Friday, February 27, 2015


Some weeks are just so busy, you wish there was like two of you. This week and next week we have appointments that are keeping us running. Eye doctors are really loving us. Yes, we all had appointment this week guess you call it keeping it in the family.
All of them were checkups to say the least. J is still having eye problems but we have some to the concluding it's something in the air, I sure hope it passes soon. More eye drops medicine in the last month and in our whole lives. Anyway K is getting here six month checkup since she has glasses,she really took it well and I am glad she looks so awesome as she tells me a few times a month and so smart she says. Mom here well I am still unsure what happened that I got such an eye infection, but at least it gone and that a good thing. I don't like doctors messing with my eyes. Well, new for the week and I hope everyone has a great weekend lots to do if the weather looks good.
Have a safe one.

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