Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back to Writing Again

Wow, it been a busy two weeks while we have been out on Winter Break..Christmas this year was a total success..I spend time with my friend and the kids really enjoyed all the great things Santa brought them this year as well as all the wonderful gifts other gave them...I think this year will be a great success for us..It was great seeing friends/family and just sharing time with the kids while not working...I took the tree down today only because some one was making it their home..SPIDERS! i took it down so fast..and now the house is back to it simple way of life which I enjoy going to be a new year in just a few days that will bring back to school and work but we are ready for it..Josh is slowly making progress on his report he needed to do this break..Keri has many new friends as she calls them...we added three new build a bear animals to our home..she really enjoys them...they are cute and she takes care of them..we have been playing all the new games Josh got some are really mind thinking games but fun since again we are spending time together which I enjoy very much..well I am going to writing all my wonderful thought and memories I can look back and remember just how great it is being a mom to my wonderful loving children and just how lucky I am to have friends/family that I love and love me back so much...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Week

Well it the second week of school and things are starting to get crazy...homework has taken over the afternoons it seems both have at least three subjects a night so it getting crazy...Keri went to her first brownie scout meeting and there were 16 girls that showed was crazy too..the new leader didn't know what to think or a/c in the room didn't help either...but I think it will be alot of fun once she get organized...we will see...the weekend is looking good..i can't wait to just relax and be is keeping me busy with only six children..I dont get a moment to think this year..maybe in a month things will settle and I wont run around like my head is cut off..but then who least I have a job is what I keep telling myself...well we will see how the next two days go with school...and then three days to chill..I have a surprise for the kids on friday just to start the weekend off ....hope they enjoy it...well that it for tonight...

until later

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week ended very wet

Friday was our back to school was a very wet one to say the least but I think everyone tried to make the best of it..the little ones were so funny they wanted to just get so wet but had a good time with friends...The week ended pretty good..thanks to my brother in car isn't so bad which I am so glad I didn't need another expense right now...the kids really had a great week at school and each has made some friends and love their teachers...both are going to field trip very soon so things are very positive for them right first week was to say the least interesting..what a group of children so different in very way but that make to be a good it summer yet...ha going to be a quiet weekend here the kids seem to want to just relax and do their own thing..I am checking on my father lawn to see if the rain doesn't come I will get it cut...he does so much for me I owe him so much more..and my wonderful little sister..she is the total best ...i can't thank her for all she does for me and my kids..well we will see how the weekend goes before starting week two which should be fun and exciting for all of us..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looks Good So Far

Well this year school year seems to be starting off very well..especially since the two kids are in a new school and trying to make new friends..but as of day two it seems to be a pretty good deal..Both seem happy in their new school, and have made a few new friends and seems pretty happy when they leave to go to school and when they get home..they have positive things to say...Josh really likes his teacher alot..he seems to be doing great as of day two..tonite he had no trouble doing his homework in fact he was willing to just sit down and get it over...WOOHOO..Keri seems a little unsure about school but I think she will do ok..she told me it seems alot harder this year..we will see how she least when they get to school they say bye and off they go..Josh walking Keri to class he is so wonderful to her...Mommy seems to have a very busy class this year...wanting to just move and move and move..instead of sitting and listening but then they are only three and totally full of life and energy...but I really think it going
to be a great year in class..I have some buddies already it pretty kewl..when they call you your name and it only day two...anyway we will see how the week goes on..and if anymore changes happen..Josh is so looking forward to the bowling field trip and next week in PE they are going
to learn to bowl..I think change is good..but sometimes I wonder if we make choice for ourselves instead of thinking what is best for our children...we will see...anyway so far school is great and I am so glad both of my children love going to their new school and that Josh really likes his teacher this year...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summer Break Ending

Well three more days of summer break and then it back to work...What surprises will happen,, there so many changes for us this year so it will be fun but nervous for the first few days...I am sure it will be a great change for all of us..The kids seems to be excited about going to a new school and making new friends..Mom is excited about returning to the classroom which is enjoys so much and making new friends too...Today was one of our fun days..we went with Ms P and the boys to chuckie cheese it was a total blast..we always have a great time together..wish we could spend more of it together...The summer has been fun even though we didn't travel much or do much it was spending time together which made it great ..i think we even learned a few things too and the kids did great on reading too ...Josh loves to read so that was great too.
Keri highlight for her summer break was losing not one but both of her front teeth..she looks cute but makes me realize she is growing up too..stop wait...anyway our last weekend will be quiet we have a few last minute details to do before everyone returns back to
leads the way and the kids follow...i am sure the school year will go quickly...but i am sure
there will be lots of great memories to capture too....I can't wait..I am so proud and love my wonderful family...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Life is Good

