Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So Much As Happened

Well it been almost a month since I logged into my blog..guess life has been busy...well it is out for the summer for me..the kids have 5 more as of today...three are half day so it will go really FAST..anyway...our end of the year program was cute..I have heard..seen no pic some really great gifts from the parents..what a wonderful class I had this year..I sure hope next year is just as good...they were so sweet and each one was special to me...Josh got his computer finally and he is really enjoying all the games they loaded into it...Keri has one more week of scouts and she is done for the summer it will be a party....but nothing tops our memorial day weekend...we went with my brother Carl and his wife on a road trip to Georgia to surprise my wonderful father for his 80th birthday and he was to say the least SURPRISED it was really great everyone attended well all but three and the favorite thing for the kids was running up and down the creek at my sister place...even playing in it until the last moment before it was time to come home..we had a really great trip..the kids were the best and had fun playing with uncle carl in the car....but it was nice to come home too..but it was a trip to remember I love looking at all the pic everyone took...and my kids had a blast been fun having time to myself this week too...i did alot around the house I wanted to do I am going to spend my summer working on my children scrapbooks for the last year of school and their scouts that is my goal to do before I return to work this summer...I had a great lunch date today too it was kinda a surprise but
the works out in funny ways sometimes...I honestly dont understand men..probably why I am having a hard time understanding my son Josh growing up...guess I will have to read a book to understand why they say and do some things that just dont make any sense probably women do them too and we just dont realize it...anyway i am going to try to post more this summer since it will be busy and fun...Can't wait till the kids are no more driving or sitting in car line waiting..since it so HOT....until later..Life is getting good!!

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