Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life has some great moments

I will start my blog by posting some great news about us first...My son Josh won a computer at school for attend Publix math night we are awaiting to when we will get it...it going to be a kinda big deal cause there having a news crew come in and do a story so that is really exciting for Josh and for us...Keri is really having a great time with her new daisy scout troop and has made some great new friends...I am having a good time...this past few days at school has been fun..we attend the kids school carnival..I helped my art teacher at school as well as my wonderful children for the AUTS nights which went good...I got a kewl basket for the beach the kids wanted it...
Harold has been sick for the past few days so we haven't seen much of him...hoping he is better for saturday...but time will tell...my great friend Patricia is feeling so good..she looks cute getting her tummy...WE hope for a girl..josh said why mom she has two boys what would she do with a girl...i love kids...anyway things are good..Dad is going great he is leaving soon to go to missouri which he will enjoy..once he gets there the drive is always hard...MOM your the best..and I will miss you this mom day as I have in the past...anyway good news is always the best..but
it seems bad news comes when your at your best...my ex...learned he has cancer and had to go in and have surgery ASAP...he is going to be starting chemo soon for six weeks...we decided not to tell the kids...just he had surgery and is getting alot better so we will keep him in our prayers each night that it is all gone and never comes back....and i learned tonight his mom is cricital ill
in the hospital ..so he is having a rough time..but again we keep him in our prayers..

Well one more exciting news...our classroom chicken eggs are hatching and we as I left today had nine of the cutest baby peeping around..can't wait to see them in the morning...anyway
life is good ...with a few things we need to send prayers too..so please send your prayers..

until later..I hope is totally good news for everyone..

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