Well, if you look on the calendar it says three weeks and my summer break end and I get to start another wonderful year at Cornerstone..I am excited to meet the new children I really love what I do and they are always fun and full of life.. Our weekend here was relaxing to stay the least..didn't do much but the kids seemed cool with it..I think they are ready to go back to school in one sense of the word...The week will seems great starting off wonderful..I got to talk to my best friend this morning and she is going great..I am so glad...we are planning some time together next week which will be great too..the kids will love it too...School seems to be getting ready closer and faster but it been a good summer to stay the least..i have enjoyed it even if we didn't travel many places or do much it was important that we were together and had a great time doing it...I am feel so much better about my life and really going to just stay focused on my children and myself right now...those are the most important things in my life and we are great together...I just hope it keeps going good...well until later..I am enjoying my Monday and I know the rest of the week will be fun..I have a few things planned for the kids..they will enjoy.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another week

Well...Keri is now finally got here..she thought many times her birthday would never arrive..but it did and it was really great..very simply but fun..she told me when it was all over the day was just Fantastic..which I am sister and her kids came over...we had cake/icecream and pizza(keri favorite)..the week has been slow but been so hot...the hottest summer I can remember since moving back to florida...I can't wait for fall to come to cool off a little...I had to mow the lawn and it was 90 something out side..i dont know how people can work outside in this heat...just to think my brother in law does least he around water if that makes a difference..anyway the summer is starting to come to an end...we have been getting new school clothes and all those wonderful list of supplies to head back to the classroom..this year will have many changes....the kids are going to a new school so we are all going to make changes and learn some new things..but at least they are excited about I am sure with two positive attitudes going into it it will thinks it will be a good thing too
plus closer to the house...We have been having fun in the pool..the kids enjoy going to ms b house swimming she is such a wonderful woman...i am glad she is my friend...Patricia and I haven't seen much of each other this summer due to her working..but we hope to end that in the next week or so and try to see each other before returning to the classroom..she is going great..
well that the lastest from this wonderful family....just trying to keep cool and the kids from
fighting so much till we hit the books again..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another Day

Well the week is starting pretty well inspite our the weekend rains sat/sun..but we still had a nice time...Sunday the kids just chilled all was kinda fun to do nothing but watch movies and play games...they did have a busy last week..we went to chuckie e cheese and had a blast it was alot of fun. and then we went to mcd to play on friday and josh had a buddy there from school so he had a great time too...The summer is fun...we aren't traveling much but enjoying our time together which is great..the kids got to see there new school on monday and both seem pretty kewl about it..we got their long list of supplies we will need but at least it looks good for everyone we will see as it gets was wonderful to talk with my friend patricia last night on the phone we had a great time..she is so wonderful..i can't wait to just hang with her before we go back to work in the classroom...Dad seems to be doing good too I talked to him and got him a little surprise he was excited about sister is having a bday at the end of the week i am sure she is happy...the kids are shopping for her and it seems to be alot of fun..not sure why...but they love to shop so it a good thing..i have decided the last week of july we are traveling somewhere just to get away from the house so we will see what happens..well until later life is good and summer is great!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Where Does Time Go?

WOW...the summer time must be flying past I can't get a chance to write my thought down...Let me see where to's already July..I had my birthday which I must say was the best one I have had in a long time...My wonderful sister and friend Ms Beth had me a bday party at her house with a few people it was great and relaxing we swam for a few hours and had pizza and I got some great gifts from my kids and family..My dad called me in the morning and sang Happy Birthday which is something he does every year so it makes it so friend Patricia was unable to attend she was missed but it was ok...the kids had a great time at VBS this year and made some friends and had a great program they were so cute it was sad to see the end of the week come cause they love it so much...anyway now onto July what will we do? the beach, or what..I am not totally seems to rain every day but that summer life in florida for as long as I can remember...we had a good fourth after all the plans went down the drain when my friend decided to change his mind but thanks to some friends in the neighbor they let us watch there and it was the great one hour and a half of fireworks that was the kids had a pretty good fourth after July is lookin pretty good to start off with...well that it for now
maybe I can write more before school starts..YUK..i better I want the summer to go slow so I can enjoy my kids..

