busy with full of challenges, adventures and hard work to get threw all this while trying to get everyone where they are suppose to be ontime.. Being a single mom working
sometimes isn't so great when your having to do everything alone and hopes it the best for each kid.
Mistakes are always happening and tempers but I just hope they are all the right decisions in the end.

Well tomorrow starts our newest adventure..A new school, fun times with ole friends and mom driving all her babies to school..Go MOM Go......

Hope your school year is rocking too.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

summer coming, school ending

Well, time flies when your busy and the school year is ending.

Its been a while since my last post but I will try to do better.
Summer break is coming this week, so that end of the year program
and mys on will be moving into high school next year. With my mew job lufe is so busy,  since jy hours change daily at the drop of an email the night before,  crazy isn't it.  I am sure both are ready for a break. Mom wishes she was, first time in a long time I had to work summer.

Anyway we are are going to see how it goes.

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Vacation is coming so get your while itsmon sale.

welcome summer break and new beginning

Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter Weekend

Well, the Easter weekend is here. The Easter bunny is busy planning what shall he/she put in those baskets. My two are getting at the age
where the bunny is asking for hints to what he should put in.
we have to tell them simple not Santa where you put a list in it.

So, chocolate and sweet with a few golden eggs should do it.
I must say I miss the hunting for Easter eggs. My mom always had
the best we had so many kids.  It was one I will remember every easter.

So, enjoy your weekend and I hope the Easter bunny bring you a basket
full  of yummy

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is here

Spring has arrived and it 2as a very beautiful day. Who would have thought the next day it woukd be cold only 55 and going below 40 at night.  Well, the kids are are on vacation for a week and mom is working four days at her new preschool.

Easter is this weekend and it should be a nuce weekend to get out and do some fun things. Easter bunny might come by for a vusut too. Well, Spring looks to be great with warm temperature and flowers blooming everywhere.

Well soring and vacation. Are you doing something fun?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekends and Spring

Wow what a few weeks it been here. My father passing and then starting a new job at a cool preschool the following monday. I have been at my job for three weeks now and I really am starting to enjoy being around the children and the very helpful teachers that are there. Things are really
starting to brighten up for my and the kids finally.

Spring is coming which is awesome. The flowers in the yard are all blooming and look so beautiful. My parents loved flowers and so we have tried to keep them looking great every year. I do so hope the Easter lily blooms its finally coming back after a few years and looks great so we will see.

Spring Breaks is coming but it only one day off this year since I started my job and no breaks for me. I hope we get to do something that weekend but time will tell. The kids seems to like mom back to working and being able to do things again so thanks dad for sending me this awesome job and still taking care of me even if your away. I miss you and mom so much but you are both helping me every day me a great mom and parent to my wonderful children, as well as my wonderful sisters/brothers who keep in touch and help me threw it all too.

Family is so important and sometime we don't realize it until something happens and it brings
us all together..

So for now back to work on Monday and smiles every day!!!!!
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Saturday, February 27, 2016

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