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another week

The kids had a good weekend, and mom got to chill out...We havne't done much this week but the kids seem to be enjoying playing at home and in the yard...Josh got a new computer game about building roller coasters and it been a blast to watch him do it and then you can pretend your on the ride..Keri has been doing her thing with her build a bear collection..other wise we have been doing crafts, making and mostly just enjoying our times together..
Today I got alot of stuff out the file cabinet and getting rid of junk so that was totally a great day..I am working on their scrapbooks in hopes to get them all caught up before school starts so I can stay on top of them...Otherwise not much happening..Talked to my dad he is going great in Missouri..he had to get a new cell phone and he seems to enjoy it..has text, voice mail and stuff...he had to learn how to use voice mail..all I could think was my mom going what has girls got dad moving up with time..anyway he seems happy about it..
next week is my bday and I am going to just chill this year..the kids will be in VBS so it kewl I am going to get me some new clothes and stuff for myself which is going to make me feel good.
anyway life is good..and I am really enjoying this when am I going to get the beach hmmm....the kids want to go to sea world is never changing ...guess that what seems to keep me young and going..

until and enjoy life...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Middle of the week

Well it been a slow/busy week with the kids home...we spend two days swimming and did the errands stuff..talked to grandpa on the phone he is doing great in Missouri...the kids are playing the DS and we have been making crafts each day to keep them from being bored..This morning they built a fort in the living room with a little success...having to learn that pillows just dont stand up without any help...anyway they had a good time..we made puppets yesterday and each took a turn telling a story that was to say the least interesting and fun and then for dessert we had chocolate chip cookies...which is always a favorite..cause mom bakes them...we also went to the library yesterday which both seemed to enjoy alot to keep them reading this was quite busy there probably due to the heat say the least..guess that florida weather..(the sunshine state) which is today...since I am trying to keep up my blog for the summer...we are going to check out the mall it been like forever since we have been there and I have a gift card to use...and then probably hang out in the pool again...the kids are really getting a nice tan this summer...just wish we had a bigger pool...guess one day...well that the latest from this happpy family who is loving the summer and no school....

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Breaks Are Great

Well, the kids are out of school for the summer time and it already been fun and busy..
Keri had her end of the year party at school and with scouts was alot of fun,,mom got to go to school and see both of her kids in their classroom so it was extra special...anyway we attended Josh end of the year party on saturday and it was a blast...Both kids had a great time and we started all day..they swam, went down the water slides..jumped in the bounce house and we had some really great food..the lady was wonderful...we will start our break with alot of relaxing..but swimming in the pool...We spent the first day swimming all day and going out to eat..last night we had a good time too..we had a toy story movie night..we had pizza and stuff and watch the two was great I love just hanging out with my two...Going to help my dad by mowing his lawn this weekend..he seems to be having a great time in missouri with the kids there..i think he is learning to drive remote controlled cars..which is fun I guess..anyway going to keep writing ..but enjoying my time is too I miss you alot..i always am reminded by the kids...grandma takes us camping and to flagler beach in the changes alot
when the one person who means the most is missing from your life...well..i do have a great family who cares alot here too...have a nice day and enjoy your summer!!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Much As Happened

Well it been almost a month since I logged into my blog..guess life has been busy...well it is out for the summer for me..the kids have 5 more as of today...three are half day so it will go really FAST..anyway...our end of the year program was cute..I have heard..seen no pic some really great gifts from the parents..what a wonderful class I had this year..I sure hope next year is just as good...they were so sweet and each one was special to me...Josh got his computer finally and he is really enjoying all the games they loaded into it...Keri has one more week of scouts and she is done for the summer it will be a party....but nothing tops our memorial day weekend...we went with my brother Carl and his wife on a road trip to Georgia to surprise my wonderful father for his 80th birthday and he was to say the least SURPRISED it was really great everyone attended well all but three and the favorite thing for the kids was running up and down the creek at my sister place...even playing in it until the last moment before it was time to come home..we had a really great trip..the kids were the best and had fun playing with uncle carl in the car....but it was nice to come home too..but it was a trip to remember I love looking at all the pic everyone took...and my kids had a blast been fun having time to myself this week too...i did alot around the house I wanted to do I am going to spend my summer working on my children scrapbooks for the last year of school and their scouts that is my goal to do before I return to work this summer...I had a great lunch date today too it was kinda a surprise but
the works out in funny ways sometimes...I honestly dont understand men..probably why I am having a hard time understanding my son Josh growing up...guess I will have to read a book to understand why they say and do some things that just dont make any sense probably women do them too and we just dont realize it...anyway i am going to try to post more this summer since it will be busy and fun...Can't wait till the kids are no more driving or sitting in car line waiting..since it so HOT....until later..Life is getting good!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life has some great moments

I will start my blog by posting some great news about us first...My son Josh won a computer at school for attend Publix math night we are awaiting to when we will get going to be a kinda big deal cause there having a news crew come in and do a story so that is really exciting for Josh and for us...Keri is really having a great time with her new daisy scout troop and has made some great new friends...I am having a good time...this past few days at school has been fun..we attend the kids school carnival..I helped my art teacher at school as well as my wonderful children for the AUTS nights which went good...I got a kewl basket for the beach the kids wanted it...
Harold has been sick for the past few days so we haven't seen much of him...hoping he is better for saturday...but time will great friend Patricia is feeling so good..she looks cute getting her tummy...WE hope for a girl..josh said why mom she has two boys what would she do with a girl...i love kids...anyway things are good..Dad is going great he is leaving soon to go to missouri which he will enjoy..once he gets there the drive is always hard...MOM your the best..and I will miss you this mom day as I have in the past...anyway good news is always the best..but
it seems bad news comes when your at your ex...learned he has cancer and had to go in and have surgery ASAP...he is going to be starting chemo soon for six weeks...we decided not to tell the kids...just he had surgery and is getting alot better so we will keep him in our prayers each night that it is all gone and never comes back....and i learned tonight his mom is cricital ill
in the hospital he is having a rough time..but again we keep him in our prayers..

Well one more exciting news...our classroom chicken eggs are hatching and we as I left today had nine of the cutest baby peeping around..can't wait to see them in the morning...anyway
life is good ...with a few things we need to send prayers please send your prayers..

until later..I hope is totally good news for everyone..

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Counting Down

It was been a great week here and weekend..Harold has been coming down alot and it been so wonderful to have someone in my life who really loves and cares about me/kids....We are counting down to summer break but so many things will happen before then...This past weekend we had a great dinner and worked outside..the weather has been really good for us here...Both kids got great report cards and got their awards last week I was unable to attend them but it was great to have friends take pics for me....This week we have the school family fun night which is always great to go too and Keri has GS and math night for school...I really am loving thing right now...the kids seems to be doing good too..Their father is out of the hospital and seems to be doing good for the most part..Josh wants to go spend time with him soon which I think is much needed is good and school is almost over too...

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break Done

Well, it been just a few weeks since my last posting but it was a great time..We were out for spring break from the second of April till the was forsure spring weather..a whole week of almost no rain just wonderful sunshine...and we spent most of the week in it..I got the kids a pool which they really enjoyed and a few swimming was alot of fun watching them and I got a good start on my tan too..My sister Annie had the annual egg hunt at her place on saturday the 10th it was alot of friend Patricia and her sons attended so it was really great too..Josh/keri really enjoyed it I could tell they slept in late the next day...I got alot of work done around the house and got both rooms cleaned up and out..My dad built Josh a really nice bookshelf for his room so it was really nice to have...he also built both kids a really nice trophy display box for their pinewood derby stuff it looks great...Keri starts her new daisy troop this week she is really excited..all the girls from the other troop are coming too..and she knows on the girl already in the troop and they seem to be very busy always going ..the leader sends out newsletters which is really we are excited about it and its' on wed at 6 so it will work out in our schedule with josh attending cub scouts on tues...but in other news..Harold came to see us a few times during the break and the favorite thing the children will tell you is they both got their first motorcycle ride which both totally loved very much and look forward to the next one...everything else is going good...we only have six more weeks of school (at my school) so I am counting down...but alot will happen between now and then....well that all for now.

I am loving this sunshine warm weather....

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Back to Writing Again

Well, it been almost a month since I stopped to write my thoughts and busy life down..
So much has happened really since the last posting here...Last night Josh won two trophies from the Pinewood Derby he was so happy it was more exciting than anything I have seen in a long time and mostly because he shared the month with his grandpa who was just as happy too..
What a moment in time...He got his wolf badge but the being the Fastest car was the best so far for him..Keri got an award for being second place in the sibling division was really exciting too.
we had a great time last night and having grandpa there made it more special...Keri has finished with her cookies and I think the total for her was 305 which was great for her first year so much happened since the last posting about her troop ..we have a new leader ( I wont waste the space telling all the details) we have a few more weeks of this year and then we will be done till next year and getting a new troop if she decides to stay with it..since the DW trip is not going to happen and not sure what else she will lose out on...
We are getting ready for spring break in another week and Easter has come to town too.
We are having a great time hanging out at the park and both have made alot of great friends including mom. plus walking has been good too..

My family is the best and my children are the great! Will post more since it seems I have more time since the man who was in it is not out...three weeks and counting since I have heard life goes on....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back from Break

Well it been a busy I took some time off from writing...anyway last night dad helped me and we got Keri cookies...WOW...225 cookies are alot of boxes way would they had fit in my little car ..but we got them all sorted and labels to give fact I started today ..and should be all done by next wed...thanks to friends...Keri has been really enjoying scouts..and they are doing so much....both got great report cards in fact I attended Josh awards on would really kewl when your kids get rewards for working hard....we went bowling over the weekend and it was alot of fun...everyone enjoyed it and everyone got over that was great..we went to Pizza hut afterwards and had a great time too...Dad has been working over here alot getting Josh room redone to a better room and before that we had to put a new water heater in here due to it leaked all over my closet but lucky nothing got damaged...we are busy working on our derby cars the kids painted there after dad cut them and we will run them this weekend for practice and next thur is the real running derby boy i sure hope we will it would be so great for Josh..since he is like any kid hates to lose.....we are working on keri bridging in may and disney trip in may now...Josh is going to stay with my sister he seems cool about not attending with as he says a bunch of girls ha ha...just wait...anyway that about it for catching up this blog...will be a kinda busy weekend here helping working in josh room. at least I think the cooler weather has left..I will be glad as the kids..oh yea we have been going to the park so much it been great to get out and exercise and they have made some really friends..

well that it for now....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Busy I Guess

WOW! it's like my life got so busy I couldn't find time to write my thoughts and life in my own blog...Time slow down..well alot been happening here..Keri has sold so many cookies since my last writing...we are up to 242 boxes so she will be heading to the magic world of disney she is very excited about it..Josh has been busy with scouts too..they are getting ready for the biggest event in boy scouts (cub scouts I should say) the Pinewood Derby which is an exciting but hardworking event..we will need grandpa to assist us again this year..Keri is doing a car too..should be interesting..Work has been about the same...we went to our first sleepover..Josh went to my sister's and seemed to have had a great time..Keri was a little more interesting I would have to say..not saying too much in here about it..just that it was very different to say the least..anyway the important thing is she had some stuff ..if you asked her she might tell ya different...she has a busy weekend upcoming with two scout events..and are first for her again..She lost another tooth too...anyway life hasn't been that busy just time gets away and I seem to forget to write my daily doing about my wonderful family I have there..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cold Weekend

Well it was sure a different weekend here in Ocala...yesterday morning we got up to a small snow storm Ha ha..the kids had a good time shoveling what little bit was on there swingset and around other things and we put it in the freezer and made a snowball..some different kind of weather we was cold to put in mildly...we went out sunday to the store and played outside in the 42 degree cause they were going crazy in the house...yesterday we just played games and watched TV to keep them from being bored as they seem to get sometimes...
The week was good..back to school and Keri started selling GS cookies for the first time..which is always alot of hard work...she sold 41 boxes on her first day and we have a goal to try to sell one box each day of we can...Josh had a meeting but we didn't attend since no one could make up there mind if they wanted one or not so we will attend next week...anyway the week ahead seems to be a warming up one for us which will be good since they hate wearing shoes and coats..
guess they been in florida too another wonderful week here....

oh yea today was my mom birthday...we thought about her and wished her a great bday and she is truly missed alot each day....have a great one mom....

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year New Month

Well,, it already the third day of January in the new year of 2010.. It been pretty good I must say...My friend came down for a visit and we went bowling and it wasn't too bad to say the least..I just still can't understand I should just stop trying and go with the flow...
Anyway we didn't make it till midnight to welcome the new year..we tried...Josh made it till ten and he finally went to sleep Keri is lucky if she makes it till nine any time...which is good..
anyway we really enjoyed our winter break from school...We really had a great time with my brother and his family visiting from Missouri on new year eve...we all went to dinner at Sonny's and had a great time..the three boys played with their DS while waiting from dinner and the two youngest were playing a game on their parents Ipod..can't you see how different life has changed since I was young..Anyway things are pretty good here..the weather has been cool and today it was COLD..I dont think it got to 45...looks to be a cooler week..I dont think any of us are ready to return to work and school but I guess we haven't a choice..we just have to do it and move on.
as I have told myself for the upcoming year...I am just going to go with the flow and try not
to stress over the small stuff..cause it just happens..

well I am going to try to write more and I have started a new project I learned about on the internet called Project 365 where you take one picture each day for a year and write a short caption about I think it will be alot of fun...I just have to remember to do it..

as for the upcoming week it will be busy ..going to back school and two meetings boy and girl scouts and keri starts the cookie drive on we are cookie ready I hope I get all the details on Tuesday at what emily email called and busy but every exciting meetings for the girls and parents...

until then ....